Gameplay: Every Good Game Needs A Grappling Gun! – Rainbow Six Siege
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Gameplay: Every Good Game Needs A Grappling Gun! – Rainbow Six Siege

August 27, 2019

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here! I’ve been playing some Ember Rise recently
and in this video I want to give you my personal impression of the new attacker Amaru. I will cover everything you need to know about
her gadget, as well as her loadout, before finishing off with a bit of an assessment
of what she will bring to the table. I have also created a separate video on the
new Defender Goyo (who looks really promising by the way) and there will be a link to that
in the end card. But now: Amaru! Let’s go! The new attacker in Rainbow Six Siege, will be a two speed, two armour operator with a difficulty rank of one. That is at least what the menu tells us, I
will get into my thoughts on difficulty a bit more during the summary of this video. As you may know by now, Amaru will be equipped
with a Pathfinder style grappling gun… or maybe I should really call it a Link style
grappling gun because in my books he’s the real OG when it comes using a hook shot to
get to hard to reach places in a hurry. This gives her an entry frag / flank role because her only purpose during any given round will be to get kills. To assist her in this quest, she comes outfitted
with IQ’s G8A1 (except that it now has access to the angled grip – alongside all the existing
attachments of course), Echo and Hibana’s Supernova shotgun (except that that now also
gets the option of a suppressor) and then as sidearm options you can pick between the SMG-11 or Jackal and Mira’s ITA12S mini shotgun. Bringing a shotgun with Amaru is quite important
(we’ll get to that in a minute) and so I see basically two viable permutations here. Bring the G8 with the ITA12S on the side or
bring the Supernova with the SMG-11. And now let me tell you a little bit about
the Garra Hook grappling gun! It comes with enough propellant to fire the
hook 4 times, has a reach of 15m and each time you use it, it takes 9s before the next
shot becomes available. When you’re outside, it can attach to any
ledge that your normal hook could also attach to and it can also attach to windows. Grappling into windows is definitely a double
edged sword though. If there is a defender on the other side,
grappling in is just like swinging in from a regular rappel and it will give you an instant kill. The problem is that the barricade on the window
will be broken as soon as the hook attaches and that gives defenders several seconds in
which they can shoot you out of the air. You won’t be able to use your gun at all
until you have landed and that brings other issues with it; Grappling into a window means
that you have no chance at all against any traps waiting for you on the other side, such
as Kapkan traps or especially Frost mats. Another strong counter to Amaru is Castle,
since castled up windows cannot be grappled into until the Caslte barricade has been destroyed
first and since Amaru has no ranged explosives, it will require the cooperation from a teammate. Once you are indoors, the ability to use the
Garra Hook becomes much more limited. The only grapple points you can attach to are hatches from below (once they have been opened) and skylights. And with the hatches you need to be really
close to them before the prompt pops up. Unlike grappling into a window, climbing up
a hatch will not harm any defender waiting above but you are still vulnerable during the ascent. And that is pretty much it and I actually
want to take a brief moment to discuss the difficulty rating of Amaru before
giving my final thoughts on her. Difficulty ratings are of course always somewhat
subjective and you can get different ratings depending on what factors you consider. If you base your difficulty rating on something
like, how easy is it to get to use the gadget and how dependent your team is on you… then
I guess 1 actually fits quite well. Amaru has no special purpose on the team that
anyone would need to depend on. If she did die in the first 10s of a round, it’s not like you’ve lost your only hardbreacher or anything like that. On the other hand, if you want to factor in
how easy it is to get any significant use out of the gadget, then I think Amaru can
actually be quite challenging. Sure, any player can use her to get to the
roof quickly at the beginning of the round but what has the really achieved? In my opinion, getting any significant value
out of this character will require quite a lot of experience and especially map knowledge. Every time you pick and operator, you have
the opportunity cost of not being able to bring other ones and you miss out on everything
they could have brought to the table, so in order to justify bringing a grappling gun, you’re going to have to pull of something significant with it. Maybe quickly getting into a position that
cuts off important rotations very early in the round… maybe using the gadget to ascend
a hatch and thereby blindside the defenders… literally everything that Amaru can do that
would add value to the team, requires knowledge and prior planning and then you also need
to get lucky and have the Defenders choose to defend a sight where you can realise those plans. So is a difficulty rating of one justified…
well if getting to the roof is what you count as using this operator successfully, then I guess yes. But if having an impact on the round is important then I would even go as far as to grade her as difficulty three. Actually getting any significant
use out of her is very difficult. The great things about Amaru is that she is easy to understand and a decent operator for solo queueing. If you are not communicating or working with
your team at all and just want to rush up and wreck some fools, then hey, she might
be exactly what you’re looking for. The G8 with angled grip could actually be
a really interesting proposition for fulfilling that fragger role, since an LMG without the
key downside of the slow ADS time could be a really scary weapon in the hands of a player
who can control the recoil. And the meme value of sneaking up a hatch
and getting in a sick flank or yeeting yourself in through a window and actually getting a
couple of kills from a ridiculous manoeuvre like that is also undeniable. I think this new attacker could be a lot of
fun but in terms of having a profound impact on the ranked meta or competitive scene, I think that for Operation Ember Rise, Goyo is going to be the play. But again, that’s just my opinion: what
are your thoughts on Amaru? Let me know in the comments below and if you have not seen my Goyo video yet, a link to that is coming right up. As always, thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next episode!

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  1. She will literally completely change the way that you have to defend sites because of the windows you normally can’t get through like trophy room in chalet

  2. I think a possible needed buff to this character is that if you pick them, your entire team automatically has faster repel movements.

