Game Spotlight: ∞ Infinite Loop | Android & iOS

September 6, 2019

Ahoi everyone
Econael here I want to show you a little mobile game called
Infinite Loop. It’s a puzzle game without any frills.
No stars or achievements, just puzzles and I like it that way, since in my opinion these
things often serve as a surrogate incentive to play, rather
than the gameplay itself. Not so with infinite loop. I genuinely like
solving these puzzles. I’d put the game in the “podcast game” category,
which is not a real category, but podcast games are games which you can play while listening
to podcasts, because they don’t engage the language part
of your brain. As you see inifnite loop is purely visual
and the visuals are indeed quite nice and elegant. The game is free, there are no ads and it
doesn’t demand any weird permissions either so there’s really no reason not to try it.
Hey, you might like it! The app’s name is the infinity symbol, but
you can find it under “infinite loop” in the play store, there are multiple games with
that name, this is the one made by Balys Valentukevicius,
but don’t worry, you’ll find the link in the description. So thanks for watching, and keep playing 🙂

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