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  1. Clear screens either don't work (unusable) or they have limited use.
    You need a dark background for them to be usable….like we see in the video. Imagine using them in a typical room or office….you also see everything behind it too.
    It's also used as a gimmick in "movies", when portraying the future…..because it's "cool"….and because the camera can shoot talking heads from the other side.
    Totally useless.

  2. VR helmets/glasses with this would be cool so you can switch them on and off without removing the entire headset every time. It’s the little things.

  3. Whenever Linus explains something or lists the specs of a PC, it always feels like hes talking to me as if I was a toddler

  4. Hey LG, remember how several years ago, you made a smartphone with a 3D display that didn't need glasses, like the Nintendo 3DS and the RED smartphone? Scale that tech up, add it to this and baby, you got a holographic display goin'!

  5. You need this for your window in your office stat, awesome, I want to have a 4 windows wall office with this technology

  6. I wonder if Koreans understood that by killing lights this actually lost all its point. I would be shaking my head so hard at that point.

  7. this thing will only work for business, but not gaming or regular tv or movie viewing. Can't replace the real tv experience. Makes totally no sense to use this for those things

  8. I think it would be very interesting to see how a gigantic television window would look like if the TV screen has turned off, would the TV be 100 percent transparent?

  9. Ahh transparent screens, literally the dumbest idea for screens ever. Why would anyone want to deliberately make the viewing experience worse?!?! Crazy times we live in…

  10. To me it means I could have a tv in front of my window and still have light coming through my window in the day plus noone outside can see what I'm watching haha

  11. You could just chuck a tv behind it and just turn it off when your not playing games and watch tv through a window

  12. Wow. We can see the game, we can see through, and we can see the reflection. It depends on the colour of the material behind. That's amazing! That's the definition of oled window!

  13. My first thought was to have it as a window in a meeting room, so you can use it for presentations… I need to work less. 😭

  14. Double displays seems like an interesting application. Transparent OLED layered on top of a non-transparent display. Seems like run some fancy anti-aliasing since instead of applying an intelligent blur filter to each frame, you just render the blur filter on the second display. The transparent topmost panel would, i think(?)apply that filter to the inner display's output.

  15. You could put a couple of these align, and a non transparente one behind those to creat a 3D efect with the 3 or 4 screens at the same time 😀

  16. if this comes out i'd like to mount this on my window and create a custom program to display on the window so that ex. i walk home and i get a welcome

  17. non-bulky HUDs in glasses or goggles would be nice. or a car window that displays speed, rpm and other important info, so you dont have to look away from the road when checking.

  18. Dunno how it would look, but im thinking layer these and have the backlayer do background and the front one do all the action stuff and sli and cf might be a thing again. Or save ur old gpu cuz its powerfull enough to handle just the background.

  19. I would get one of these just to use as a desk pc. It would sit on top of my pc and I’d add a touch frame to it. You can see all of the parts for the pc under the desktop and also use the desks top as a desktop monitor.

  20. Windows of cars also doubling ass an oled tv or a bus with advertsing moving on the side sindows … or just a EPIC!! ASS futuristic gaming room

  21. These need to be applied as lenses for a pair of smart glasses. I.E Edith from Spider-Man. Imagine augmented reality in full effect. You see a pair of sneakers on somebody, your glasses tell you the name of them and where to buy them. Your directions are painted over the streets as you drive. The possibilities are endless. That seems so cool to me. I’m hoping to see that technology perfected in my life time.

  22. One of the benefits of OLED is the amazing Plasma like blacks. These have no blacks at all, just nothings. As well as advertising this will be good for those one way windows where you can't see in but can see out You could then adjust how much privacy you want. Good for HUD display and for making something look invisible. A camera on the other side of that which you wish to hide and show the feed on this screen so it looks like you can see right through the thing you are hiding to the other side. Might be useful on building sites to hide ugly construction and so on.

  23. Actually, this kind of tech is being used for 3D monitors. Approx. 20 transparent layers of 2D displays are stacked on top of each other. This allows to build a perfect 3D image in the display.

  24. Couldn't they have a transparent screen layer over a regular screen and have them alternate frames to create a 3D image without the need for 3D glasses?

  25. Thank you so much Linus this Awesome review and you are funny and enjoyable to watch, keep making these awesome future technologies also 8K HDR Camera is coming soon later this year we gonna see linus in 8K HDR so amazing quality!

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