Gaming Stuhl kaufen 2019 ➡️ Die 9 besten Gaming Stühle im Vergleich [3 Preisklassen]
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Gaming Stuhl kaufen 2019 ➡️ Die 9 besten Gaming Stühle im Vergleich [3 Preisklassen]

August 26, 2019

Hi folks, in this video we compare
the currently 9 best gaming chairs. tested and rated by the most honest critics
– the customer himself. We split up the chairs in 3 price ranges:
1) Cheap gaming chairs up to 150 € 2) Good gaming chairs between 150 € and
300 € 3) High quality gaming chairs over 300 €
Yes, it is time again, the sun shows itself and the summer is coming. Exactly
the right time to get a new gaming To buy a chair, to let the shutters down
and set a new record in Fortnite. You can buy as a long-term investment
see and compare with a mattress. The more time you spend with it or on it,
the better the quality should be To save your back properly.
After the intro, it goes with the first category Come on. – Intro – Gaming chairs under 150 €
Number 1 is the gaming chair BS14 by WOLTU. These are the advantages of the customers mentioned:
– He is still comfortable after several hours and the pillows make for a relaxed
Move. – He is quickly assembled, is great
stable and versatile. It was a simple one Assembly with supplied tool and spare screws.
These disadvantages brought the chair with it: – The construction should be exhausting and high
To require skill. Some had squeaking sounds in less time. Overall, the customers keep the price-performance ratio
for “Top”. # 2 is the gaming chair by IntimaTe Heart.
That’s what the customers wrote: – In spite of the low price in contrast
to other gaming chairs, just right here the whole package.
– Even the simple structure convinced me that the chair was not a bad buy.
– The seat feeling is also after several hours very pleasant.
– The chair has over 90 5-star ratings on Amazon.
The following disadvantages are described by the customers: – Some felt the smell was very penetrating
and others complained about the bad Processing – made in China.
Overall, you can not a 300-500 € chair expect, but most customers were positive
surprised. # 3 in this price range is the gaming chair
from GTPLAYER. These are his advantages:
– Since I use this gaming chair, I have I no more back and butt pain.
– The imitation leather is well made and the Chair is stable.
– The construction is a breeze. Also alone possible in a very short time.
That did not like: – Get the most negative reviews
on defective delivered parts and the smell should be very extreme at first.
The conclusion: For the most part, the customers are enthusiastic
from the price-performance ratio. Here you can see the comparison table with details.
As prices can change daily, you always find the current prices
our website or directly at the shop. Good gaming chairs between 150 € and 300
€ No. 1 is the DX Racer 1.
These are its advantages: – He was the test winner of many gaming chairs
Testing. – He has over 900 5-star ratings on
Amazon. – The structure is simple. There is even one
Video instruction. – Happy customers write: It’s a
very comfortable and high quality Gaming chair. The back pain is too
path. – The 6-hour gambling sessions are now
much more comfortable than on my old chair. These are its disadvantages:
– The chair should be unsuitable for people with be broad shoulders and some are dissatisfied
with the durability. Partially the chair went defective after a relatively short time.
The conclusion: – The majority is definitely excited
from the DX Racer 1. It’s not for nothing often become tester at gaming chair tests. No. 2 is his big brother: The DX Racer
6th He likes the following:
– From sitting comfort simply the best that I can ever had. The reclining function is awesome.
– Also, the structure of the DX Racer 6 is very easy.
– Someone wrote: I do not know, like me for years with a mediocre office chair
could live. Sitting on this device is really a revelation.
The disadvantage is: – Also with this model you must not
big and not too wide. Some products were defective and some were
the chemical smell over a longer period of time extremely intense.
The conclusion: – With a few exceptions, most hold
Customers the DX Racer 6 for one of the best Gaming chairs in the price range. No. 3 is the S300 from NITRO CONCEPTS.
That’s what happy customers wrote: – Keep silent about all test reports with test winners
an important detail: people are from 1.85 m not existent. I am 1,98 m tall and happy
with my choice. – The fabric is more pleasant as opposed to
my old chair with imitation leather. – The colors are really the blast and you
already noticed when building that chair has a high quality.
That did not like: – For the most part, there were only complaints about
defective delivered parts, or some found Traces of use when unpacking.
The conclusion: – Overall, customers are enthusiastic about
the price-performance ratio. Especially Big people should get this chair
take a closer look. Again, you have the comparison table of
3 gaming chairs. Pause the video if You want to compare them in peace. Category 3: High quality gaming chairs over
300 € No. 1 in the price range is the model “Epic”
from nobelchairs. These are its advantages:
– He has over 150 5-star ratings on Amazon.
– Customers wrote: Absolute buy recommendation! The seating comfort is incredible. You realize
properly how the back is relieved. – Who has back pain while sitting, will
love this chair. – The chair is great for tall people!
Back and neck pads sit where they are to sit with larger people.
The disadvantages: The chair should not be for smaller people
be suitable. Some had severe problems with the processing of various items
and had to reclaim the gaming chair. The conclusion:
Most customers are absolutely excited. Definitely worth a look! No. 2 is the “eSports” from the house
KLIM. The following liked the customers:
– Processing quality, adjustment options and seating comfort are absolutely great.
– The construction took about 10 minutes and is easily feasible. You do not have to be a craftsman
his. – After three weeks, I can say that
as an above average person never better on a chair for a longer
Have sat. (At 100 kg body weight and 1.98 m height).
The disadvantages: – So far, the ratings are consistent
positive. Only one customer felt the padding for very hard and uncomfortable. In addition, were
he delivered defective parts. The conclusion:
– The eSports gaming chair is made up of the Customers agree: It’s one of the best chairs
its price range. The last gaming chair is also from the company
noblechairs: the model “ICON”. These are its advantages:
He was often test winner in various gaming Chair tests.
This is what the customers write: – The mechanics of the chair is really that
Hammer. Precise and strong design. – The setting options are varied
and everything locks in perfect and stable. – A gaming chair with excellent workmanship
and first-class materials. – The seating comfort is extreme by some
praised. Mentioned disadvantages are:
– Some customers consider the chair too hard. There were also isolated cases where the delivered
Chairs had a poor workmanship and had to be exchanged.
Overall, you get a very good one here Allrounder who passed the test of the customers on each
Case has passed. Here is the last comparison table. show
it to you in peace. The current prices and Find price comparisons of various shops
You on our website. Look in the Video description. Thank you for watching!
If I could help you, I’m glad me over a thumbs up.
Do you enjoy one of the gaming chairs? Or Are you staying true to your wooden chair?
I wish you all the best! If you have more videos with the best products
for home and garden, is one Subscription a good idea.

