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Gaming Setup V2

August 22, 2019

Intro song is by Martin Garrix – Animals. This not my video, all credits go to Martin Garrix Whatsup guys, before this video starts Im going to be making a huge giveaway! about PS4 guys, as you can tell a lot of people have been saying that I can’t play FORTNITE because I don’t Have a console or like a phone or like a computer or anything So that’s why I’m doing a PS4 giveaway in order to get the ps4. These are the three or four thing rules To get the ps4 The first one is like the video if you enjoy it all you see if you dislike then. Oh, you’re not getting it obviously The second one is to subscribe to my channel, obviously and the third one is the most important one Leave a comment and also turn notifications on so there was for a third one is leave a comment Oh, really? Also comment that you did all this stuff and fourth is actually fourth goes with three. Um, Because to turn on notifications and also say while you’re writing the comment – yeah that you turn on the North keys But anyway, yeah lets get right into the video guys, alright so yeah, oh And also, before i start this video guys There might be a little wire right here because I’m actually my phone is actually a 7% like a really little percent a battery So that’s why I connected my charger to the computer so I can make this video so it doesn’t Die while I make the video. Yeah guys Get right into this video. See you guys . Here is the moment of truth… There it is. That’s me because like that picture IM NOT WRITING All THAT This is my gaming setup right here your you’ve already seen it, but I’ve done a lot of changes to it So yeah, I got the Trinzzz logo right there as you can tell I got some apps around here I got some things to edit and Yeah, and this is my gaming keyboard right here and see like the wires I was telling you guys because I was good I didn’t tell you guys I know there was a wire I think it told you guys I said that it was a wire here that It’s cause my phone was really low on battery. So I had to But yeah, what’d you get that other way doesn’t matter pretend it’s not there And yeah guys so here is my gaming set. This is the more the Marvel mark Oh, I think I think it’s oh wait. It’s right there It’s Marvel’s the Marvo Scorpion KM400 keyboard and the Marvo Scorpion KM400 mouse so this was actually really cheap I Got this because the mouse was really dope and this was really dope some other youtubers like have the full color But wanted to get this because it looks really cool Yeah, it turns into red, it turns into blue. It turns into purple through the cool guys. Yeah. Look at this color I love this color step s : it was like purple. This is the one of them hurts one. I love green Hey, yeah, there’s another really cool color. So it’s like white in like Blueish I perverse under that. It’s a really cool color. Hold up. Yeah guys, so just get right into the gaming setup Alright starting off here. We’re gonna get to this or weird. Got to this. Yeah, and yeah Here is my stuff. This is my axe that I put them in here Because I don’t like the gel this kind of job, but not really Yeah that one and there’s another one. This one’s full This isn’t spiked up look and this one’s All right, this is my Axe spray Sub sprayer whenever going to parties I spray it on me. It’s actually really HARD to spray. Thats what she said (LOL) All right, and this is my Deodorant, oh God, I forgot the name. This is a deodorant This is an Old Spice pure sport actually smells really good. If you go to store and you see it. Smell it’s really good. Just Put that right there. And this is a thing a really stupid thing that I did in fifth grade right now I’m a sixth grade. Don’t bully me in the comments. Okay, if you do then I will steal your cookies All right. So this is my thing that I made it watch it. Would you want to grow up then? I just put a soccer player. These are clothes you supposed to be gloves, but I just I just want terrible. So yeah This is Summer like it’s still kind of hot when it’s hot. They put this on so I don’t get sunburned and This is my iPhone SE. I see which I’m currently recording Keep it there just incase we need to take it to the hospital because we do have to take it to the hospital so her this is The morning you guys bring me for this is the technical stuff This is the all the technology that I own all my games set up in this is let’s just start out with this Stapler I use this to school sometimes even a staple stuff I use it Behind it there is A bracelet earlier I made this one Right here And I made this one right here, and I did not make this is my brother So yeah And stop behind it This is my internal switch controllers There are my rock and jump socks when I’m born a rocking Joe Sleeper right there This is my computer. This is my iMac 2013 so I’m gonna get a new one because this is this is this terrible, dude I but actually I’m probably gonna keep this because uh, it still runs really good and um, I have like Adobe Oh Focus Focus brother. All right Adobe Photoshop cs6 I use that sometimes I’d be not playing roblox Don’t