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August 25, 2019

♪♪All right, come in, come in,
niner, niner,
This is Squad Leader Hawk,
we need to regroup. Do you copy, Birds of Prey? Condor checking in. Falcon checking in. Emu checking in. Emu’s not even
a bird of prey! Stacey, they have
five-inch talons and can kick through steel! YOU GUYS, FOCUS UP, OKAY? The next round
is about to start. I want to pwn these noobs. Let’s do it! [Console voice]
All right, you guys
go get that thing. Get to the head house! Get to the head house! I’m on fire, boys! This is for you, Mom! [Console Voice]Victory![all cheering] That’s what
I’m talkin’ about! Guys, guys, guys. I’m going to send them
a message. Do it! Do it! You play like a baby goat
who has noodles for hands. [laughing] Noodles. Hold up, they just
messaged back already. What did he say? What did he say? I will destroy you. Anything else? That’s weak. Yeah, it’s like he’s never
even typed before. [electronic noises] Deep voice:You’ll never see
your friend again.
Uh, Stephen,
are you there, man? Talk to me, Emu! And now I will destroy
the rest of you. [stuttering] I’m not scared
of you, man. You can’t do anything to me. Ha, I’m not going to do
anything to you, but you better check
your Gameboy. What could you have possibly
done to my… [electronic noises] No, no,
my Charizard, my Pikachus! You turned them both
to Jigglypuffs! [electronic noises] YOU TURNED MY POKEMON
INTO JIGGLYPUFFS! [electronic evil laugh] [screaming] You are a monster! Those pocket creatures
were his best friends! Oh, we all have best friends,
don’t we, Stacey? What are you saying? Hello Kitty. [bling] [meow] These are being
released on the Internet as we speak.Please, please, you can’.You won’t.What are you doing, man? What about my manly
reputation, man!? Why? [screaming] [electronic noises] Who’s the noob now, Jeremy? I’m the noob. I’m the noob! And who has noodles
for hands? [screaming] [electronic noises] [electronic evil laugh] Yo, Ostrich,
we did it, ah! Yeah man, it was
all your idea. Both: Flightless birds
for life! Ca-caw! Want a chip? Yeah. Hey guys, don’t forget to– [voice]Subscribe!Subscribe to the videoor I’ll hack
into your YouTube and I’ll comment as you! Things like “I don’t
like Dalton!” Nobody wants to comment that.

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  1. Matt likes Gilmore girls, Stacy likes hello kitty, Adam is a brony, Stephen likes emus, and Dalton loves Pokémon

    ._. Interesting

  2. Imus are mean, my grandma and uncle got kicked by Imus when my mom was young and her family lived in Australia

  3. Hey, Jermey has a Lego Star Wars set of Grievous's Star Fighter on his shelf! I can recognize it because I have one too!

  4. Delta you nice and stuff but also you funny and that's not you not mean are all so you're a good person good job send that stuff

  5. and this is why i never BM(bad manners) in video games. wait no im just a nice person………. theres not many of us left……… but i do what i can………… unless they started it in which they had it coming

  6. As an Australian, I'd just like to say how happy it made me to hear Stephen pronounce 'emu' correctly! 🙂

  7. Why did one of them not have a controller, two them had Xbox 360 controllers and one of them an Xbox One controller?

  8. If you guys do a sequel to this, please include Penguin as one of the Flightless Birds For Life group!!!

  9. "You play like a baby goat who has noodles 4 hands!" This is Me trying to roast someone!????????????????????????????????☺

  10. The most tired I’ve ever been.
    I’m 8th grade, we did Newsies as our school musical. Came home on a Saturday from an 8 hour rehearsal and just collapsed on the kitchen floor and slept until 3pm the next day.

  11. How I feel like I play Minecraft: Jeremy in first part of the video.
    How I actually play Minecraft: Stacey in the hello kitty part

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