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Game Changer | Season 2: Episode 6 – Turkey Hunt | Topgolf

November 30, 2019

(turkey calling) – [Jessimae] This Game
Changer: Thanks-tacular. – [Man] Gimme some mash potatoes – Get low!
(yelling) Come on get it in the nets!
(turkey calling) (upbeat electronica music) (mumbles) Stop what you’re doing! – Oh (bleep)!
– Do you wanna win money? – [All] Yeah! – ‘Cause you’re in Game Changer, woo! (loud cheering) (girls screaming) We’re surprising one lucky
bae with a chance to win some big money.
(pie slapping) This is Game Changer, Thanksgiving style. Woo! Look what I brought you guys! (group cheering) I brought you a gift, my magical box. Woo, look at this! Welcome to Game Changer,
happy Thanksgiving. – Oh, thank you. – I am your host Jessimae, and I’m thankful for Topgolf for making me a game show where I can find one lucky bae for a chance to win some big
cash and that’s you guys! (cheering) Yeah, okay, so before we get started, how do you cuties know each other? – Uh, I’m actually a
manager of all of them. – Oh, you’re a manager
of all of them, okay. – We work at a restaurant,
a Mexican restaurant. – [Jessimae] Delicious. – And we’re all like
servers and bartenders. – All right real friends is good because here today is friends-giving. – Yeah. – And you guys as friends, you’re gonna have to work together to play three games to
win some big, big cash. – All right.
– How’s that sounds? – Yeah, ready.
(cheering) – All right, now at the end you’re gonna get a chance to hit the biggest Topgolf shot
of your life to double, what they’ve already won! (cheering) Okay, are you guys ready to play? – Let’s do it – Are you guys ready to watch? (cheering) Let’s see what the first game is. It’s a flower, what is it? It’s Thanksgiving! I know we just got here, but
it’s time to walk off dinner. Who’s up to play this game? – Christine.
(loud laughing) (clapping) – Okay, get up here girl, let’s walk off dinner together. Let’s walk off those beans, those chins, those quesos, everything. – (mumbles) those beans, that everything. – You ready for it? You ready to win some money?
– I’m ready. – All right, let’s do it!
(cheering) – My name is Christine Kunic, I’m from Roseville, California. So we usually do
friends-giving at my house, but this year we decided to
do it at Topgolf in Roseville so it’s really fun. It literally makes it the
best Thanksgiving ever and I’m so excited for this Thanksgiving. (turkey calling) – Okay, we have stumbled upon an abandoned Thanksgiving feast. Now Christine, it’s your job
to stumble into it, feet first, ’cause inside each one
of these delicious dishes we’ve hidden a Thanksgiving toy that you are gonna have to
dish out with your toes. Okay, the silver ones are worth $25, the gold ones are worth $75 and I’m gonna give you forty-five seconds. Are you ready? – Go for it, gold!
– Are you guys ready? (cheering) Are you ready? – [Man] Let’s go Christine, go for gold! – All right, on your marks, get set, toe! – Go, go.
– Get it. – [Man] Christine, Christine,
Christine, Christine! – Get it, use those toes! Careful! – [Christine] Oh gosh. – [Jessimae] Get it, go, go, go. Chopstick those toes! – Go, go, go, go, go for the gold! Christine, Christine, you got this! (cash register dinging) (loud cheering) Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go, go, go, go. No double dipping! (laughing) Go, go, go, go. – [Jessimae] Fifteen seconds! Get it, come on, get in there! (frantic cheering)
(cash register dinging) Five, four, three, two, one! (buzzer beeping) – Time, woo! – [Girl] Oh you got two gold ones. – All right! (celebration cheering) We’re gonna scoop this out for
everybody, this is our lunch, so thank you for putting
your feet in our lunch. (mumbles) You did a great job. She put it back, she doubled dipped the freaking mashed potatoes.
(turkey calling) Christine, do you feel
clean after that round? – I do!
