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Game Critics (Part 2)

August 24, 2019

– [Dunk] Last time I talked about game critics, they had an embarrassing meltdown on Twitter. Then they plagiarized this guy’s review and described how Star Wars makes you feel like a Jedi. But with this video, I’m shifting my focus to the stupidest and least consistent voice in the gaming community… The Gaming Community. Gamers look at this article and go: “No, this is boring.” Now “Streamer throws cat”: “This is what interests me.” Gamers will sit there and complain about Ubisoft and EA and Activision, to their dying breath, and yet, what are the top selling games every year? Ubisoft, EA, Activision. There were gamers out there defending Metal Gear Survive because we, as a species, are doomed to fail. But before we go any further, we need to go back. All the way back. (Phone Dialing SFX) Back in medieval times, when the internet first came out, people reveled in their newfound anonymity to discuss video games, like this: – [Will Forte] “Fuck you!”
(Tim and Eric Nite Live! – Episode 5) – [Eric] “It wasn’t even fucking fun!” – [Eric] “Put that down!”
– [Tim] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Eric] “Get the fuck outta here!” – [Dunk] In the modern age, however, we have evolved to a higher form of discussion. Now when gamers disagree with someone they simply refer to the standard template of going: The veil of usernames allows people to make a complete ass of themselves, with zero accountability. Which is why there is such a big disconnect between internet noise and real life. Remember when I reviewed Octopath Traveler? Ooh! Those people were pissed. They wanted blood. They were out here saying: “Dunkey lied about a snail.” “Dunkey is a racist for not liking Octopath Traveler.” This Outrage, of course, brought up the masterpiece video called: “Dunkey is a Bad Critic.” – [Animal Jayson] “This is where a lack of understanding of game design and history” “hurts Dunkey as a critic the most.” “Dunkey doesn’t seem to understand any of this.” “There are plenty of comedy reviewers on YouTube who make more legitimate reviews than this.” “Also, funnier reviews than this.” “Dunkey does not understand game design” “and has not tried to.” “You were… just lying.” “That’s it.” “You lied!” “Admit it!” – [Dunk] If you can’t tell, this kid is probably 15. So, please don’t go and leave him a bunch of mean comments. Clearly, he’s just a big fan of Octopath Traveler, which is why he made two 20-minute videos about how bad my review was. – [Animal Jayson] “I haven’t played Octopath Traveler and I don’t really plan to.” “It doesn’t seem like my kind of game.” “Again, I’ve… have not played Octopath Traveler.” “Again, I… haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” “And, like I said, I haven’t played Octopath Traveler.” – [Dunk] Ultimately, the backlash to my video could be summed up in one comment: “Dunkey, why are you reviewing something you seem not to like at all?” (Laughs) Anime, my boy, I’ll tell you why, because you can’t only review games you enjoy. You need a contrast to differentiate good from bad. Sometimes, when you take a chance on a game you might not like, you end up finding something really unique and special. Other times you end up with a Furby going: – [Bana] “Meh-meh-meh!”
(Xenoblade Chronicles 2) – [Dunk] If you truly want people to stop criticizing video games, then you might as well hand the entire industry over to EA right now. As goofy as this comment is, a lot of people seem to be onboard with this logic, which is why IGN gives nearly every mayor release a 9 or higher. I mean, literally, every… video game released. – [Dan Stapleton, IGN] “Performance on consoles is sometimes dissapointing”
(Fallout 4 Review) “with frecuent frame rate slowdowns and hitches in areas that run smoothly on the PC.” “On all platforms we saw occasional crashes,” “and every so often there’s a quest that won’t properly begin or end due to scripting bugs.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Jonathon Dornbush, IGN] “The storytelling within them feels as simplistic and predictable as ever.”
(Kingdom Hearts III Review) “There’s nothing all that challenging about it.” “It didn’t really surprise me, though.” “There’s definitely a bit of sluggishness to be overall pacing too.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Brandin Tyrrel, IGN] “The immersion is occasionally broken by draw distance,”
(Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Review) “textures that sometimes arrive late to the party,” “or getting terminally stuck on geometry.” “Or maybe a lootable item will become unreachable” “or your tame beast becomes untamed when you die and reload.” (Bears roars) “The bugs are annoying, sure.” “At the same time, it’s padded out with meaningless errands” “that make getting to those strong character moments” “a painstaking gauntlet.” – [Rich George, IGN] “It has a little something for everyone.” – [Dunk] But, ooh! On that off day, where that fucking troublemaker Dirt dingus gives Days Gone a 6 out of 10. That is where they go too far. “Fuck IGN!” “This is why I never come here for reviews.” (- Guy who was on IGN right now for reviews.) “Clearly,” “this lady should be fired.” Now let’s watch the review… – [Lucy O’Brien, IGN] “Days Gone kicks off relatively simply:” “you play as a biker riding through an op-”
(Dunkey clicks ahead) – [O’Brien] “…somewhere-”
– [Dunk] Yeah. See- See what she did wrong? – [Dunk] She gave Days Gone a 6.5- I- I mean, this is the guys who did Bubsy 3D. Do you really think those guys are gonna drop the ball? And it has zombies and open-world? Hello? Now, how come I can talk shit on every game and IGN can’t talk shit on any game? Well, isn’t it obvious? It’s because… IGN is nitpicking and biased. I win! Bye-bye! Shut the website off. [OUTRO]
♪ “GT Mode 3” – Gran Turismo 4 OST ♪

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  1. “Now how come I can talk shit on every game, but IGN can’t talk shit on any game? Well isn’t it obvious?
    It’s because..

