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  1. 0:29–0:30, I thought the dragon was going to attack with some armor on him,I was right he wore the most powerful plot armor

  2. I must say this to enlighten people here and all the tv series fans out there

    I mean come on there is no brother sister relationship boundaries no code no rules nothing everybody is sleeping with everybody in this show

    I have never seen such a dufus TVs series with out any logic

    What I meant is dragons seriously and
    Hilarious part is people are watching all the above mentioned crap ???

  3. Btw Richie bich I did not try to draw anybody's attention
    Now wat u did may give u some attention benefits
    If that's wat u r really looking
    Good luck with that.

  4. Why didn't grey worm use his spear throwing skills and throw a spear at cersei? Like bruh is aim is 10/10 :/
    I guEsS iTS fOR sToRY pUrPosES

  5. I think it was stupid that Jaime didn’t tell Cercei that Tyrion helped him escape to be there with her. She should have died knowing he was good.

  6. Game of thrones is the best
    Dont listen suckers from internet, thats looks like real medieval with dragons
    5 episode is very good
    I dont like happy ends
    Jeorje Martin genious

  7. No wonder Rose Leslie (Ygritte) wouldn’t speak to Kit Harington for a few days. I can’t believe Kit said yes to Dumb and Dumber’s script. It goes against everything Jon Snow stood for. If I were Kit, I’d quit as a protest to Dumb and Dumber unless they at least changed my script and if they tried to put a CG Jon Snow face on another actor then I’d file a lawsuit.


  9. absolute garbage ill never watch any of the spin off just like many others unless this season is remade fucking cheapskates had such a huge budget and cheap out in the end

  10. Terrible season 8 … with no winter btw ?
    … you need skills to ruin first 6 masterpieces seasons… im really sad ☹️

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  12. It's kind of ironic that hundreds of thousands of people are complaining about how quickly Daenerys turned evil, while their lack of understanding of this event is simply due to their lack of education in psychology. Please stop forming and spreading opinions on matters which you clearly know nothing about. Go look up "psychotic break" or take an intro psych course. What happened with Dany is actually extremely realistic. It's sad that a great show is being criticized due to the general public's lack of intellect, or at least lack of knowledge in psychology.

  13. Despite that, this is the worst season ever still the 5th Episode is the worst by far. It sounds like the writers and the director were on the milk of the puppy the

    entire season. Let me speak for myself only, I’m a huge fan and I quite grew up with the show, so believe me when I tell you that for a fact that this is the worst season ever,

    it all started with the 7th season it became a roller coaster/chart that been curving in the wrong direction which is down in every aspect since when we
    could quite predict how things would go in GOT, since season 7 we missed the feeling of thriller, being anxious that we use to have because of everything
    became rushed I dunno why you do this to us, it’s not how you should wrap up a lifetime journey in such a way. I’m annoyed and frustrated especially for the
    final season. If we put the season 7 & 8 in comparison with any season from
    1 to 6, any season of six will win easily. Everything falls apart all the
    sudden we no longer familiar with GOT. Now it comes to the Fifth episode of season eight, the plot, writings, and

    directing was really shocking in a bad way. I dunno why spending abt two years to come up with such an outcome. Now it comes

    to the fifth episode which quite leaves us all in disbelieve, I dunno if the
    original writing from the beginning or all the sudden they decided this swerve,
    Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most loved characters that we quite grew up
    with and became kinda inspired by her being a little girl who went through
    great ordeals but she overcome one after another, watching her coming from not
    having anything till having all of this and the way she has it all was the most
    impressive, I know that they kept bringing the Mad King words to her a lot in
    the last couple of seasons and amplifying her worst moments and attitude, I
    know that it will be leading to a breaking point for her but still, it’s shouldn’t be like that, what they made her do to burn innocent people is
    against everything, Dany stands for, and pls don’t tell me she’s gone mad so she
    won’t be able to tell any difference, she gave almost everything when she had
    the choice to walk upon King’s Landing and took what she always wanted because
    she always wanted to be good, Fair & loved ruler, but she didn’t because
    she’s good & fair she decided to let go what she dreamt to have for a long
    time, and after she sacrificed almost all that she has, and saved all of
    Westeros all that she found was being treated like an unloved outcast, let’s face
    the truth everyone around her brought the worse in her, Why couldn’t John Snow
    keep his mouth shut at least until she is done with Cerci. He knows that Sansa
    Hated Her and yet he told her, and of course she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.
    Why Tyrion told Varys? Dany is just hurt so badly after losing all the people that truly unconditionally

