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Game of Thrones Android Review – Androidizen

October 2, 2019

Hi everyone. So today we’re
taking a look at Game of Thrones the episodic game. Released just the other
day on Android, this provides Telltale’s full
experience of the Game of Thrones series but told from a
different point of view that of the Foresters. You’ll meet all of the characters you’ve come to know
from the series but spun through a new story taking from the
books but not shown within the TV series. The Foresters, a noble family from the north of Westeros and loyal to the Starks of Winterfell get caught up in the events involving
the war of the five kings. They’re thrown into the bloody warfare revenge and intrigue from the TV series, but it allows you to
pick the outcomes, to choose the dialogue that your character you’re controlling at that time is
going to respond with and thus creating the strands that will
run throughout your play through. The game is
delivered in Telltale’s classic style which means
it’s a point and click adventure game which is told in episodic content. The
first episode is £3.99 and you can then purchase the
additional episodes as you complete them or buy them all in a
bundle and save a few quid. It should be noted that Game of Thrones The Game is very much a high end title. Whilst they have reduced the graphic fidelity from the PC
and Mac release this is still a title that won’t work
particularly well on older devices. It does need a 1.2GHz CPU and above and there are a few devices
there that it’s not really compatible with. Now as I say, they have downgraded the
graphics somewhat from the full release but that doesn’t change the actual core gameplay that’s here, purely the graphical styling. Essentially the textures are a little bit lower resolution and the lighting model
is not as complex but all of the point-and-click
interactivity in the story is all there complete. Even with the lower
resolution textures Game of Thrones does look fantastic on Android. Playing this on the Nvidia Shield we found no frame rate hitches or problems whatsoever. The game runs beautifully smoothly at 60 frames a
second. The point and click aspect of this game works very well and it makes for a game
that is very much story-driven. This is not a high action title by any stretch of the
imagination, more a kick back, relax and you’ll play through this
wonderful story they’ve crafted for us. I won’t spoil the plot too much but to
really set the scene things pick-up just after the death of Ned Stark when everything in the north is going to
hell. Your family gets caught in the middle of the unfolding
events and through the decisions you take are put on a collision course with
some of the other houses within the Game of Thrones world. It all hangs together very
well and it feels like Game of Thrones, right
down to the swearing and the violence that is most definitely
here in spades. The game is riffing heavily off the TV series but never shies away from what makes the
TV series so popular, that brutality and rawness of
the world and the events that take place. Nothing is sugar-coated here. It really is a playable version of Game of Thrones
with a new story for us to get our teeth into. All-in-all, whilst Game of Thrones is one of the more expensive games that you can pick up on the mobile platforms it is by far one of the most engaging. If
you’re a fan of Game of Thrones you need to play this game just to get a fix of a new bit of story while we’re waiting
for the new series to start. If you’re a fan of point and click adventure
games then again there’s a lot here to really enjoy. The gameplay, the graphics, it all works beautifully well,
weave together into a story that really is compelling. Well worth
picking-up for your Android device this Christmas. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget you can pledge $1 a month on Patreon to help support the Androidizen keeping us 100% independent, an honest opinion direct from the UK. If you pledge $1 a month you’ll
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  1. so that 3:99 'pounds' is only the episode one, and the "main menu thing" where you can then buy those other 5 episodes later? ————–> so that 3.99 is only the Episode One?

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  3. Loved this game but u only get first episode one for free just enough to get u totally hooked on it, then u must pay for each additional episodes

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