    I’m the President of the United States of America

  2. WOOOOOW that's a lot of comments ':D You opened a big can of worms there Dunkey! I think I get the sarcasm in your videos though I think and I really appreciate that you aren't scared to say when you dislike something no matter if the production is huge and incredible.

  3. People: WhY aRE YoU ReVewInG A GaME YoU dON'T LIKE!
    IGN: Gives every game a 9
    People: WhY Do YOu GiVE EvErYGAme A 9?!

  4. This game consistently crashes, quests are dull, textures render incorrectly, pets often disappear without warning, save files become corrupt, multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired, open areas feel empty.

    Has a little something for everyone, Overall score: 9.5

  5. When the memes from the video prevent actual discussion in the comments section XD

    I don't necessarily agree with that guy's point but under some circumstances it is valid.

    —NiTpiCKinG aNd biAseD I wIN —beY bAe

  6. Dunkey's Channel is nothing original, very repetitive jokes, and he's nick picky and bias. He has a little something for everyone 9.8/10

  7. The internet has no checks and balances at all except du key. Thank you du key, you are the only real human on the internet I give you a 10 out of 5

  8. I know you love making people happy but Dunkey, ya gotta ignore the haters and the vocal minority. We love you man, and we know you love us. Keep on doing you

  9. I love your watching Dunkey shit on games I love. People are so serious lol. FuckingggggGGggGG ChiLLLlLlLLlLlLLLLLLLL.

  10. Ahh yes, the classic " you need to have speshul nawlige to review things"

    That's why film criticism as a professional no longer exists- they were arrogant and out of touch

  11. Mass Effect Andromeda is pretty good gamplay-wise, good sound quality, nice looking scenery detail, the skill and weapon mechanic is enjoyable. Tho it gets repetitive at some point.

  12. Actually, your review of Octopath was fucking spot on. I bought that game BCUZ all the critics made it sound like it was something amazing. Then I played it and couldn't get into it and wondered where the disconnect was. Then I watched your review on the game, and you spoke the REAL REAL. I felt so validated by your reaction to the game, I felt exactly the same way, and you described it in a way that "professional" critics simply won't do. You have the balls to say what needs to be said. Do NOT let the haters get to you — you pretty much the best video game channel on YouTube, period.

  13. What songs does Dunky boi use at the end of his videos? I find them calm and soothing and would love to enjoy further.

  14. Here's my impression of a special snowflake…

    "I am offended by anything that is meaningless and vague to me, therefore I am entitled to saying that your opinion is biased and wrong which also grants me the right to say that everyone that doesn't have the same opinion as me is also wrong and uneducated to talk about what I'm vaguely offended by."

    This is how special snowflakes think right?

  15. This is the best video. Please chronicle it for storage so that the future species that roam this planet can learn from the brightest among us.

  16. I agree with dunkey cause I really love xenoblade 2 but he does not but I don’t think he doesn’t know what he is talking about it’s his opinion

  17. Nitpicking and biases have a little something for nobody, highly recommend to anyone who loves women other than their wives, 0/1

  18. Nah you definitely are biased as well at times and it's cool you keep it semi-fair by reviewing all types of games but there's definitely a clear bias towards certain series even if the game specifically is trash. Also can be commonly well liked but not actually be well thought out games that required much effort, look at Fortnite for 1. It's legit a copy paste of another game with a different name. You can say they add on things and keep the game updated however it didn't get so big with the addons, just the copy paste battle royal.

  19. 3:06
    Fallout 4 higher score than Witcher 3.
    COME ON! Even if you like Fallout, you can't deny Witcher is way more polished game.

  20. It's wild to think i'd manage to have stories for my kids about all these lvl1000 iq moments the internet have: "dunkey is a lying racist who hates fun, now I know that the game is incredible because i have very little experience with it and it's genre" fuckin oof

  21. It's pretty interesting that you give people validation for opinions like that. Don't get me wrong everyone is allowed to have an opinion. But instead of ignoring the vocal minority you instead decide to try and guide people back onto a path where opinions can be an opinion. Instead of saying you're 100% right, you gave examples as to why you feel you're in the right on your own take for the situation. I mean, if we just look at the likes versus dislikes on this video, and the views; you can tell people enjoy your content. I just popped in to say thanks for continuing to be you, and I hope you always can entertain everyone or at the very least enjoy yourself doing whatever it is you want to do. Thank you Dunkey, thanks Jason.

  22. I can only think of like 3 games that got below a 5 on IGN. Fucking Metal Gear Survive got away with a 6/10.

  23. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that dunkey's critic videos are just so bland. They start off sluggish and make getting to the meat of the content a dull affair. There are moments that his ability to give rational arguments shine, but are rather outweighed by the mediocrity of the rest of the comments he makes. I'd like to state that I've never really watch any of Dunkey's videos, but it's rather clear that he doesn't know much of what he's talking about. He really hasn't studied up on either game design or game critique like his peers. Again, I've never really watched his videos, but he just sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about.

    When you watch dunkey's videos, you'll notice that there is something for everyone in them. Overall, great video – rating 9.4/10

  24. I should know better than to be this hopeful, but I like to think that some of the stereotypical kid commenters have a come-to-jesus moment after this vid holds a mirror to their faces.

  25. The problem I have with game reviews is that people can literally take any review to heart. If someone gives a high rating on a game someone else enjoys then all is good. But once someone gives a negative review on that person’s game, that’s when they go off. Instead of people being polite and giving their reasons why they think the game shouldn’t have been given a negative review, they go off and basically tell the person that gave the game a bad score they should quit reviewing games. Which is why IGN barely gives any game a bad score, to avoid any backlash from people watching their reviews

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