GAME MASTER PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER (CWC Project Zorgo Reveal, Mystery Spy Gadget)
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GAME MASTER PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER (CWC Project Zorgo Reveal, Mystery Spy Gadget)

August 23, 2019

you saw in the last vlog that the Game Master had a new challenge and that challenge was the Pancake Art Challenge oh no but I love pancakes
you never done the Pancake Art challenge? no okay Sharers smash the like
button for Grace’s her first time on so Grace it’s simple the rules are there
are no rules the Game Master has some special pancake art that we’re going to
be drawing and the winner of this challenge is wait what actually happens
if you win I think the winner is supposedly be able to see the game
master that’s right sure is whoever wins this pancake art challenge is going to
get to meet the game master in real life but of course it’s up to you to
come who you think the winner is so great up is that camera so long yeah red
lights still going it’s recording so sharers we know the Project Zorgo is watching so
the clues have got to be somewhere maybe they’re in the clothes pile yeah yeah
come on Sharers I searched low look through all the clothes grace what Oh
clue number one okay sure we found their first clue is that I have to draw a spy
gadget binoculars yeah okay so round one is going to be whoever you draw these
spy gadget binoculars the best because this isn’t a three marker challenge um you can
pick as many okay good shake it good and then we got it it’s gonna work cuz I’ll blend in with the trees and the
grass looking good and then for the ones is know what I’m gonna copy that picture
exactly I’m gonna do orange lens is orange for the lens I got that black
outline you have it add some more color today do some red red Avenue some like
rigid handles on this one so like maybe a little bit right here
right red red I need to add some more color to this one here this is gonna be
I think this pink is gonna turn out good but great it’s all in the flip the foot
could make it or break it uh-oh so get ready for this it’s all
about the flipster it’s all about the fire is really tough line looks really
good right now I think it’s almost ready to split I feel that
a little bit more than anything Chris you gotta have it all filled in all
about the flip share it’s all about stuff boy did you try to flip him it
will say Freddy’s demon don’t break it you gotta flip it very carefully quick
because mine’s almost ready to put – okay ready
300 you’re gonna break it great – what I love it
you gotta save it you might raise my stability because it’s all about what
turns out on the plate okay so what that’s like cook a little bit and steal
my plate matures it up to you to vote okay doctor pancake is gonna fix this
real quick out a little more blacken right there I don’t know what happened okay put on a plate Gary’s in on the
deal okay put mine on a plate down here so you can’t see it quite yet okay sure
is Gracie looks pretty good even though it kind of
got a little messed up my cooking it’s almost done
remember it’s up to you to boat smooth is the best great to eat it you can
booze oh wait you’re right I don’t know let’s see Oh with three all in one piece okay kind of put on
paper plate three to one flip it okay play grace Jews ready
okay sure this time for the final reveal of round number one to spy gadget
binoculars okay you ready ready ready what’s their
phony begin in three two okay let’s try that one more time voting begins in
three two one oh yeah oh yeah okay that was proud number one grace now
it’s time for round number two ready one two zero grace you guys step it up okay
what is round number two look in the merge step okay sir okay sir
check the blue okay it’s got to be something
check this out grace here at Cheers here it is round number two in three two one yeah okay game master mask is what we
got a draw okay I think we’re pretty good three
marker challenge so we should be pretty good yeah okay round number two let’s do
it okay don’t start you guys sprayed the pan spray it three two one give it a
little spray pancakes stick and spray my pants okay now we are officially ready
begin shake your pegs like a triangle hi there I dare big-nose calling this
okay I need the mouth of the mouth is actually just like a small little mouth
like that and then he’s got a mouth I’m into you mustache I’m gonna do the math
test in purple mustache here we go they are running out of space
YAG reduces weight to make sure that I might win this again when do pink eye
okay I’m gonna do red eyes oh it’s gonna be pink mine are going to be red red
eyes right here like that I got the notes you’ve got the
purple mustache he needs the rest chief to definitely needs the red sheet right
there so many with blue blue yes blue yeah blues such a cool color okay
yes this one looks good still in line with blue all right project zorgo or game master
masks we are getting filled in let’s do this this like the most colorful game
after you’ll ever seen oh yeah lot of color hey masters are not
only this colorful but mine is maybe it’s a good game master do the same
player marker challenge no for the three marker challenge I kept getting brown
like every round yeah so much better okay turning my feet up I’m ready to
cook this pancake and get it Flint oh yeah cream left great is this huge on
my hop go there litter here racist pancake it’s a little bit
big I hope is gonna turn out you’re having a great here out of green fill it
