General election 2019: Question Time leaders special highlights
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General election 2019: Question Time leaders special highlights

November 29, 2019

You will remain, just be clear,
a yes or no answer, you’re telling us tonight you will remain
neutral on the issue of whether or not we should remain within the EU. – First heard here on Question Time.
– First heard here on Question Time. Mr Corbyn, thank you very much indeed. [applause] The question was when will you release
the Russian report? This is the report into whether or not there
was Russian interference or any kind of … – There is absolutely no evidence
– If that’s the case then why not release it? – to show any interference in any British
electoral event. This is real, I’m sorry to say I’m with great
respect, this is complete Bermuda Triangle stuff. – The way that you speak about Muslim women
in particular and the way that you’ve spoken about race in the past is completely characteristic
of the way your government has dealt with all the issues its come up across since
2010. It’s been characterised by complete carelessness,
by callousness, the way you treat people through the DWP where you treated the victims
of Grenfell, the hostile environment that gets completely, well you say you visited
hospitals and you’ve spoken to public service workers, but I think you yourself know, you haven’t
been welcomed when you’ve been to speak to them. I think it’s completely insulting for you,
for you to stand there and talk about all the investment you’re going to bring when
it’s your austerity policies that have brought [inaudible] [applause] We’re having an inquiry into all Islamophobia
and all types of prejudice in the Conservative party. Of course we will do that. Labour has become the second political party
of the BNP to investigate by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. How do you feel to be in that kind of company? It’s our process that is being looked at,
and I’m very happy about that. We’ve laid ourselves completely open to it. Jo Swinson. [applause] What do you say to your former Lib Dem voter
here? You’re not saying we’ll go back to the people,
you are unilaterally saying revoke it. That is undemocratic from somebody who
wishes the last three and a half years had never happened. We have been leading the fight for a people’s
vote for three and a half years. – Yeah, but you’re not now. You’re now leading the vote for
revoking article 50. 17 times in parliament we put down amendments
to try to secure a people’s vote. If Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party had
backed that with sincerity, then we might be having a people’s vote
right now instead of a general election. I don’t envisage being in a coalition government
with Labour. I think it would be a less formal arrangement
than that, if we’re in that situation. If Jeremy Corbyn wants the support of the
SNP, I don’t think it should surprise people to hear me see that I would ask him to respect
the right of the people of Scotland to choose their own future. And I don’t think he’ll turn his back on ending
austerity in order to block that right.

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  1. The governments are Egypt, the Citizens are the SLAVES. HANG THE RICH BY THEIR NECKS.

    The above is from a book I'm writing called, "We are the Demons, in Human Bodies, Controlling the World."

    Will be published soon.

  2. In the last 10 yrs richest 1 per cent in UK increased wealth by 500bn whilst austerity cut services.
    Labour are smeered as unable to manage the economy. But under last labour gov growth rates were higher than this gov. Labour plan to raise corporation tax to 26 per cent. A middle rate for developed countries. Increased tax revenue will pay for increased health and education budgets. It is extreme to vote in another Conservative gov that have achieved nothing except political chaos. Even borrowing and National debt are up on 2010. Taking a neutral position on Brexit is also sensible as the country is so split.

  3. corbyn did really well again with this, i was nervous to begin with that he would be how he is in pmqs but he is back to how he was in the 2017 campaign, hes doing really well

  4. Corbyn and the Labour part who hate white working class men especially if they have a white van just ask Emily Thornberry

  5. Although he didn’t mention it tonight, Johnson has stated that his “oven ready” deal is supported by all of his Tory candidates. That’s not surprising when those that didn’t agree with bully boy Boris either retired, were thrown out of the Party or crossed the floor. How sad that the likes of Clarke and Hammond were treated so badly. Says a lot about this dictatorial leader of the Party. And they say that Corbyn is a Marxist…………..!

  6. Why was Jimmy Krankie there she's got nothing to do with Westminster politics all she does is blame Westminster for everything that goes wrong up here when it's her amateur Party to blame.

  7. How long do you need to remove the need for food banks ?, homeless people dying , sleeping in doorways ?, The referendum mess [ thank you to that Conservative PM Cameron for gambling with our future in an attempt to silence NF ]. Bedroom tax…removal of support for disabled people. Shame on this abysmal government…forget the reassurances…recognise the heartlessness of proven liars.

