Gamers Reactions to Breathing & Knocking sounds in their ears | Simulacra
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Gamers Reactions to Breathing & Knocking sounds in their ears | Simulacra

September 17, 2019

It’s wrong I know I’m not the jealous type really I’m not I know that babe. Oh God but it was just there a message came in and I just looked hey. I’m not judging but What was that hey something just made like a sound in all my left ear Actually happen or am I going fucking crazy you Heard it, too, right. We are by Taylor. I’m sorry man. Can you back off for a sec I gotta see this Freak do you wait up breath behind me, then she might freak if she finds out a stranger is using in his phone So let’s keep this under wraps Let’s see how I Can’t lie about this kind of thing I want to talk to you about Greg Was that was that in the game Was that in the game I legitimately thought someone was But it wouldn’t have happened because chica would have barked she could get over. I’m so stupid was that in the game, or was that And not always notifies when she isn’t coming in even when she’s five minutes late, uh what Did you just hear somebody breathe sorry it was caught up at work. I’m here this whole like oh no response. It’s Okay, okay, okay, I just heard breathing in my right ear that is extremely uncomfortable Honestly if I didn’t have the thing up here so I could see myself as I’m recording to make sure everything’s in frame or whatever if I didn’t have that they’re in my Peripherals like I’m kind of able to see it now and I can see that I’m in frame So I don’t actually have to look up and look away from the lens cuz I like talking to the lens because I’m talking directly to people but if I didn’t have that there I would seriously be like looking over my shoulder every now and then right now I Always, though they can feel a breeze, but I have my fan on Well, I’m actually playing as Greg for some reason. I don’t know why they’re still I’m about to shut this game off an uninstaller in a second. What is with the constant? Knocking, it’s so good like the sound design. I thought it was that right there like it’s weird I can pinpoint the sound it came from right there That’s her place, so she’s at home, then why isn’t she answering maybe she’s still there should have known I’m gonna go there. Also. What the hell is that knocking sound who’s weird god. I hope she’s home God, I hope you don’t find a dead body Okay, I’m at her doorstep now, but something’s Oh, No No the knock was in my left ear cop oh, Jesus Christ binaural audio ha ha ha Chill plus Tobi 75% chance that at any given time we’re the most boring couple in the room If this keeps are you bored of me that means her stuff might? You know I Don’t like that oh God, this is like playing persona 5 where that where they keep getting the app on their phone. They’re like what the fuck is who? Okay, this game is really freaking me out. What hard it is to find a job you can always lie about it Doesn’t sound so bad. It sounds awful. I Was legit about to answer my door. I I thought someone was there hold of the meat let me Yeah, not no one’s that the Greg checkered house or something what about the post? Let’s see Well wait what? wait Wait how do you wait? Do you know wait did you? Who’s smacking their lips over there? Don’t do that. Don’t do none of that don’t do that record 400 no opening gross lewdness and lascivious behavior indecent exposure and public sexual indecent I’d rather not Rather not do that Gay You’re offline again. Okay, all right? Oh I got the dirt on Greg. I spoke to Yolanda. How do you know what Yolanda? You wouldn’t know I got the Dirk on I got the dirt on Greg I got the dirt on Greg from you a lot. How do you know?

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  2. 1:30 Mark's got additional protection, that's not fair!

    On 2nd thought, how about I actually start Jack's Simulcra – his reactions are the best

  3. This, this game is where it's at. Some sounds can make you jump, some jumpscares can make you wanna run and hide, but it takes a GOOD game to genuinely freak you out. You need a good sound design to make someone feel anxious, like they're not safe.

  4. Last year, when i was grade 5 my friend on grade 6 is playing this with earphones and i had the other earphone and i heard the breathing and i got scared lol

  5. Anyone watching this without reading the title or comments will get fooled by the realistic sound lmao, I'm one of those

  6. 1:05 got me bro fricking scared the shi* out of me…wear earphones tell ya that it'll work…fun fact i actually opened the door then nobody was there????

  7. Im using my head phones and im having the chills plus im at home alone and its 1:36 am this is pissingly funny?

    "edit" i just freaking punch my closet i honestly thought someone was inside pewdiepie should play this i could already imagine his reaction ??

  8. @ 1:01 I thot some1 wuz noking @ my window?then relies I liv alone and wasn't using my hedfones so some1 is noking @ my window but I'm on 19th floor (20th wuz da roof floor) so then who iz noking. ??

  9. Wha..
    Excuse me. I think there's a clue here..
    The breathing sounds sound like Anna.
    And when Greg says he's at her doorstep, there's a knocking sound.
    That might mean that either YOU play as Anna in this game, or that Anna is with you, or you are in her house.

  10. Im legit leaning against the wall in my room, and after hearing the knocking I thought it was someone outside hammering something onto the wall. Lmao

  11. I swear the knocking keeps fooling me. I know it’s in the video and i still look up and get chills. ITS SO FUKIN REAL

  12. 1:04 holy shit that actually got me because when I lay in bed and watch YouTube there is a window to my left, and when someone (mainly my sister) knocks on the window it sounds EXACTLY like the one in the game. It generally freaked me the fuck out

  13. I dont wear headphones and I would think the knocking was realistic but my phone vibrates with any sharp sound so I could feel the knock with my phone ??

  14. It's so weird that the sound was came out of the Game, Like, You think someone is beside you (ghost ofc.) or someone on the door knocking constantly that you need to answer but there's no one in the door, So Weird.

  15. I love the thumbnail, it has the 2 youtubers that curse the most on one side and the people who basically don't curse on the other side

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