[Gants BattleFlex – Armored Claw] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs – Gunfire
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[Gants BattleFlex – Armored Claw] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs – Gunfire

August 26, 2019

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the BattleFlex® gloves from Armored Claw These gloves are available in 3 colors: black, tan and OD The model that was provided to me is black This one comes in a simple plastic bag On the label, there are some information, mainly on the size, XL for this item, and the materials used for these gloves On top of the glove we will find the Armored Claw logo looking great A second Armored claw marking is also present on the pinkie The other fingers are protected on the top and at the joint, with a rubber protective relief to absorb shocks On the wrists, a loop will allow you to hang the gloves to your outfit or to slip it more easily An Armored Claw marked velcro closure is available at the wrists to correctly adjust gloves The inside of the palm is made of synthetic leather, lined with foam to improve comfort and safety And on fingers, a small anti-slip coating will improve the grip The upper material of the glove is made of Spandex, a very flexible material that is resistant to stretching and helps to fit the shape of the hand On the fingertips, the leather layer is thinner to allow better sensitivity At the wrist level, the glove has an elastic clamp to enhance grip The inside of these gloves is very comfortable and it is very easy to put them The feeling of touch is very good, I really do not feel at all embarrassed to manipulate my S17 Stark Arms Filling with bbs this magazine encounters no worries, dexterity with these gloves is practically not affected On the screen you can see a visual comparison between the Armored Claw BattleFlex® gloves and Oakley Factory Pilot gloves, quite heavy, and Mechanix Wear The Original covert gloves, quite light The BattleFlex® glove is between the two in terms of comfort and protection I have tested these gloves on a full airsoft day with mixed weather, cool and dry They seemed perfect for me for fall temperatures, I never feel neither too hot nor too cold Likewise, their very light weight of 80g was not bothering me These gloves will be also very useful in everyday life, such as small handy works In the game, the handling of the gun is very good and I have really encountered any problems, either for shooting or reloading Even with very very small gun such as an humiliator, no handling problem Thank you to you for watching this video Remember to subscribe to the channel and put a like if you appreciated it Of course you can also leave a comment, if you have specific questions about this product See you very soon in a new video

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