Gaming room overview @ SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals (ENG SUBS)
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Gaming room overview @ SL i-League StarSeries XIV Finals (ENG SUBS)

August 26, 2019

Hello Na`Vi fans. We’re in Minsk. The first tournament of 2016 for us is Starladder. And here is our CS:GO squad. While waiting for their game to start they’re watching some Dota action. That’s our team spirit. So far our Dota team isn’t doing well, but I hope they’ll find their game. The first game is against the Chinese team. Are we starting our game already? It’s a 64 tick rate. 64? Yes. Sergey, tell us what do you think about your first opponents. Oh… such a bad guy! I’ll try to ask Edward now. Vania, what do you think about your first opponents? Are they strong? They’re Chinese. Can’t say anything more about them. Got it. Such confidence! The chinese are a great nation. They’ve picked Overpass, by the way. How come, Flamie? We are afraid of their grenade tactics. They have always brought some great grenade tactics. In the past, some of the Chinese teams used to play quite well, by the way. And they were in the top, but people have just forgotten about them. But China will strike back! Are you talking about CS 1.6? Yes, in CS 1.6 there were such teams as wNv… Vania help me to remember the other teams. wNv, who else? TyLoo. There were really good teams with good players and they performed quite well. Then they disappeared, but I’ve heard that they were serving in the army. Then they came back and started playing again. The kids of those who served are playing CS:GO now, I recognized one of them. It’s gonna be hell of a fight, I hope we’ll get the win, we’ve been practicing and gonna try our best! There’s a few hours delay though, but we’re fine. I’m not gonna criticize Starladder, everything’s great. They did some good preparations, just get a bit unlucky. But we’ll set things up now and will be starting our game against the Chinese. Actually, we’ve been told that just today they started to set up the stage for the tournament, and perhaps there’s a delay because of that. The whole staff got here this morning. I can show you how the stage, where the playoffs will be held, looks now. The stage is being set and they asked us not to record it. So far, it looks like that. This is the room of our CS:GO squad, there’s a small kitchen in here, but there’s nothing to eat. But, there’s a Twitch lounge zone, where you can grab some snacks, drinks. Almost right outside of the door, but it is to allowed to record video at the lounge zone. All in all, the conditions are comfortable, as always. Hopefully our both squads will be doing fine. We are now probably gonna walk to our Dota’s team room and see how they’re doing. The room is pretty much identical, but maybe we’ll record something.

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  1. А у девченки стало лучше получаться вести, подушевней, без кривляний

  2. Да вся 5-ка НаВи за год "прилично" потолстела. Один тренер Старикс бодрячком, но я думаю у него врождённый иммунитет от ожирения. 😀

  3. – Ваня, а что ты думаешь о.. ну своих первых оппонентах?
    – Они китайцы.
    Убило xD

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