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Gaming On Youtube Has Changed

August 22, 2019

Hi! it’s like 4:30 a.m. right now, And I can’t sleep. I’ve been trying for the last while. And I just have so many thoughts bouncing around inside my head that I just can’t sleep. What’s up bitches! …which is a reoccurring thing with me! usually I–I have a hard time sleeping just ’cause I’m thinking about stuff probably more than I should be but I’ve had some thoughts bouncing around in my head that I kinda wanna talk about that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while –I mean nothing serious, or anything, just stuff that… I used to do these things fairly often before, a year or two ago Where I would just–if anything was in my head I would kind of just blurt it out in a video and just kinda chat to you guys. Which I miss, and I I kinda dropped the ball on that stuff for a while and some of the community aspect of the channel kinda lacks then when you don’t do that, ’cause you dont have a real connection then. It’s hard to connect when you’re doing let’s plays or any other type of video so, It was another excuse to do another one of these types of videos! Something that I– I get asked every now and then lately is: if my channel is “dying”? or if… like– Everyone–people saying stuff like “Ohh you changed, you were so much better before, you had so much energy before–” things like that and I mean, people are gonna say stuff all the time anyway stuff like that to… any sort of youtuber um, but one that keeps happening is like– “is Jacksepticeye’s channel DYING?” and–no! It’s not (laughs) even if I stopped uploading, tomorrow for like a year, there would still be some residual views coming in all the time. It’s just so funny on youtube, it’s either you’re… you’re “top of the game” or you’re “dying”. (laughs) But, sometimes it kinda bothers me, because it seems like, some people on the channel, some people who watch the videos that I do seem to care more about the numbers aspect of it more than I do. I think the biggest factor to it is that… I just don’t upload as much as I used to ’cause I used to upload two videos, every day and that was all I could talk about, that’s all I could do, because that was my entire schedule. My whole life revolved around getting two videos out every day, to the point where it started to like– REALLY affect my day-to-day life? ‘Cause I didn’t even have time to go out and get groceries or anything Well, no, was it July? Yeah, July, I went to LA last year in July and I took a week off, re-evaluated what I wanted to do and I tried to get some of my energy back? and, I came back and I decided, “okay I’m doing one video a day, from now on,” because two videos a day was just It was too much time, I had no time to do any of the projects I wanted to do I had no time to even hang out with some friends that I wanted to hang out with, and if I missed a video I’d get really upset with myself. So, I’m just not pumping out the same quantity of videos anymore, uh, so obviously, like– the view count has just–halved on the channel on a month-by-month

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  1. “I don’t just play one game, or two games”
    Meanwhile the only two games being uploaded are Kindergarten and Minecraft

  2. I don't pay much attention to marking off check boxes. Just upload whatever. If I get demonetized I get demonetized. Ticking off check boxes of what can and can't be in my videos does not make true entertainment. Also it's too much effort trying to play a guessing game. But then again, I don't do YouTube for any money.

  3. I love YouTube. But I've noticed that viewers are getting tired of YouTube's changes faster than the YouTubers themselves. I'll always love and watch content creators but I imagine the YouTube audiences discontent might cause problems for the company very soon.

  4. Any interest in doing a playthrough on Ghost of Tsushima before it's released, I could see you killing it with that title, here's hoping

  5. Let's be honest demonitization has been taken it a little bit far but let's be honest how many of us have YouTube videos as our main source of entertainment

  6. So you kind of counter argued yourself here. You begin the video by talking about how it doesn't matter that your views per month has dropped. Then you explain why it's hard to play certain games because advertisers may not prefer them. You may not get views/money etc. Don't you get it? That's the whole point, people want to see someone authentically playing the game of their choice, for no other reason than enjoyment. The comments you've been getting lately are likely due to the fact that you are censoring and restricting yourself based on advertisers and money rather than creating for the sake of creating. You'll never see this, but I do offer it as honest advice.

  7. No idea why your channel popped up in my feed but, I will share I do variety myself. Not for any gains though. And I do enjoy variety. And I enjoyed listening to your thoughts. Hope you find the path that works for you.