(cheering) – You got those taters in your toes? That was amazing, you
won your team $350 bucks! (celebratory cheering) Thanksgiving is steamy in Sacramento, huh? I’m sweating.
(loud mumbles) Are you guys ready to play some more? – Woo, yeah! – Let’s see what we’ve got up next. Oh, blurred vision. Who is the trivia
know-it-all of the group? (yelling) Aw, the manager; get on up here! – [Girl] The manager, yes. – I’ve got some trivia for ya’. – All right let’s do it – How hot do you think it is right now? That’s the first question. – Um, not as hot as me. (group hollers) – Confidence, he’s filled with confidence. Let’s see how confident you
are in this next round buddy. (turkey calling) – Hi my name is Colin Weslow, and I’m from Roseville, California. If we win some big money today, we’re gonna take a well
deserved vacation all together. Uh, I will be thankful when
I win all this money tonight. (turkey calling) – Okay Colin, it’s your
time to show the world how smart you are. (loud hooting) – I’m gonna throw up a blurred
image on the monitor up here. I’m gonna ask you ten Thanksgiving
themed trivia questions. Each one you get right,
I’m gonna give you $100! (cheering) And, I’ll make it a little clearer. At the end, you’re gonna have one
chance to tell me who it is for an extra $100! – All right, let’s do it.
(crowd cheering) – [Jessimae] Now Colin, you’re the cutest pilgrim I’ve ever seen. – I mean.
(laughing) – Are you ready?
– Let’s do it. – Are you guys ready? – [All] Yes, I’m ready. – All right, let’s do this. Which stove pipe hat wearing president made Thanksgiving a federal holiday? – Thomas Jefferson.
– No, Abe Lincoln, incorrect. – Oh!
– Which department store has been sponsoring the
same Thanksgiving Day? – Macy’s!
– Correct! (buzzer dinging)
(cheering) – Can I get it a little clearer, please? Oh gosh, this is gonna be so hard! – I don’t like this. – Known for its famous rock,
this Massachusetts town was the location of the first
Thanksgiving celebration? – Plymouth?
– Yes! – [All] Woo!
(cash register dinging) – [Jessimae] How about a little clearer, – [Colin] How about a little more? – That looks worse!
– Is that Plymouth? – [Jessimae] On which Thursday of November is Thanksgiving celebrated? – The third.
(buzzer dinging) – Well you’re gonna be
sitting alone on that table because it’s the fourth.
(laughing) – Oh shoot!
(group laughing) – It’s okay, all my
Thanksgivings with my family I feel alone. Which bald and fat founding father was believed to have
proposed making the turkey our national bird rather
than the bald eagle? – I forget the founding fathers. Not George, George Washington? – No!
(buzzer dinging) What was the name of the ship that transported the first
pilgrims to the U.S.? – Oh, the Mayflower! – [Jessimae] Yes.
(buzzer dinging) (cheering) – Oh wow, this is much harder than I thought it was gonna be. – Is that a glare or is that the image? (laughing) – It’s both. How many days did the first Thanksgiving
celebration last? – Is it, three?
– Yes! (loud clapping)
(cash register dinging) – [Jessimae] I literally was like, oh man! – It’s not even changing! – We’re gonna get through it Colin, we’re gonna get through it together. – [Girl] Go Colin! – [Jessimae] Name the side dish that was created in 1955 that features green beans and bacon? – Casserole? No wait, yeah casserole. Green bean casserole!
– There we go! (loud cheering) – Okay, it’s a little
clearer, now we can see. Christine almost fell, she’s very excited. Okay, Canada celebrates their Thanksgiving on which day of the week? – Friday?
(buzzer dinging) – No, it’s Monday, but
Friday would be smart. And you can think about all the things you wished you’ve said to
your family all week long. Okay, last question, what part of the turkey is saved, dried then snapped as part of
a good luck tradition? – Wishbone.