all in I think you filled it all in grace you
better hope that Flint I think that’s great to me okay guys I think mom’s
ready to put to the paper plate let’s do this shares okay get ready to flip this
thing finish yours cheering I think I want this round it looks so good
here use this spatula to just in case hang on
don’t put that yet Gracie ran something way bigger you’re gonna need one of
these spatulas there try this one grace this might actually work
you need the world’s biggest matchup for the world biggest pancake art yeah okay
okay play great it’s time for the plate reveal my name is your plate
okay I can see you’re gonna fit on a plate careful guys don’t ruin it don’t
ruin it careful careful careful careful the words breaks ready in three two on
the budding start now here we go colorful makes it turned out really good
oh my gosh okay and this is everything so to rates look at your not great
expression for how big it was okay round round number three what is it we gotta
look for it’s a great look for okay sir super truck my gosh it looks like let’s
see let’s see let’s see search below what what is that what is that is that
that spy way yeah chairs check this out it’s this spy
wagon that we had when we were up in Big Bear visiting Rebecca’s omalo
yeah what does this have to do with anything I don’t know that’s weird
what mystery clue is this oh no with their coat on there you’re right SSG
Stevens even in grade six five one two chairs check that out on the license
plate Steven and Grayson six five one two
maybe that means something I don’t know down below so we can’t remember that
okay we’re going and this is the last and final round let’s get this drawn
made into a pancake and then we’ll figure out where to go from there
yeah okay stick this thing up here okay and let’s get rolling three two one go
you gotta spray the brush right okay we’re good here we go three
two one let it pour okay so this five wagons menu looks like a box okay okay a
box let’s do a box like kind of like a big box and then I’m gonna go like this
mine’s getting big and then I’m gonna do will park here and another wheel arch
here in the box like that okay that’s the outline of this pie wagon now I’m
gonna do like the spotlight is so easy to draw a square handle there okay
two windows door handle I got an extra couple dots because they kind of spill a
little bit and then I’m gonna do some wheels tires the wheels I’m gonna do
black I’m gonna do my wheels in purple shakers
am I really gonna be big well it worked through us and then we have the world’s
biggest spatula okay oh dear here we go blue is going right
now spilling the blue and I think the windows are going to need to be yellow
reflective yellow for the windows I’m on my last step grace I’m gonna fill mine
in with yellow windows here we go going in almost done with this chairs this
might actually turn out really good it’s a very colourful spot reveal but I think
it’s just the right amount oh yes you’re done yeah mom looks good from this side
so ah what grace what just happened what just happened
can you see me oh my gosh me Playboy shares this is crazy I don’t know what
happened oh no why the lights went out but grace look look
that fidget spinners glowing glowing look at this it’s glowing like the
brightest color I’ve ever seen what does this mean I don’t know what is happening
the camera is still blinking red wait if there’s no electricity how is that
camera still blinking what’s going on no what do we do and look it’s glowing
right over top of the gamemaster mask yeah from the three marker challenge the
camera stolen everything what does this mean Patrol the woman edit are we
running how do we finish it there’s no long yeah
okay Thank You gamemaster wait wait you’re burning quick to sit
there done quickly we gotta put some lip up it was a trick that game master play
tricks on us we got a plan – things done it’s almost cracking I
don’t know what’s happening trip – I think mine’s done it’s ready to twist
okay doing your technique of scraping the bottom okay – be done but mine’s
done 100 you must believe that tricking like drive it out quick mine is very
delicate ready flip it three two okay
right here someone on the plate for the final reveal hey let’s do this great come on get on the plate stays safely
safely okay ready find a reveal and three two one go let
the voting begin Oh the nose is falling off there we gonna
share is there we go I don’t know what mine looks like
oh oh oh boy okay back with the plate keep voting Mike new looks more like a
pond monster like here’s the mouth then the spy wagon yeah and shares looks like
you’re like in mine oh I won that round oh yes yours I mean I got two points and
grace got one point so uh yeah now what’s next
wait wait mom Oh note goes it’s our next clue I don’t know what to say what to
say wait I say what’s it say let’s see challenge to complete okay good luck
it’s scaping challenge number three what what does that mean
wait escaping challenge number three what’s challenge number three hey that
makes no sense oh great it’s locked it’s what you
trapped us in here came up four chopped up pictures we’re trapped in you’re
going to figure our way out yeah down below any clues that you have for us so
we can get out of here

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  1. Stephen my cousin and I are huge fans so we would like to spend the holiday at your house tomorrow and carter and lizzy and grace have to be there see you tomorrow πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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