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  2. Ich habe heute gegen mein DxRacer meinen Rücken geschlagen (bin geraget). Habe bis jetzt nicht ein Anzeichen darauf gemerkt, dass er kaputt ist.

    Habe einen Dxracer 6

    Glaubt ihr der Stuhl ist jetzt kaputt oder beschädigt?

  3. Hi ,super Video 👌nur nochmal eine Bestätigung für meine Entscheidung den GTPLAYER zu kaufen 😁nur keine Ahnung welche Farbe ich nehmen soll

  4. Warum haben eigentlich keine der getesteten Stühle gepolsterte Armauflagen? Ich für meinen Teil finde die extrem wichtig und ich vermisse diese sehr

  5. Keine Ahnung aber bei mir will dieses Video leider einfach nicht laden immer nach dem Intro hängt es sich auf, kann mir jenand weiterhelfen?

  6. Moin, danke für die Aufarbeitung 🙂 Ich hab aber noch ne ganz andere Frage: Welche Software nutzt du für diese Videos? Danke!

  7. Habe mirden woltu gaming stuhl geholt und muss sagen das es der bisher beste stuhl ist den ich hatte. Außerdem top video, like is da👍

  8. Moin, eignet sich der DXRACER-1 auch für längeres sitzen im Bereich Unten? Hatte bei meinen Stühlen immer schmerzen nach langem sitzen unten am Po.

  9. Also ich finde den Dowinx Stuhl sehr gut. Habe diesen mir selber gekauft und den Aufbau auch hochgeladen! Finde die Verarbeitung sehr gut von Stuhl. Lg Sandrino 😀😉

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