  3. Actually Pathfinder was based off of the Grapple Unit or ability in Titanfall 2, in my opinion a much better game, that’s no relevant.

  4. If goyo isn’t nerfed he will be a meta op. Amatarasu(?) will be overall a meme but will have potential as a planter. Her kit is more close range based, but she will be the only op that has the ability to escape a post-plant. This will require high coordination and she probably won’t be as viable to bring in comparison to another operator. However, she could plant midsight on a bank basement defense then go up CCTV hatch and have a major advantage. Same with ventilation on border. Drop hatch, plant, go back up hatch and play post-plant. High skill, and overall not the most useful. But there is a possibility

  5. maybe they should make it so that the window barricades won't get destroyed until Amaru dropkicks it like an action movie scene. i reckon that will actually make her more useful for a stealthier approach

  6. Can you please look for new recoil changes, there's plenty of people saying that the smg11 and Buck AR is easier in the tts

  7. Amaru is just like Warden:
    In theory there are situations in which her ability is incredible and an absolute gamechanger. In practice almost any other Op is going to benefit your team and yourself more.
    And just like Warden she has a weapon loadout that doesn't really compliment her intended role very well. An LMG with slow ADS times for an entry fragger just isn't ideal, and the Shotgun + SMG-11 combo just makes her even more situationally (in)effective.

    Really her reason for existing is funny kill compilations on Youtube. Thats what she is made for. Sort of like Cavera.

  8. Surprised that the G8A1 having the angled grip in a vertical angle and having the vertical grip at an angle doesn't annoyed you

  9. Goyo and gridlock are the only meta ops so far this year, vs year 2 which has pretty much all meta ops

    I say this in terms of value of the gadget in comp, not really guns

  10. She's going to be quite good at pressuring slow defensive set ups on stuff like Kafe in my opinion. 2 of the 3 common sites are all defended from the same spot on 3rd floor meaning it is likely you can simply halt their prep immediately during the start of the round

  11. Let's say the claymore doesn't kill the enemy but ignites the shield thing who gets the kill u or the teammate???4:20

  12. New meta: zofia breaches a hatch with nades and flashes while amaru plants, and glaz covers with smoke and holds the defuser with the thermal scope, while ying spams her candelas over the defuser and dokkaebi calls

  13. Rouge, here is the legend that i mentionated on the Goyo video <3 Lots of love from México <3

  14. Rogue9: She has IQ's G8A1 now with angled grip, Supernova with suppressor and SMG 11 with-
    ME: IS IT THE ACOG?!?!?!
    Rogue9: and ITA-12s
    ME: disappointed

  15. Amaru’s grappling hook was really exciting for me but the reused weapons were really fucking annoying for me, also WHY DIDN’T YOU MENTION JUST CAUSE FFS!!!!!!! Anyway love your videos and this was really cool!

  16. Pathfinder is just based off of the Titanfall 2 grapple which is the best grappling hook in any videogame. TF2 > Apex

  17. Does clash counter amaru? I know that clash blocks someone who wants to rappel in, so how does it work for amaru?

  18. Now if we were gonna get an op that can flick herself around with the grapple like Pathfinder or like in Titanfall 2, a lot of people would die from fall damage

  19. the grapple that takes you up hatches has been an idea people were asking for since year one. but this is not what most people had in mind at all.

  20. What about if her hook attached to destructible walls so she could rotate faster? Like planting on the van in consulate and going to the kitchen asap

  21. Why the hell does the window have to break? The hook does not even make contact with it. It's like a foot away from the barricade itself.
    also be prepared for the bullets of a lot of GIGN defenders who will already be camping the windows with acogs.

  22. Not about the character, but I'm a fan of the new Canal, it reminds me of dust_2 in cs1.6 to dust_2 in cs:go, still pretty much the same layout but given some important upgrades

  23. I feel like she will be better for helping a coordinated push on the obj than for rushing. She could secretly enter from a window they won’t expect or a hatch nearby during the chaos once the entry fragger goes in.

  24. Grappling hook, looks and sounds cool, now explosive shields around hostage I shake with excitement thus we get 2 friendly hostage killers however there are a few maps getting removed, yes i know they are being moved to rank but i say removed because for one rank can go from fun at first to not fun, plus not knowing hte maps can really hurt you, like getting a hammer to your leg

  25. The main tactical use of amaru would be that you have to reinforce traps that lead to the level under the objective, thus having to make compromises on which wall/trap to reinforce

  26. I want to see a scenario where doc is trying to spawn peek, he does the move away from window to reload, and then right when he looks out again is when amaru makes it to the window with her grapple and it just deletes doc.

  27. I'm fairly certain breaking the window barricades on attach instead of when you hit it has to be a technical limitation, as not doing that would be a great way to give her more use without making her overpowered. Kind of like how Sledge doesn't really give any warning when he breaks open a wall or barricade, and can kill someone standing right up against it. Maybe increase the volume on her grappling hook so there's more of a sound queue, add a sound queue on grapple attach similar to Fuze charges, or increase the time to transition from landing to gun up if she breaks a barricade in the process of grappling.

  28. i moved away from using vertical grips on every gun exept the type 89 and the guns that don't support an angled grip because its useful if you need to switch from your gadget or secondary to your primary and because its a useful skill to learn the recoil of every gun without grips or high recoil and it has really helped me be able to use buck with an acog or nomad or any gun without grips etc. i was able to do a lot better with the g8 than i normally do now that it has an angled grip

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