  8. I have to say I didn´t agree with Corbyn´s position on Brexit on the basis that the British people in 2016 were so uninformed and misinformed that they eventually made a decision that even the government´s own advisers say will be catastrophic to the UK. I also considered the result in 2016 to be invalid based on the fact that people didn´t really know what they were actually voting for when they did choose leave. However, I now recognise that Jeremy Corbyn is right. When it comes to Brexit the UK is more divided right now than at any time I can remember in my lifetime. The Government is divided; the Labour party is divided; cities, countries and even families are divided (including Boris Johnson´s). The only way to unite the nation again is to have another referendum, where the choice is between a negotiated deal – with the facts, and the full consequences, laid out clearly and honestly this time – and remaining in the EU as a full active member. Then, hopefully the British people will recognise the importance of voting and inform themselves before the referendum, rather than the day after like last time. The Tories and the Lib Dems positions will only leave millions dissatisfied.

  9. Lol love the smear Guardian cut, clearly Corbyn is insane by staying on the fence. That probably just cost him the Midlands.

  10. Gaagle bots working hard for this one Nigel Boris Trump supporters 87% of you is shaddowbanned open a 2nd account and see for yourself.

  11. I must be going nuts but i'm seriously thinking of voting for snp for the first time after tonight or maybe i won't who knows…

  12. Corbyn looked frail, rattled. And annoyed. I think he came over as a loser. Under really tough questioning boris was a lot more confident.

  13. The whole lot of these currupt lying clowns are not fit to be in charge of any political party never mind country. As for the BBC what a disgrace they are. The carefully selected audience made up of Labour supporters mainly NHS workers or people in the public sector to try and dupe the politically uneducated people watching on tv. THANKFULLY MOST PEOPLE HAVE WOKE UP AND THIS LEFT WING / LIBERAL PROPERGANDA IS BEING DEMOLISHED BY SOCIAL MEDIA. At least now people can see the truth if they open their eyes..

  14. Watching all of these debates and honestly it’s really embarrassing , watched a guy from a deprived area on tv this morning putting his battery back in his car in freezing cold weather , he said he doesn’t trust any politician to help him get a better life and he also said that his daughter is a nurse and constantly gets parking tickets as their is no space for hospital workers to park , said it all for me really , this guy made more sense regarding the reality of this country than any of these wealthy 4 could ever lie about

  15. Not once was Brexit brought up with Johnson nor was there seemingly any Conservative supporters in a "representative" audience where the Tories are ahead in the polls by some way ???

  16. Sturgeon's obsession with independence that will be far more damaging than Brexit, and the glaringly obvious hypocrisy of it all is astounding, however even more astounding is the fact that seemingly literate people dont mention it more, or tie themselves in logical knots trying to justify the nonsense narrative that Scottish Indy = progressive and amazing but Brexit = xenophobic and poverty-causing.

    Scottish independence and Brexit are motivated by exactly the same things, will have similar outcomes, and it's a testament to how far from reality politics have got that more people dont realise this

  17. How much more money can the British government spend on all this ? how much is it costing all this madness .. when people can't get there person till there nearly dead hospital been staff police firefighters act have to have cut backs working class people pay tax cant afford posh private pensions
    But this shambles of a government spend it like its
    There right ….. for all our sakes sort this plain crash of a government out before England becomes the mad house this government has made it

  18. What Comrade Corbyn meant was whatever the outcome, I will remain as PM. Sturgeon's position is as long as she gets Independence, she doesn't care in and out either. Swinson wants to remain again whatever the outcome until UK remain. Boris is the opposite of Sturgeon as he wants out no matter what. That's my take from what they said.

  19. On the basis of performance here is the order: 1) Nicola Sturgeon, 2) Jeremy Corbyn, 3) Boris Johnson, 4) Jo Swinson. I have to say, Sturgeon is articulate, she doesn't dodge questions. Corbyn is passionate the areas where he feels comfortable, he is indecisive the areas where he feels uncomfortable. For example, Corbyn is half-hearted on Brexit and anti-Semitism. Boris struggles to articulate his thoughts. I read somewhere that Boris as a child had several operations in his ears, if you notice, Boris sometimes leans forward to hear properly. Boris is not really as bad person as some people are made to believe, he is a talented writer, he sometimes uses colourful phrases to attract readers, they call it provocative journalism.

  20. Mr Corbyn's incoherent Brexit policy based on 'consensus' traditions has unravelled his domestic policy proposals. Brexit is the overarching issue above all on the matter on how our nation is run and his referendum proposal with 'Remain' v 'unspecified credible deal' won't provide a rational choice for voters. It will protract the Brexit issue [not end it] and Labour will be bogged down on all domestic policy. Labour is FRIT

  21. why was "Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour's youth manifesto – as it happened" taken down…? It made excellent viewing and he addressed all the key points of Labour's intentions.
    For information purposes alone it was a gem and should be kept, in full, available.

  22. That first woman addressing Boris was obviously a lunatic bleeding heart who hates Britain and should be deported to wherever her loves lies, probably Afghanistan. If all that concerns her is hurty feelings by the freeloaders in this country then she should not be allowed to live in Britain.

