Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)
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Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

August 25, 2019

DAENERYS: When I was a child,
my brother would tell me a bedtime story, about the man
who murdered our father. About all the things we would
do to that man. You never should have
trusted Cersei. You never should have either. ARYA STARK:Death…it’s got many faces, I look
forward to seeing this one.
How long do we have? ♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ TORMUND:Before the sun
comes up tomorrow.

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  1. for those who didn't watch the episode 2 yet here u can find it in FHD :
    thank me later

  2. Do you know these people that were asking these questions? How do you know if they were serious or not?
    I like a kind fellow human that I am thought I would research there questions to see if they did share the same worlds and if there could be a twist that one of the comic book characters could save Westeros and I found out that they are 100% no way connected.
    The only way possible would be if either DC/MARVEL bought the rights to GOT started it again and introduced the characters into Westeros but as season eight has already started I don't think this will happen.
    Have lovely day.

  3. My dream last night:
    Bran: "He wants to erase this world, and I am its memory"
    Me: Just save everything on a hard drive
    Bran: …..
    Me: ……
    Wakes up feeling hella stupid !

  4. Sending the women and children to the crypts is potentially, the most unsafe place for them to be! Imagine the carnage if a headless Ned Stark and the rest of the dead, who are entombed in the crypts, are brought back to life by the Night King!

  5. imagine if the scene with the guy crafting dragon glass with arya was role reversal, this is like fking star wars part duex

  6. I can't think of a show more deserving of its popularity, so well acted, such good writing and visuals as good as any 'feature film'. There is nothing more compelling on screens currently and I find myself bored with just about everything that passes my eyes but I soak in every drop in every second of GOT and I just forget about myself and my life for an hour….Thank you GOT makers for making a show to show the trash makers how it could be done.

  7. Anyone else notice the figure in the background in the scene with Arya and the hound that leaves when Beric sits? Not sure if it was just random but I took a screenshot in case it might be something more. Check it out if your interested

  8. This was a really-really awsome part full of with heart-warming, goosebumping scenes! I take the risk that it is in the top episodes of GoT! Ty for the good job! GZ!

  9. At the end of episode 2.

    Tyrion: I could have picked a better spot. What's happening out there?

    Jon: Shall i describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?

  10. Brienne: I never thought I'd die side by side with a wilding…

    Tormund: What about dying side by side with a friend? ?

    No one: …

  11. I'm trying to imagine a war council with the Night King and his White Walker Lieutenants…

    Night King and White Walkers stand at a stable

    Night King: silence

    White Walker Lieutenant 1: silence

    White Walker Lieutenant 2: silence

    Night King: nods head

    Reanimated Viserion: roars

    The Army of the Dead subsequently prepares to swamp Winterfell with a fully thought out battle plan and meticulous military maneuvers…everyone in the Army of the Dead knows exactly what to do

  12. Here's my question:
    When the soldiers die can't the nights king just turn them into nightwalkers?

    He'll end up taking some/most of the army away from them.

  13. What if john snow isn't aegon Targaryen, what if Catelyn Stark gave him to craster and replaced him with another baby and the baby that the white walkers have is aegon targaryen. And of course craster being craster gave the boy to the white walkers.

  14. Can somebody please give a help here…I've read through the comments but I've found nothing and still lost…when did Sansa became the Queen in North and started calling the shots sidelining Jon (who, until I last remember, was still the "King")?
    What's happening? I'm nore than a little confused

  15. Stopped watching this show years ago when it started to turn into the next feminist Grls Rulz blumpfblumf thing.

  16. Quick question: Am I the only/one of the few that never really liked Daenerys? She comes across to me as very spoilt and naïve. She also seam to live in the past so to speak, hold acts of people against them from when she wasn't even born and through the view of her mental unstable brother. I mean by these beliefs the starks could hold her responsible for their uncle and grandfathers deaths. Also the constant thought that she is a good ruler, she comes across as arrogant and unstable and the people that follow her think she can do no wrong, I mean after how some of them were treated any tiny scrap of kindness would be considered a miracle.

  17. I watched this battle twice. The tension before, especially when Podrick sings that song….I couldn't take it, man. Lovers saying goodbye, former foes sharing friendship because death is coming. Hands down my favourite two episodes.

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