    loved her just for being her. She lost all the love which is all that she
    wanted, She lost John Snow who loved dearly. And of course from my point of
    view her truly breaking point is losing Missandei watching her head getting
    chopped off and she couldn’t do anything about it. And yet this wasn’t enough
    for them, she lost all the loyalty she ever had Tyrion has really ruined her
    time after time and every time he says he has done it In good attention! She
    couldn’t trust anyone anymore. She is so hurt and all she found just betrayal,
    no one beside her to comfort her in her darkest moments. She just needs a shoulder to cry on this would never happen if Jorah is
    still a life. Her last attempt was wanting to feel loved by John, but the last
    door has been shut in her face. She’s all alone, hurt badly, outcasted, grieving,
    betrayed, and heartbroken. At the point, she landed her dragon at the wall
    waiting for bells, after hearing the bells she paused and realized that she
    won’t have anything, love, throne or any other she felt that she fought most of her life  for nothing, that she lost
    everything for nothing, so she decided to avenge that, I felt like she saying
    to herself “if I will have nothing you too will have nothing but feeling the
    pain and loss that I feel”. I not justifying what Dany’s did, I just saying
    that everyone else who drove her to this moment is to blame as much she is, if
    this how they want to end her character which is really don’t mind this would
    be the lamest way and does not make any sense actually it would only in one
    case if season 7 & 8 weren’t so rushed and most of the details in the novel
    shall be included by the director that starting to pile up making her losing
    her mind gradually & slowly through the episodes to be able to convince us,
    Season 7 & 8 Shouldn’t be so shortened these 2 seasons should be at least 4,
    all I felt is HBO just want to wrap it up ASAP no matter of what or how, and at
    the cheapest cost. Which harm the entire show. And pls don’t let me go through
    the naive unlogic scenes, and lame writings because I’ll quite take too much
    time. I know that the end will tragic but we use it but the worst thing is
    to have a rushed end which will make us feel it doesn’t make any sense.

    I hope at least to avoid the mistakes in the final episode!

    At last really no thanks to David Benioff and D. B.
    Weiss! No need to curse!! Dracarys!!

  14. What a load of crap s8 ep5 like a dragon would explode them gates it must have explosives in its mouth now they would of never got threw that way seems like they are spoiling lots of plots

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  16. Writers : "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention"

    Audience : Oh my god, they are going to kill our favorite characters.

    Season 8 : Nah,we killed the show itself.

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  18. How LUCKY I am to choose not to watch the series after Season 6, THANK U SOOOOO FXXKING MUCH(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  19. I wish I never watched S8 but now I can't unsee it. Danm these motherf#ckers ruines our favorite show.??‍♂️?‍♂️

  20. Honestly I hoped either Drogon was either gonna be in armor, or go 1998 Godzilla on us. But noooo he just happens to be a really good flyer!

  21. A REMAKE is not necessary! All that is needed is a season 9. In the opening scene it shows Cersei waking up terrified from the i she's just had (i.e. all of season 8). This way, no rewrite/remake is needed.

  22. I think Varys' (Conleth Hill) reaction at the read through says it all.
    What an utterly terrible script and inept writing, it's staggeringly bad.

  23. Fans: Drogon got armored.
    Fans: Dany found more dragons.
    Fans: Rhaegal is alive.

    Actually: Drogon got so much experience points from killing Varys and leveled up to the max.

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