GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL after Battle Royale in Real Life (Learn how to use Lightsaber with new mask)
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GAME MASTER FACE REVEAL after Battle Royale in Real Life (Learn how to use Lightsaber with new mask)

August 23, 2019

– Hey ZamFam! It’s Rebecca and Matt, and
today is a very big day because I got a message
from the Game Master and today the Game Master
is going to be doing a face reveal with his new mask. – [Daniel] What? He has a new mask? – Yeah, it’s a full face reveal. – I’m so excited. You guys remember that
the Game Master’s mask was destroyed in a battle royale
against the Red Hood at E2. – [Daniel] Yeah, he saved
you guys but he’s missing. – Yeah, until now. I got a message on my Apple Watch, which I have not used my
Apple Watch in a long time, and he said that he would
be coming here today after our May 4th Ninja training. But I don’t exactly know what
May 4th Ninja training is, like is it something to do with the day? – The only thing I can think of is that it’s National Star Wars Day. Like, May the Fourth be with you? – [Daniel] Oh, wait! That makes so much more sense! – Wait, why does it make sense? – Because you guys have
a mystery box outside, with light sabers in it. – Wait, how do you know we
have light sabers if it, it was a package to us? – You opened it?
– Yeah, I opened it. Daniel! – I mean–
Again? – I’m protecting you guys,
when I open the stuff because you don’t know what’s in it so I’m just like going
through and making sure that everything’s okay
before you guys see it. – Okay, well let’s get it. – Okay. – I’m scared. Daniel, did you try to hack our box? – [Daniel] A little, I mean I just wanted to tape it back up. – I mean, you used duct tape, we obviously would have known that someone
went in our mystery box. – Yeah, you totally unboxed this. – [Daniel] Well I wanted
to get shipping tape but remember, I froze the Amazon account so I just had to use what we had. – That’s why we couldn’t
get your giveaway prizes on Amazon, we had to actually
go in person in disguise. – [Matt] Sorry guys. – Okay, so. – Little by little, you know? – Look, Game Master paper. – [Matt] May the Fourth be with you. – Yeah, it looks like spy
gadgets or ninja gadgets? Whoa. What is this? – [Daniel] Yeah, those are light sabers. From Star Wars! – Okay, well the Game Master
says we have to do training. – When is the Game Master coming? – He didn’t say when he was coming today, but you know what, Q’s supposed to be meeting us with the iPad. – Oh yeah! – And he wants to join the
game, yeah, the Quadrant, Q. – [Daniel] Yeah, I
don’t think I trust him. – You’re gonna have to
learn how to trust, Daniel. – [Daniel] Alright. – Yeah, he can train us
with these light sabers. – [Daniel] What? – I think he’s here. – There’s Q, and he has the iPad! He promised he’d bring
– Oh, he does have the iPad. your guys’ giveaway.
– See, Daniel? – [Daniel] All right. – You can trust him. – [Daniel] Okay. – Hey, Q. – Matt, get him a light saber. – Yeah, that’s our training today. – [Daniel] Whoa! – ZamFam, we have the
iPad back, which means we now have all the
giveaway prizes for you guys for the Matt and Rebecca channel. So we’re gonna put this over to the side, and we’ll let you guys know how to win it. – Yeah, where’s the Game Master? I thought he was gonna be here by now. – Okay, well he didn’t
exactly when he’s gonna be so maybe we just need to
start training ourselves and then maybe he’ll show up. – Do you know how to use one of these? – I mean I never have, have you? – I mean, as a kid, that was it. Okay. – Okay, well. – [Daniel] He doesn’t seem like he knows what he’s doin’ over there. – Let’s just make this up as we go. – We’ve had experience ninja training, so this can’t be that hard. – No, it’s a light saber. So the first thing you need to do for ninja light saber training, is learn how to extend your light saber. You ready? It goes just like this. Three, two, one. Yep, Rebecca’s got it. – [Matt] What? – Okay, he’s catching on, that’s okay, that’s why we’re training, we have to get better. – We knew it wasn’t gonna be perfect. – So wait, I forgot to shout out you guys in the ZamFam that have our merch, so shouting you guys out right here and also, this is the
new color for the shirts, I love it so much. – [Matt] It like a hot pink. – So, yeah. Check it out, and this
is the one with glitter and it’s got puff. Okay, back to training. The next thing you wanna do is, you wanna like battle back and forth. So here, I’ll show you with Matt. We like, hit like this. Here, and you make an X. – [Both] X. X. X! This is Star Wars training! – It could be like, look at this. Quadrant! But we’re not Quadrant, – No, we’re Game Master. All right, Q, it’s your turn. ZamFam, smash the thumbs
up button right now if you think Q should join
the Game Master network and let me know if you think he’s gonna be a good ninja. – Let’s do it. – You gotta hold it longer. – Oh, your glove slipped? Okay maybe Matt, you try with him. – Okay. – Don’t worry, you just
have to grip it hard, Q. – [Daniel] Oh. – Oh, I wasn’t even going hard. – Was it raining? – Yeah, I didn’t even
see one drop of rain. – Next thing for ninja
training would be, what? – Wall jumps. – Wall jumps, yeah. – Just in case like, you’re
in a big battle royale you need to know how to defend yourself to defeat the other person. Sometimes the best
offense is a good defense. – It’s like when we had ninja training with my friends at the gym, remember? They went and flipped off of walls, and well, we didn’t
exactly learn that trick, we learned the tornado kick, but it can’t be that right, hard? – Yeah, anybody could do this.