bully me in the comments its there because my brother sometimes make some roblox, but I do not play this game I used to though but when i was little it was like around six or seven But yeah, this is Serato DJ Pro I have a DJ but it’s in no, it’s around like around over there behind the backyard to keep it around there And this is Castle Crashers. I Play this game in sometimes minecraft. I play sometimes don’t believe in the comments or else they’re cookies I edit iMovie my roblox studio again. I don’t play Safari and game beasts What’s a girl I also use Adobe, oh, I forgot what it’s called. Oh, no not find her Okay, let’s go to the launch pad, oh really oh It’s right here around here. Yeah, they’re just Adobe Premiere something I use that sometimes because it’s kind of easy to So yeah And yeah, this is my Trinzzz logo this yeah, it’s pretty cool I might sell out some Merch It guys want me to post it in the comments. Yeah, I don’t know why something like From there And yeah, so my games these are stuff that I uses like to Use my Dijon I put it in there and yeah, this is a twitch overlay unknown some crap right there. This is the focus brother I Ninja Twitch donation song this is same Cole feel good Desmond hellcat tombstone spooky scary Crap and this I do not need anymore so let’s just Take that over there. See my trash take that to me just to And yeah, this is my this is my twitch Gifs so, yeah This one is just a ninja it just brings out He’s a sword and then it goes back and just give a little reading. This is the thing I think you guys already seen this and this is a ditto occlude arrow that goes like squeeze them on like those glasses cool glasses and this is a mario that throws coins of a Focus Don’t you see it’s ice Okay, I cannot focus on much so yeah it was like Some eyes and then it just throws out cones and keeps repeating it and this is a gift some weird guy and this is supposed to be a sign, so Let’s put that right there Let’s clean it up Let’s go cool. All right. This isn’t unknown crap that I have so let’s just get rid of that also There’s like a lot of stuff that I got to get rid of. Yeah, let’s clean that up. There we go That’s oh god you two keep on Focusing it on. Oh, dude Okay Okay, okay, let’s just get that out the way yeah And this is up against which doesn’t work and yeah, okay, let’s move on to my ps4 alright so recently got grounded because I’ve been playing too much what I’ve been yelling over the mic and you don’t Laugh at me because I always do that this is my gaming setup my gaming headset that I used to like chat on this course sometimes and For gaming so this is the logitech. Uh I forgot 200 G430 you know? Yeah gee 430 the Logitech G 430. G 430. Yeah Yeah, that’s about it and also comes with this Right here would you which you have to connect to your dock right here and Yeah, which it says right here. Um Like the headset and the speaker. So yeah, if you want to talk to me speak to me It’s right here. These are the things I get to come you This is the speaker and this is the gaming setup. So this is how you have to connect it Get this and I’m using my Hands, so Yeah And these are these kind of light sometimes. Well, I’ll talk so my getting your headset that I Probably want this aren’t so the gringos. Where’s your in it? And the red one goes in it too and then you just connect that right there and then you’ll be able to talk And that’s how you do it you don’t just connect this back up All right, there you go Okay, now let’s get to my ps4 this is my pious work bro that it got a couple months ago I called her. I got her on March and now what I think it’s October Reena I Think this piece work bro. I got I got grounded. It’s connected over there. There’s like the wire thing and yeah, there’s like the HDMI can shut that goes to my TV right there It’s a really good TV. Yeah, the color is really good on it. And yeah Yeah This is my bluetooth this is uh, yeah, that’s my bluetooth right here and Really quick connector. This is the cute ice one or two something like that to connect it And yeah, it’s really good. I use it while um I’m about to like go to Serato DJ Pro and the running lights up So Uh, turn on the lights. I think we’d get turned it on Yeah, okay, let’s go boys Yeah, that’s a better ba that’s about it about my gaming setup it’s really crash Oh, these are my drawers that give me something for school. These are my dad stuff and the next oh These are my games I want these I Feel because I’m a big fan of soccer Mario Kart 8 deluxe. I just have a wee My games on my face for our Fortnight 18 loadout some other crap and I think after just Yeah, that’s my game, sir. Oh My chair, this is a really dumb chair I’m gonna get a gaming chair and yeah this for decoration because that’s what I go for my 5th grade promotion to Roni. And yeah That’s about it. Yes. Yeah, you guys enjoy this video? Hope you guys enjoy this video and I’ll see you guys in the next video And make sure you subscribe and leave a comment or notifications on I’ll see you guys a next video. Goodbye Hustle, stay hydrated maybe insurance

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