  23. Boris said there is no evidence yet that Remainer Labour voting muppet wants the evidence …what part of NO evidence doesn't he understand classic brain dead Labour voter

  24. Corbyn, Swinson and the SNP are actually the most dangerous politicians going. Imagine taking on the will of their own electorate. Leave or remain, anyone can see the time, energy and money they have cost us all. This election should be about leave or remain because parliament wouldn't pass a second referendum. Wondering why? Deep down they know they have gone where angels fear to tread. I guarantee that this election will cost everyone. No really.

  25. Johnson doesn't really believe in Brexit. Corbyn is in a pickle as he is a leaver in a remainer party and as for Wee Jimmy and Forty faces Swinson,I don't honestly care.

  26. the west has undergone a financial coup. every government / sovereign nation seems to be owned by huge international banks. thats why it feels like im living in an economic dictatorship. which it is.

  27. Jo Swinson, the youngest MP in the House of Commons, included receipts for eyeliner, a “tooth flosser” and 29p dusters with her parliamentary expenses claims.

  28. The general consensus of the politically savvy electorate about Corbyn is summed up in three words
    Namely he is a ‘Marxist, racist arsehole’
    His inclusivity policy excludes certain ethnic minorities many of which have contributed greatly to the wellbeing of our Nation.
    Corbyn’s litany of things to hate about Britain is never ending.
    Instead of changing the political landscape in Britain to fulfil his warped ideology he should go and live with his butchering mates in the Middle East or Russia where he would find the comfort.
    he is missing here

  29. Wow if English still got Johnson to No 10 after those disgrace performance, than UK really deserve to got the full effect of Brexit and should let Scotland go

  30. Corbyn is such a liar – the referendum he plans to have is between Remain and Pretty-much-Remain. He hasn't honoured the last result anyway so there's no guarantee he'd even honour Pretty-much-Remain if it were to come to that.

  31. Let's face it, Labour are just desperately fishing for votes by throwing money around, and making reckless promises, they won't be able to do all of what they promise.

  32. The Tories under Johnson will ruin this country over the next 10 years. Johnson is

    a compulsive liar…I don’t trust a word he says. No way would I vote for him.

  33. My grandparents used to say this about socialism , "Everybody is equal but some are more equal than others".
    It fails because government control takes away peoples ambitions , people are forced to be the same BUT the ones in control are always better off than the people they are oppressing.

  34. LOL ! Jo Swinson ' Britain's next Prime Minister ' NOT judging by this appalling performance she aint !! She managed to appear school Marmy , arrogant and out of touch all at the same time . The deafening silence from the audience was excruciating . Guess this is what happens when you elect someone as leader primarily because she is a woman rather than for being the best PERSON to do the job regardless of gender !

  35. When the day comes where one person owns as much as 99% of the rest of the population, the frogs will have been boiled oven ready.

  36. Majority of this country is made up of middle and poorer classes but yet you wont vote for a man who had your best interest at heart, over a racist lying toff from a party of thieves who are raping this country dry for rich bankers and billionares

  37. On behalf of the EU, the most democratic political union in human history,
    I declare the Brexiteers
    the enemy of the English language
    because leaving the EU will diminish the influence of the English language in the EU.
    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

  38. General election 2019: Leaders challenged on Question Time – live news ►

  39. I am sorry to say that I do not trust any of our political leaders anymore and I have therefore come to conclusion that this country is a democracy for one day every five years. The reality is that once a political party comes to power with a majority it often forgets and betrays the promises made to the electorate during the election process.The Brexit process is a clear indication to me that my vote is worth nothing as they all have failed to implement what they promised. Other important issues such as education, health, social care, housing, crime, transport, defence, trade, industry and the environment have all but been forgotten during the past three years of infighting at Westminster and the damage is clear for all to see. I would not mind voting if some progress was made in dealing with our nation's many problems but nothing ever seems to improve.

  40. If the devil could cast his net, as they say…none of this hapless crew care a fig for their own people, one day the electorate may wake up to just that, perhaps it's what they are afraid of !

  41. Anyone know if it's true that Anonymous is going to disrupt polling stations across the country? I saw a tweet or a comment somewhere to this effect.


  43. strange none of the budding politicians/parties make a comment about the TV LICENCE SCAM—-they all must be for the perfidious cover up SCAM CREEPS. All battling it out to get into the cookie jar!?

  44. Why are we still entertaining this idea that we can eat our cake and have it by leaving the EU. Anyone who promises as a smooth deal out of the EU is lying! It's not a thing that can be negotiated at this stage. We are the only ones who can lose here, not the EU.

  45. It's funny how a live show can have the camera right on the person who shouted "why can't you release the files then?" At exactly the same time as he said it and the have a microphone (which moves around I may add) on him

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