Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
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Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

August 22, 2019

VO: Please welcome Keanu Reeves.
(crowd cheering) Keanu: I gotta talk to you about something. Cyberpunk 2077 *crowd cheering* Walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking.. MAN IN THE CROWD: You’re breathtaking!! *laughter* Keanu: You are breathtaking! You’re all breathtaking! You guys wanna know the release date? CROWD:
*in unison* Yeah! Keanu: Yeah, then check this out! …then check this out … *twisted* then check this out *ominous* then check this out *growing in intensity* ṭ͚̣͉͇̭͋͗̑͘ͅh̴͖̫̮ë̗̯̰̅̈͌̍nͥ̿̂̽͂̅̀ ̥̥̆̾ͦcͮ͊̎̒ͥ̇҉̲͕h̻̬ͭ̓̄̽͌̂ḙ̺͖̥ͮc̞̲͓͔͑̈́ķ̦̟̱̳̯͍̃͆̇̅̓͊ ͎͈̰̔̑ͩ̓̔̄ṭ͖͎͖͎͜h̩̘͇͚͞i͞ṣ̳͞ ͙͉ͦ̂̏ͪo̟û̵̝̦̮͍͎̞͊t͎̫͖͒͑͗͋ͭ *error message sound* …then check this out. (Game Theory Intro plays) Hello Internet! Welcome to… a very special episode of Game Theory apparently Because I am sitting on the couch and in front of the camera which means that you know today’s episode is gonna get serious. Real business talk today ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting meta. So, as most of you know, E3 just happened. It is the year’s most famous or at least most infamous hype events. “I wonder what this game would have looked like had we released it long ago” *© E3 cringe* Where all the biggest games get announced about half a decade before they eventually get released. And I know a lot of us tend to get cynical about events like this, myself included. What, with all the misleading trailers and impossible promises that get tossed around, I gotta be honest… I really enjoy it. It’s one of the few times that we gamers are truly able to unite around the pure joy that this industry is capable of bringing. Are they lying to us? Are a lot of the games gonna be bland uninspired retreads of stuff that we’ve seen a thousand times before? You bet they probably are, but they might not be. And that my friends is what matters. Our faith that this industry can be better. No matter how many times we gamers have been kicked to the curb we still hold out hope right here. Showing that, you know what, we’re not dead inside. I’ll be honest I was pumped seeing Banjo-Kazooie make his triumphant return I was thrilled to get my hands on new Final Fantasy 7 remake. Heck, I even got goosebumps seeing the return of Master Chief despite not being the biggest Halo stan. When you see how much these characters… these titles mean to people, the audience, their communities, the huge reaction that these announcements get… It’s electric. In gaming, where 95% of the year is spent ranting about bad business practices and nitpicking new releases to death, it’s just nice to have one week of hope… and sarcastic retweets, but you know, mostly hope. But, you know what, as I wandered around the show, blissfully ignorant of the growing conference stank that was building in the hallways, Something did leave me a little bit worried. It actually happened while I was watching the Bethesda conference. Bethesda, where they did a solid job of recreating that apology scene from South Park. Hello. I’m Todd Howard. president and CEO of Bethesda. Fallout 76 is a tragedy that should have never happened We’re sorry :’c We’re sorry

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  1. Google could easily use YouTube earned media to strongarm big game companies into going Stadia-exclusive.

    That's scary.

  2. Matpat: fortnite is going to stay on top
    Minecraft: watch out watch out watch out slaps fortnite and grabs its crown Oh my gawd!
    The crown is in its rightful place

  3. I swear right when i saw Sharax's video (hope i got that sentence correct) i paused and made this comment BECAUSE I FREAKING LIKKKKE YOUR SONGGSSSSSZZZZZZ. Btw im gay

  4. Ay! I played Minecraft as soon as it came out! I didn't play it cause of YT! Dont you dare… insult Minecraft MatPat ????………

  5. I'm sending a email to Susan to tell her to work with google to make the gaming section a special bot so that way it makes sure the content is ok to show on a video but dont show so much requirements of content. In fact why don't we let matpat review the videos

  6. I completely agree with you! Most of the Youtubers I watched have become kid friendly making their videos, in my opinion pretty boring. But I understand that they have to make money some way, Idk maybe just me? 🙁

  7. You don't have to say matpat should give more proof because Minecraft is being resurrected
    He literally said that top games ARE Minecraft and roblox yout be approved if these games for not being graphically violent I don't even understand the comment section sometimes
    I also don't care if anybody has said it as a joke since ALOT of people have been saying this

  8. Well, if you wanna be a YouTube gamer now…

    Too late. The algorithm got ruined. Markiplier and the rest only live on the platform because they already rooted themselves before the algorithm shift.

  9. I fell like walking up to YouTube's door and punching them right in the eye. But they're doing the right thing… and now I feel like punching my self. damn it.

  10. Почему я каждый раз смеюсь как придурок с шуток про безопасность бренда?