– Exactly. – Okay, Matt, why don’t you try. – Okay, watch out. I’m gonna use that wall right there. – [Rebecca] Okay. – You basically go up and
you do a backflip, right? – Yeah, so this is like a
how-to tutorial for a backflip. – Here we go, battling. – Battle, battle, battle. – Come at me a little bit faster, and I escape and I do a jump back. – [Rebecca] Matt? – That was, bad. – [Both] Battle, battle, battle, battle. – Parkour! – [Daniel] This is just bad. I don’t think you’re
teaching him anything. – I feel like we’re teaching some stuff. – [Daniel] I mean, are you
learning anything right now, Q? – Okay, but this is with the light sabers, not barrel rolls. – Yeah. – You can’t do barrel
rolls with a light saber. – [Daniel] No, no, it’s
just not looking good, guys. – Okay, well what do we do? – [Daniel] Maybe I can give it a shot. – You? – [Daniel] I can try. – You wanna train us? – [Daniel] Yeah. – Have you ever used one of these? – [Daniel] Once, once before. – [Matt] Okay. We have an extra one. – Whoa, Daniel!
– It’s red! – Whoa. – [Daniel] It’s pretty cool. – Isn’t that the same
color as the dark side? – [Daniel] Yeah, this
is the Darth Vader one. – Got it, okay.
– Pretty cool. Daniel, you can stop pointing that at us, you’re making me nervous. – [Daniel] No no no, no need. – Be safe! All right, don’t hurt Daniel, Q! – [Rebecca] Daniel! What? – [Daniel] Come on, Matt. – [Rebecca] Matt! What? Daniel, daniel! Look, drone! – What if we pretend
that we’re doing a battle and you can even win? – [Daniel] Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. – Right? So then when the drone sees us, it looks like he’s fighting against us. – [Daniel] Right, right, right. – It’ll be like a battle
royale in real life! – [Rebecca] Ah! Ah! – [Daniel] Oh, it’s going
away, it’s going away. Go now, it’s going away. – Yeah, the Red Hood is really after us, I mean there’s drones in the sky, following and spying on us. – Maybe she’s still after the Game Master after he’s gonna like, reveal his mask. – [Daniel] Oh, right. – I mean, it’s not safe on the roof. – [Daniel] Yeah, we need a safer spot. – Yeah, the only person
that’s qualified to train you is actually, I think Daniel.
– Yeah. – What? No, that’s like a trap. – [Daniel] Yeah, that doesn’t seem safe. – And also, Daniel, it’s
underground, remember? Rebecca wasn’t there, but you
and I went down there with Q. – [Daniel] That’s true. – There’s no drones down there. – [Daniel] Right. – I wanna learn training
too, and the Game Master said he’d come once we’re done training, so maybe the Game Master will
do the face reveal down there. – Do you think he’ll
know to get down there? – [Daniel] I have no idea. – I don’t know, but we can’t stay here, we need to finish this challenge. Thumbs up this video right now if you think the meeting
place will be safe, or if you think it’s a trap, comment it might be a trap. – Also, I hope it’s the
real Game Master too. – [Daniel] Okay, we’re clear. – Okay. How much farther is it? – I don’t know, you
guys, do you trust him? – Let us know in the
comment section down below. If we’re going to train down here, we probably should set up like
another slow motion camera. I can use my phone but I don’t have a tripod or anything.
– So we can learn? Yeah. – [Daniel] Oh, I have one. – You do? – [Daniel] Yeah, boom. – What? – Where did that come from? – [Daniel] My hoodie. – It was in your hood? – [Daniel] It was in my hood. – [Matt] All right. – Okay. – I think we made really good progress. – Quadrant! – What? – [Rebecca] What’s he doing? What’s in his hand? – [Matt] It’s a quadrant member! – Did you do this? Did you give out our location? – Okay, well now we have
to use our ninja skills and these light sabers in real life. – Okay, Matt, give me back the
camera, I think you’re ready. – [Rebecca] Okay, Matt, come on! Okay, ZamFam. So smash the thumbs up button right now and help us defeat this quadrant member. Who’s going first you guys? – Okay. – [Rebecca] Come on, Daniel! Come on Matt! Let’s get out of here! – [Matt] Come on, let’s go! – Look, he’s coming! Daniel! – Go, go, go, go! – Wait, that sounds like
the Game Master’s voice. – [Matt] Is that the Game Master? – Yes, and this is my new mask. – That’s his new mask, ZamFam! It looks like a bunch of puzzle pieces. Get it, because he’s the Game Master. – [Daniel] Oh, yeah. – Clearly, you need more training. – Trust me, it is. – I’ve left something
for you at your apartment so you can start from scratch. – Okay, well how do we know what to do? – Everything you need you’ll find inside. – Wait, wait, wait, don’t go! He left! The Game Master left. ZamFam can you believe
that that is his new mask? – That’s the face reveal. – I know. I can’t believe he actually
showed us his real mask. Okay, well he said everything we need is back at our place, so I think we need to get back there and start our training, right Daniel? – [Daniel] Right. Let’s get back there now. – Yeah and Q gets to do it too, the Game Master said, Daniel. – [Daniel] I don’t know
if I trust that, but sure. Let’s all go. – Okay, let’s get back. Okay ZamFam so make
sure you are subscribed and have notifications on. Shout out to you guys who made it to the end of my last video, if you want a shout out for my next video, all I want you to comment is I can’t believe the Game
Master showed his new mask in the comment section. Make sure to check out the
video that is right here, we’re gonna go find out
how we start this training.

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  1. You shouldn't have Showed YouTube the game Masters new mask because now the red hood Can watch This video

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