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  1. Congratulations on the channel, excellent content … I have some Fan Art from Brawl Stars on my channel if you want to see

  2. Pls help fends one scam take my ID of TH 10 pggjcjgll .I know my ID and password and hackers ID pls help. He take my ID by Supercell. Pls fends Supercell is not helping me. U guiz help pls

  3. Plz can you guys make like brawl-o-rama or something? Similar to clash-o-rama but in brawl stars. (i play it every day)

  4. 98% of the comments: “Musketeer looks very excited 😏”
    1% of the comments: About Brawl Stars
    .9% of the comments: Something else
    .1% Me

  5. the musketeer uh, liked the uh, sausage, the wizard had… heheh i think the barbarian and goblin liked it too, i guess…

  6. If we can buy gold pass using Gems that will be the best update ever… If anyone agree comment below😬👇

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