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Gamers Reactions to the Granny JUMPSCARE | Granny

September 23, 2019

When She scares you, she becomes bald?! Bowling ball head? Epic Intro: Like and Subscribe! DashieGames Somebody told me Took she put down a bear- two bear traps. Somebody told me to go under the bed When she sees you and this, there’s like a little animation or something that happens. I, I want to see, I’m not gonna lie What is that? My god, oh, I don’t like that. Okay now she’s saw me, now she’s saw. Let me see what she does. (Silence…) Saw me, right? Granny: GAWWWWWWWWWWWWW (Sound Effect) Dashie: OH!!!!! Oh, My Gosh! Developer of the game if you’re watching this Please, make this into a PC game, improve the graphics. Oh, I think you got something this is terrifying DX Army Oh, My Gosh (X 3) (Extr3me Intensity + Silence) Granny: RAHHHHH!!! What day is it? What day is it? No! (Sorrow Music, may DX Army Rest in Peace) GROAN!!! DanTDM Granny, you here? What? What? AH!!! AH! No, no, no. No, I’m out of here. I’m out here. Let’s go. Let’s go. I don’t know what’s in here Can we hide under here? Hide! Yo, there she is! What lovely feet you have… Granny: RAHHHHHHH! DanTDM: AHHHHHHHH! She can come under the bed??? Why? EricVanWilderman But we gotta avoid this bear trap. Oh god. Granny. Why did you walk down the stairs and then come right back up, you freak? AHHHHHH!! OH, NO!!!! Thought I was safe for a second. Granny’s a freak. She’s crazy! POiiSED We make it plays, oh… Okay, no we’re not. I’m scared. You should go. Oh my god. (Ear Rape Warning) AHHHHHHHHHH! (Major Ear Rape Approaching) Oh, my- AHHHHHHHHH! Oh my gosh!!! Oof DenisDaily So now, oh I see that bear trap! Is that a bear trap? Dah, no! Yah, hah! Can I come in here? Does she know? Does she know? Can I just hide under ther- OH! (6X) Kubz Scouts Piece of a painting… Oh, she’s, she’s, she’s coming, She’s coming! Oh my god! Granny: RAAAAAAH! Kubz Scouts:WOOOOOOOOOOOAH! Oh, My Gosh! When she scared me, that b**** became bald! I thought she had hair like white hair. When she scares you she becomes bald? Bowling ball head a**. Yammy Just, I’ve just knocked something over… Go under the bed, it’s covered in blood, ha ha. Oh, you nearly got me didn’t ya? Well, you missed. Oh, what the heck?! What?! What?! What is going on? Kindly Kevin Oh, she’s coming. Ugh, she’s coming. Okay, you know what get under the bed just for- Oh, no… Are we good? (GASP!) Woah, gosh! Hmm Hmm Okay, that was a new one I.. I did not like that She saw us get under the bed and she made us think that we were okay for a second there. We were not okay. Oh ho ka ha hay, that Oh, my gosh granny! Why, why granny why- FGTeeV I know they’re in here somewhere, STOP IT CHASE! It’s not me. I took a shower, you took a shower? You took a shower? Peek-A-BOOSKIE! Stop, I didn’t- OAHHHHH!!! SNAP, I DIDN’T KNOW SHE COULD DO THA HA HA HA HAT! (Traumatizing Flash Back Experience) I didn’t know that she could do that! 8BitRyan (Whispering Mumbling) (GASP) I didn’t do anything! Oh, My Gosh (2X) (Whew!) Dude oh my gosh- (Granny: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) Woah! What the freak? through the wood?! Sketch ’round the corner… Oop, she she i- she saw me, she saw me Okay, I’m under the bed now, okay. Okay, you can’t get me cause I’m under the bed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AH HA HA HA! Ah, what the heck, dude?! I thought you couldn’t get me if I was under the bed! What happened to that?! Where did it, huh, where did it (Incoherant mumbling) What happened to those?! LaurenzSide(Final One) (Gameplay) GOOOH! OH! (Ear Rape Warning) Granny: RAAAAAAAAAAAH! LaurenzSide: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Stomp Stomp Stomp) I told you that’s why I, put I have like a like blankets and my phone mat down there. Oh my god What is that? “I have to leave this house” What did she do to me? END Thank you for watching! Don’t for get to like, Subscribe, and tap the notification bell to never miss a Gamer React Comp video! Also, don’t forget to check out the channels who reacted for this video (Links for the channels in description) Two other Videos, as well as the channel itself is up above. Don’t forget to check them out See you in the next video! Goodbye!

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  1. Thank me later
    1) dashiegame
    2) DX Army
    3) DantTDM
    5)POiiSED that u guys like
    7)Kubz scouts
    9)Kidly Keyin
    10)Fgteev or funnel vision
    11)8-bit Ryan
    use 0.25x if ur scare of granny

  2. 2:14 Don’t go 0.25 speed while wearing headphones. I made that mistake and I regret it, because it feels like my ears are dying T_T

  3. Can we all just agree That DashieGamer and kindly Keyin look almost the sam? (Apart from Dashie always wears a snow hat but Keyin always wears a Cap from his Murch)

    From: QuinJTGR66451

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