GDX Archery Tag For All!
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GDX Archery Tag For All!

August 17, 2019

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  1. lol non of them are wearing arm guards!!!!!
    I wonder how many of them had to sit out because of the string catching there arms!!!

  2. this would maybe only be ok in a school or something, but come on they are shooting marshmallows at each other   

  3. Man I want to do this so bad.  The guy who runs my archery club is setting it up as part of his business, excited to finally try it!

    And for all the die-hard paintball fans who think this isn't hardcore enough, obviously they aren't kitting up 10 year olds with gear that will break bones.  The thing with bows is you can get them in as weak and as strong a variety you like.  They're probably what, ~15 lbs?  I shoot a 45 lb bow, which is roughly what they use in the Olympics to hit targets 70 metres away.  So yes, it can be more powerful.

  4. Pritty boring xD It's like this:
    SoftAir is for those that want an experience clostest to real war / guns.           Most pain involved
    Paintballers want to have the best contests and tournament play.                   Less Pain
    And ArcheryTag players just want to do aerobics ….                                        No Pain

  5. Should add some sort of paint or something inside the sponge, get rid of easy cheating!
    I know that defeats the purpose a little bit, by making it messy, but I would say paintball being messy is the least of peoples concern,

    Maybe even a tapered sponge? Help with aerodynamics for the longer shot.

    Either way, this looks pretty awesome!

  6. This looks lame and unlike real archery it takes no skill to play… Though I'm sure an Olympian level archer would just decimate the playing field. 

  7. I'm confused by the paintball comparisons. This game is nothing like, and doesn't attempt to be anything like paintball. If anything, it's just a variation on dodgeball. Nobody is playing this game to be "hardcore". It's just for fun. 

  8. I am just going to say that sport is really just a modified version of doge ball. It looks kind of fun, but if you enjoy extreme sports like me, go paintball all the way 😛 Btw Paintball also hurts waaay more, so if you can't handle the pain this seems like a fun alternative. If you CAN handle the pain, and like bows, there are also paintball bows if you would like to check them out.

  9. The fucking awful technique these kids have makes my stomach turn. As an archer I'm going to have to give this a go.

  10. I'm pretty sure 5 gay guys naked in a bed is still less gay than this sport. Who the fuck says "You know what I feel like doing today, going out and getting hit my marshmallows going 40fps"

  11. I guess people who would rather do paint ball just don't have the strength to pull a bow string back. If you can swipe it, squeeze it or smash it with your finger then its to much work!

  12. i know paintball isnt for everyone but you dont have the sound of a shot fired, the feel of being hit as hard, the accuracy or the feel of a gun in your hands.

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