– That’s right! (cash register dinging)
(celebratory cheering) – Yes, clearer, okay! – What is that? – This looks as if as
cleared as it’s gonna get. So, you’re gonna have
one chance to tell me what you think it is for an extra $100. – Uh. – [Jessimae] So choose
wisely with those thoughts. This is what I usually see
when it’s like three a.m. on a Saturday. – Oh wait, that’s Barack
Obama and Michelle Obama! No, that’s Barack Obama
and Michelle Obama! – [Jessimae] What are they doing? – Presenting the
Thanksgiving center piece. Aw, what is it though? – Okay let’s make this
clear and see what it is. It is Barack and his family pardoning the Thanksgiving turkey. – Oh, it’s a turkey? – You didn’t get the bonus, that’s okay, because you still got six right for $600! (celebratory cheering) – Great job, Colin – Great job and you’re still adorable! – Oh, thank you. – You guys ready to play some more? (loud cheering) Let’s see what it is! Oh, a turkey hunt! I need one of you. – I think Emma needs to be! – Come on Emma, get up here! – [Girl] Let’s go Emma! – Let’s go shoot some turkeys, even though I don’t like to harm animals, but they’re delicious.
– Me either but it’s okay. – Are you ready to play this game? – Let’s do it. – All right, let’s do this. You guys wanna win some money? – Let’s do it.
(clapping) (turkey calling) – My name is Emma Richardson, I’m from Sacramento, California. I feel like we’re gonna win big today just because we’re really
a great support system for each other. We give each other confidence. And, we’re very competitive,
so we’re in it to win it. (turkey calling) – We got one wild turkey and three starving pilgrims.
(clapping) Now when I say go, my pilgrims here are gonna aim at our feathered friend and try to get your balls in the nets. Each one you get in is worth $50. But if you get a ball in each net, I’m gonna give you a bonus. You down? – Let’s do it!
– Let’s do this! All right, pick up your muskets. On your mark, get set, hunt! (balls popping)
(cash register dinging) (crowd cheering) Get low! Come on get it in the net! (cash register dinging) (crowd cheering loudly) Keep goin’, keep goin’! (crowd cheering) (cash register dinging) (loud cheering) (cash register dinging) Keep going, keep going. Keep going! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! (buzzer dinging) (clapping) (turkey calling) – You pilgrims were so accurate, you landed 36 balls in the nets. (celebratory cheering) All the nets which means
you landed the bonus as well for the total of $1,900. (loud cheering) – That’s right! – Which means so far
tonight you guys won $2,850. (victorious cheering) Now that is yours to keep, but you have one chance, one
shot to double your money. – Okay.
– Yes! – This is the real Game Changer. Oh, who wants more money? You guys! With this golden ball, you
can go home with $5,700! (clapping) It’s simple! All you have to do is
hit a Topgolf target, any Top Gulf target with
this magical, golden ball. One person, one shot, who’s gonna take it? – This guy!
(loud yelling) – Get up here you little pilgrim! (cheering) He’s gonna win some money, I can feel it! You ready to win money though? – I’m down, I’m ready, aye, boom! (turkey calling) – Hi my name is Andrew DeGalle and I’m from Rockland, California. I’ve never been on a game show before, but I’m honestly having
a really good time. – If you won $6,000, how much
of that would you give me? – Uh, shots all day.
(laughing) – It’s enough.
– That’s enough, right? – Good, yeah.
(turkey calling) (instrumental music) All right, one shot, let’s do this! (loud cheering) (instrumental music) (turkey calling) – [Jessimae] Wait, wait! (loud, victorious cheers) We got $5,700. (loud cheering) You guys just doubled
your money for $5,700! (loud cheering) Thank you guys for
playing on Game Changer. Get the meatloaf mom! Where’s the meatloaf? – For more Game Changer action, be sure to follow Topgolf on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. Happy Thanksgiving, gobble gobble! (electronica whooshing)

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