Gaming in the 90s! (Part 2)
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Gaming in the 90s! (Part 2)

September 22, 2019

♪ Gaming in the 90’s ♪ – [Announcer] Sponsored
by RAID: Shadow Legends – Okay, Tommy. I’m gonna trade you my Kadabra so it evolves into an Alakazam, and then you’re gonna
send it right back, okay? – Yep! – Seriously, this is just a
quick trade and trade back. You understand that, right Tommy? – Uh huh! – Okay, here we go. (video game sound effects) Awesome! Now just send it right back,
and we’ll be good to — – Bye! – Tommy, used steal. It was super effective. (sobbing) ♪ The ’90s ♪ – Alrighty then. Let’s see what’s inside
this temple, shall we? Well, hello my dear. I see you’ve been praying
for my safe return. (dramatic music) Huh, oh! That was unexpected! Good thing I always keep a full stock of Phoenix Downs in my inventory. (laughter) (video game buzzer) Noooooo! ♪ ’90s ♪ – Dude, my parents are out of town. I’ve got a sixer of Surge and a fresh copy of StarCraft: Brood War. You know what that means. – LAN party? – LAN party. – LAN party! (rock music) LAN party. LAN party! LAN party. LAN party. LAN party! (breathing heavily) LAN party. (rock music) LAN party. – Dude, where have you been? I asked you over here like two days ago. – LAN party. (sobbing) LAN party. ♪ ’90s ♪ (sobbing) – I never even got a chance
to unequip her armor. ♪ ’90s ♪ – I’m gonna kick your butt in Mario Kart. – We’ll see about that. – I call player one! – I call player t — (electronics sizzle) What is that? – Oh, that’s just an off-brand
controller my mom got because the regular ones are so expensive. But don’t worry, I’m
sure it’s just as good. – Okay. I guess I’ll just sort of grab — (slicing sound) (screaming) – Heh, heh, heh. I already lapped ya. (screaming) – [Announcer] Hey everyone, before you go, we want to give a big thanks
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  1. I had a friend who somehow managed to get a mew, i convinced him to trade it to me and I'll trade it back just so i can update my pokedex to 151 pokemon. Once he traded it to me, i ran off! He chased me but never did he get his mew back and we lost our friendship over it

  2. You know whats even worse than losing your best armor on a character that gets plot killed? Having to grind out 15+ levels of XP to get their replacement up to a level that they're useful.

  3. A moment of silence for all of the 90s kids like myself out there that used a gameshark on FF7 to brin Aerith back only to have our save files destroyed at the start of Disc 2

  4. My friends and I had LAN parties (Warcraft 2, Marathon, Gemstone 3), but sometimes we just sat around in the same room playing our own versions of a solo game (Escape Velocity). My mom did not understand.

  5. The infamous FF7 death that broke our hearts but got us super into the game. She got stabbed and I was that same way thinking I had enough downs but the game told me otherwise.

  6. 1:42 ok we did not wear clothes that looked like they where from a 80's rap music video. It was the era of grundge which means, Nirvana, Silver chair, Metalica, offspring.

    At least get your period clothing correct.

  7. “I never got to unequip her armor!” Ahhhhhhhhhhh……. and the unnecessary knife in the back AFTER you already used a sword.

  8. Anyone here remember that absolute monster in Pokemon Platinum? The one that traded you a Haunter for a Medicham, but the Haunter was holding a damn everstone. Whenever I see snow… I think of that moment.😭

  9. 0:04 my brother did this same thing to me. i just waited till the middle of the night and stole his g.b to trade them back to mine

  10. Since I wasn't born in the 90's, and I already knew about Aerith's death I know to unequip her items before she dies if I ever play FF7 and I'll do it in the remake.

  11. Oh God, those "unofficial" controllers were such a fucking nightmare, and yet we all kept pretending they were just as good, to comfort the poor sod who ended up with it

  12. Alakazam was the most broken pokemon in the original games. Also, I miss Lan, man this really is gaming in the 90's. Love the call back for Fish getting the off brand controller.

  13. Friend running after trading my hunter to be a gengar.

    Me: you traitor run until there is land or you will be dead

    After 2days the theft got a painful bump in his face and i got charizard gengar golem kingdra and a kadabra.

    Yeah yeah i beat the hell of him he deserves it every punch

  14. The first video that everything was spot on. I'm laughing my head off and my wife is just staring at me like I lost it. I don't play games anymore, but StarCraft LAN parties, funky chinesium N64 controllers, the crafty ways Nintendo made you buy more stuff to "Catch 'em all", and the feeling of losing your best friend when Aerith died, were all iconic. I have to go watch the first one now.

  15. Fun video but should have double checked some continuity errors. He pressed X instead of O for Final Fantasy. Modern cars at 1:32, no motherboard in the PC, no monitor stand, We didn't dress like that during the time period focused on. Most of the shirts were more full on mid to late 80s and the references were mostly mid to late 90s (besides the gameboy)

  16. Did that guy bleed to death or did his friend actually realize after the match ended. Image at the end his friend sees him dead but then thinks he was asleep

  17. I only took part in one LAN party… I think it was for CS back in the day and Starcraft:Brood War too… never again. It took so much work to haul all of that stuff over.

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