  8. A few years ago i started watching but lately i have stop watching as often. My Daughters are the ones that was really big at watching jacksepticeye and i followed just to keep up with the content they was consuming and found him really entertaining. Personally i stop watching not because of being tired of it or any changes that has happen but because i started following game streamers more. Esp those that stream games i play often or i play with my girls often (World of Warcraft). Now im an old fart in your community compared to all the rest but i would say it has a lot to do with the constant changing of taste in people. Also, Gaming comes and goes in phases with each generation aging and a new slowly picking up games not to forget currently with loot boxes and ripoff schemes of the larger companies (Chinese companies?) people have reached a point they don't want to be advertised to with games that have these "surprise" mechanics. People just burn out after a while but eventually come back like i did today looking for a game that is up and coming or just to enjoy jacks enthusiasm at playing titles that otherwise no one would have heard of. Your popularity isn't on a decline. Popularity isn't something that slowly climbs but pauses then eventually leaps forward with rapid growth. Right now its just a bit paused but in time with change and personal growth you will click with a new group and quickly rise again. God bless and stay safe Jack and remember your fan base will always change. Some will leave new will come. Miley Cyrus fans are not hanna montana fans.

  9. You’re still my favorite channel. You have been for years! I’ll be a fan till the end 🙂 we are all human and need breaks from things. But you haven’t given up! That’s a really positive message to me 🙂 you always make me smile with every video and I always look forward to watching your videos. They really cheer me up on my dark days. I hope you keep your head up! 💕💕💕 you’re amazing!

  10. is this mental health like. when you used it as an excuse so you could release a clothing brand. or mental health as your mad you cant be a trendsetter like pewds so all you can do is copy

  11. I'm pretty sure this is why Game Grumps started a second channel just for their more personable live action content that isn't exactly related to gaming.

  12. Jack has changed… He has a man bun…. Only plays Minecraft… And somehow got to interview brad Pitt… Damn

  13. i genuinely love these heart to heart videos you do. it's great to listen to what you got to say in such an intelligent way

  14. If 2 videos a day is fine for you, go on… Do it.

    But you need some timeout, some time for yourself, your girlfriend (?), and friends…. Don't go too hard on yourself.

  15. I am just checking trending page.It's mostly, Jimmy shits( Fallon, Kimmel), Youtubers that are shit/clickbaity that vlog ( Oh look I bought a cat, look at my home), reaction videos( Azzyshit, Sssnipershit) Literally no gaming stuff. The only good thing is when good movie trailer appears on trending and that's it. You will never see funny video on trending.

  16. I’ve felt this as well. My channel grew from Fortnite and when in season 7/8 I didn’t like the game anymore instead of changing and continuing my great momentum I just stopped as I didn’t know what to do when I didn’t like the game anymore and I felt trapped in that one game. Now I like fortnite again I’m back making videos on it again. Just a shame I lost that momentum due to feeling trapped in that one game/video type

  17. I unsubscribed a while ago because I found the humor sort of changed over time and also I just lost interest in this channel but when I look at it now it's just the same content (Minecraft, Mario Maker…) and clickbaity titles / thumbnails as all the other channels. I miss the true variety gaming from a few years ago.

  18. Honestly, this sounds way to time consuming to do, Remember the days Youtube was an independany company and they actually /cared/ about the users, their channels and their community? Yeah, me too. Before google took over.

  19. That’s just everything that has to do with any kind of content in general. If someone or something is on the top then it’s on top, if you or it isn’t it’s dying. From YouTube to video games. That’s just the way it is and it’s fucking retarted.

  20. Yet I don’t use profanity but everyone else does. It honestly doesn’t seem right. But you’re right jack, gaming has changed on YouTube. In fact that might be the very reason why I’m not as popular as many would think. But I’ve enjoyed all you’re videos especially the Turbo Dismount ones.

  21. Let's wait on god of war 5 for resurfacing in the gaming side in youtube and putting down all the games that was on top.

  22. On this video… The gladiator is sad… But I have come from the future… On the future… Jack is playing MINECRAFT!! With Felix…

  23. 0:12 I've been gone for like only a couple of months or something AND YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT OH MAH GOD!! I haven't even seen the video yet beyond 12 seconds and I'm already concerned as hell because you look like you have aged years!! YOUR INTRO SAID HI!! hi. What happened to you my precious potato man???

  24. so to sumarize, is about money income, taking less risk for the bussines bank:
    Playing more than 1 type of game increses the chance of not getting paid cuz X factors
    Instead of playing 1 game, that you know it has a higher chance to get paid= profit.

    This men is in the entertaiment industry of youtube, he is not here to make you feel good about the video, he is here to do his job so he has to follow rules, and with that make decisions regard profit vs loses, simple as that.

  25. I don't care how much you upload, I'll always watch you. I've stuck around too long to leave your wonderful community now, you've brought too much joy to me for me to just leave. I'll forever watch your goofball. Thank you for staying on YouTube for so long. I appreciate it, everyone does, Sean.