  11. Matpat it doesn't mean I don't agree with you I'm just saying developers are stepping up their game a lot of people are stepping up their game Maybe YouTube is stepping up their game meaning that they don't want to be YouTubers that b****meaning that they don't like being stepped on or like oh we you can get away with this you get away with that you could get away with that too YouTube is like different okay I guess I'm saying is Maybe YouTube is saying hey get a real job or we will delete your YouTube channel people in the comment section if you guys don't agree with me so be it

  12. I'm just saying that you're taking this I need to be too far you're this close to having your YouTube channel deleted doesn't matter how popular you are all that I'm just saying is matpat please calm down take a break go outside have some ice cream or something I care about you up being my brother

  13. It will be interesting to see if the games that signed on with Google are "doing better" on YouTube despite the mature content. If that's the case, Google would have the power to choke out indie games who wouldn't be able to compete from a not being on the platform and not getting the videos for promotion.

  14. This whole situation is very bad, obviously, but as someone who's just generally very optimistic, I can see a potential silver lining playing out, where game developers might be forced to be more creative with their games. We'll get less shooters and more intersting gameplay mechanics. Can you name more than 10 popular games that have come out in the last year, that don't have any combat? Art styles could get more intersting, more abstract, rather than AAAs going for brutal realism each time. The higher budget games will be more accessible to more people. If this trend continues, we could see something like this happening. More Nintendo, more innovation and more accessibilty.

  15. No one notice MatPat saying that the number of view for fortnight on Youtube (594 mil) compared to Twitch (183 mil) is "like" 5 times the number? It's about 3 times the number, it really bothered me for some reason. I guess 5 is a prettier number and sounds better, but it makes it sound way more than it is.

  16. 75% through video, maybe you should talk about how the viewers get to pay the content makers? Becoming a member of whatever on YouTube? Twitch it's a sub fee I think. Ok thanks. Cool vids (like you don't already know).

  17. Actually a youtuber I watched said that youtube follows a hell load of trends. For example pewdiepie started playing Minecraft then more people started following suit. After that YouTube starts monetising those video game trends. That is why I shall say that youtube is biased to trends by high subscribed based channels

  18. Your point is valid but TV had a very similar faze, Which ended and allowed for more "edgy" content to be widely viewed, As companies realized that the stuff they chose to buy ad space on wasn't effecting their sales when small companies became huge for buying out the cheap ad space on the edgier channels, And the same will probably apply on a format MUCH larger then TV now, You just got to wait it out.

  19. Matpat says YouTube is ruining games…
    Me- nah it's the fact that I have to have internet in order to play a single player game because gaming consoles want to push online gaming onto unwilling people.
    Also: Matpat the fact that it takes you 5 minutes and 30 seconds to get to the point makes me want to fast-forward past the bloated intro. I like you so you don't have to spend five minutes trying to get me interested, just tell a sister what's up.

  20. “Fortnite is gonna be untouchable for the next foreseeable future.”

    Pewds: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

  21. I don't think any games are going to get affected negatively. Some will get affected positivity but none in my opinion negatively

  22. I wanna get into YouTube but guess what I’m not hugely into fortnite but because of that I have no confidence in my chances since all people wanna see is fortnite and that’s all YouTube cafes about and not to mention the CEO literally have no clue what she’s doing like seriously it was fine the way it was before , I’d like to do Minecraft , doom , god of war and
    If I did have a channel I’d buy a whole variety of games but cause YouTube I’m pretty limited to what I’d play if YouTube ever turns themselves in the right direction I’d reconsider and give YouTube a shot cause before I felt I could do it cause I’m crazy , I’m stupid and I rage pretty much what people look for in a gamer someone who isn’t putting on some charade to bide by YouTubes algorithm someone being themselves cause if I was a YouTuber I wouldn’t care about what I play , I’d just try making people laugh by being my stupid crazy self

  23. If you stream stadia on youtube gaming you can be a content creator like on twitch and the videos will be on youtube. I think that's the monetization loop they're going for. Not on youtube but through youtube gaming.

  24. Honestly this wasn't a surprise for me since it is decently common for Companies to destroy themselves from the inside out by messing up. Youtube was just another part of the endless cycle of companies starting out good, getting known to the general public, making catastrophic decisions and then melting the trust the public has on it. EA has had it occur for like years now, Pokemon is recently experiencing it with some rather controversial plans for Sword and Shield and for Youtube it was going to happen eventually.

  25. So all we have to do to get games to stop being overpriced is not watch them on YouTube? Why didn't you say that a decade or two ago?!

  26. Im disappointed in you mattpatt. the reason for this sudden demonitzation spree is obvious by the end of the video. It's to artificially destroy an industry platform and force a migration to stadia and its draconian policies.

  27. maybe games should do what rwby by rooster teeth does, when ruby slices the head off a grim it just turns to dust like it was thanos snapped, there is red but it is very clearly not blood, I'd still play a game that did that, even if it was supposed to be a gorier game like call of duty, not that I play cod..

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