Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)
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Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Tease: Crypts of Winterfell (HBO)

August 26, 2019

You have to protect him.
CATELYN STARK:All this horror
that has come to my family,
it’s all because I couldn’t love
a motherless child.
NED STARK:You are a Stark.You might not have my name,
but you have my blood.

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  1. It means that their writers killed them. Like Bran, they're something else now.
    Will the foreshadowing ever stop?

  2. For all of those who started watching this show now, stop at season 6, that's the real ending of this "amazing" show

  3. The ol' bait and switch. HBO should be ashamed for ever releasing this teaser. It wasn't in the show, it doesn't fit anywhere into the series, it was a tease. Not a tease of the season to come, but a tease of what the season should have been. What a shame.

  4. Hey GoT and HBO… I was hanging out to see this crypt game-changer… all the way to the end… but nothing!
    This was the biggest disappointment of the series. You tease us, then nothing happens.
    Is there an explanation?

  5. Whats the meaning of this trailer ??????.. I've been finished all season 8 but i've seen nothing about this scene until final episode 6 the iron throne.. Where is this scene in the real movie????

  6. I Still do not understand why this Tease when you had clear idea , that ,no such thing is included in the actual movie. This Tease gave hope for most of the people till the last episode of the season and would end with this scene somehow and a very big twist..but nothing. Disappointed ! 🙁

  7. Who is here after Episode 6 and still wondering where is this scene?. I guess they forgot to include it.. I waited till the end to see this, but nothing

  8. they should call them trollers instead of teasers. here after season 8 finale, what a disrespectful joke

  9. Too bad these trailers were better than the ACTUAL rushed season!!!! Congratulations to the exceptional cast & crew & incredible cinematography!!!! Only thing that sucked was the piss poor writing!!!!!!! ?????

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  11. Now we know traitor were just to receive people. What the fuck we got ?‍♂️?‍♂️ I wish I never watched S8 now I can't unsee it.

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  13. So now we can agree on the fact that this trailer was useless ? And leading us in a total wrong way

  14. Woulda made sense to have the night king win in game of thrones and then the prequel would have some meaning because it ruins the fun if both will have the main villain lose so whats the point in a prequel just so we can see the exact thing we saw in ep 3? Oh yea my bad we couldn’t even see anything in ep 3 but seriously even i could write a better season lmao

  15. Stick the women and children down in the crypt with a bunch of dead people sure to become zombies? Idiotic.

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  17. This is an awesome trailer for game of thrones, can't wait for it 🙂 but, now I am feeling hungry and you might be hungry too. You might want to check this video link on how to cook spaghetti.

  18. all three suckers are alive.. i really wished ayra died.. from story point. the "one " who kills the night king must die as well type of shit..
    it would have been more good if ayra killed the night king only to find out jon also died coz his destiny and life force was connected with the night king.. coz jon was indeed a white but he had free will. so no one really connected the dots.. sansa would rule as queen of saven kingdom coz dany and cercei did hideous things in final bettle(* or made some tough call to save all living) jamie dead. tyrion is married to sanse* again. they claimed jon's child is thier's to save him from killed due to born out of incest relation..

  19. loved season 8, love political jon playing dany like a fiddle to protect his true soulmate, sansa stark, and jonsa is finally endgame, love it all

  20. Trailer is heavily focused on the fact that Jon is actually a Targaryen… Actual season: Jon gets made a side-character/he is send to the Night's Watch again for stupid reasons/his true origins doesn't matter at all

  21. This teaser is important. It foreshadows the starks coming together as one and carrying on through old age. It means everything. The starks won the game of thrones

  22. The horror that happened in king's landing was because Sansa couldn't love a motherless child (Daenerys). And she couldn't keep her mouth shut or be nice to Dany.
    People keep saying Sansa was the smartest character in season 8. She didn't know how to fake nice at least? Or at least not be so cold to her? She didn't have to be chipper but dang.

  23. I felt so emotional when Jon passed his real mother's grave. And the line. " you have to protect him Ned" made me cry???

  24. I went from being number 1 superfan to zero interest can't be assed due to the crap writing and shortened storylines in series 7 and 8. Came here just to read comments.

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