Geleneksel Türk Okçuluğu Ekipmanları Nelerdir? | Okçuluğa Dair Her Şey!
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Geleneksel Türk Okçuluğu Ekipmanları Nelerdir? | Okçuluğa Dair Her Şey!

August 9, 2019

Hello I’m Ali Kesici from NAVEK Archery I will introduce you some of the Turkish Traditional equipments Most important of them ; Zihgir or şast as other name a name coming from Persian it mean string holder made by leather There are adjustble zihgirs or custom made zihgirs made by solid materials you can use both options We use tree fingers with modern bows but treditional bows to be used with thumb we call this style “latch” and pull the string like this We use Zihgir for reduse the pressure on our thumb and while shooting string will move more straight if we use zihgir Armguard It’s a arm protection protect us from the string damages while we shooting Gloves We use it for our bow hand At the Turkish Traditional archery there is not any rest windows Thats why we put the arrows on our hand on the thumb Arrow While we shooting arrows will touch to our thumb We use this gloves for protect our hand Quiver Archers use this quivers for carry his arrows Generaly made by leather We tryed to explain basic traditional equipments at todays video see you at next one Goodbye

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