  26. We loved when you were energetic, screaming in our ears (Because it was funny as hell) and loved how you were. But i dont see how you are like that anymore.. Youve changed.. and i hate that you just cant be your younger self.. I miss you old jack.. I really do 🙁

  27. Honestly, I don't care about the views. This channel was my first big step in learning English, and for that i will be always thankful for Jack. Just do what you love doing, I will be here as long as I can.

  28. I’ve slowly stopped watching jack because I became less interested in his content. As a viewer and a fan of his since I was a child, I felt less connected to him through his videos. I’m not sure why…

  29. But how about…. Playing the game you enjoy playing? o.õ
    I understand the part of being with the demonetization I get it but YOU JUST DID KINDERGARTEN 2 AND IT WAS FUN! Because it's a game you enjoying playing and that bounces back into your performance. Does all these statics really matter or is this just you trying to justify yourself into keep your living standards?
    Not questioning what you want just putting some food for thought I guess. Because lately more than ever I have been watching you and pretty much all the others youtubers less and less because all of you seem, tired, seem pretty disingenuous and well somewhat pretty sellout in the 'top treading' things on youtube.

    Oh Well guess this is just a comment rant just like this video xD

  30. Hey @jacksepticeye me and my girlfriend have been following you since cry of fear, and we love you to death. I've just been concerned about the content you do release. I know that you have a job to do. I know this is your way of living. We don't really enjoy Minecraft and it's simplistic blocking format. I'm not a picky gamer at all. I have watched you play YouTube maker, and even that doesn't doctor simulator everyone used to play. Enjoyed watching cause it's you. Well the point is, we've enjoyed the visage series and have been waiting for the next episode. It just seems you've been binging on Minecraft to keep the channel pushing up and up. You don't need to do that because you're channel is doing well, so it seems like you're becoming addicted to Minecraft. I know that a lot of people enjoy that, but me and my gf havent continued watching because we do enjoy you playing a bunch of different things because I grew up with you in front of me.

  31. What's sad is that the community backlashes because a creator, or other community member, doesn't submit to their views and wishes. I'm very opinionated, so I understand, but I try to not stir up ruckus on the internet. If I want to say something, I'll say it to your face. If you're too scared to say it in real life, then don't say it online. ❤ Jacksepticeye is a normal human being too, so don't expect him to ruin himself over this career. I love his personality and the videos he makes, so if he has to make certain decisions to help his own health… Then so be it. I'll support him.

  32. I mean, if people want to say mean things then leave, then maybe it's for the best. Would you rather have a large community with toxic people, or smaller community but have more positive people?

  33. Thanks for this dude, very informative ! I do a variety of games on my channel, and it’s really just for fun because music is my #1 passion. However, I’m low key tryna be an affiliate on Twitch as that’s where I record my Xbox videos from and everyone that has interacted with me on there with whatever game I played were dope ! Keep up the good work bro !

  34. I'm sorry Sean, but it's not the gaming. Your channel has changed and I'm usually all for change but it's not in a good way. I used to watch you a lot and now I can't because whenever I do, I just get reminded of those clickbaited channels. That's all yours is now. I'm sorry, but it's not the gaming. It was never the gaming. I click on your videos and without scrolling down, all I saw was "blah blah blah IN MINECRAFT" or "this and that IN KINDERGARDEN 2" I mean, come on, Sean. I've been watching you for so long. Now all I think about is you being fake. Your channel is dying because of this. I'm so sorry, but you're just like all the other clickbaity youtubers. Please, go back to when you were happier. Because I'm not the only one who's noticed how terrible this channel has become. It's rubs me in the wrongest way possible. Do something other than minecraft. Another game. Maybe a horror game or a letsplay. Something else, please. Please go back. This hurts me so god damn much.

  35. numbers don't rlly matter at all, or at least they shouldn't, you've great content that's i personally rlly enjoy and u have a awesome and funny personality and u make my days brighter 🙂
    ew that last part was so corny xD

    but anyway, yh thanks 🙂

  36. July 27: "I don't just play 1 game, or 2 games and do videos on that."

    August 21: Only plays Minecraft and Kindergarten 2

  37. I really appreciate how you consider all these for your fans and thanks for putting this much effort, but jack, I really don't want to be a negative comment, but you have changed and it's not like you've become bad or your channel is dieing, but your energy and how much you laugh and even how much you smile is turning less and less, and you say in your old videos that the reason you do these is because you want to make your fans feel the same energy and happiness that you do while you're playing a game, I know you're do ing your best but can you please consider it? To be a little more energetic and to even smile more often and not be so serious. I know you probably won't read this but it's been bothering me so much lately that I had to say it. Thanks for the ones that read this.<3

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