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August 31, 2019

you well it’s the holiday season again a time of the year when we should be thinking about giving but for us video gamers it’s all about getting as in getting new video games I got Final Fantasy for Advance this year but on this episode I wanted to take you back to the early 90s where a certain somebody got one of the greatest systems of all time the Nintendo Gameboy growing up my brother had the Sega Game Gear while I had the Gameboy it didn’t really matter because we both played each other systems but even though the Game Gear had that bright screen and all those cool Sonic games I still preferred the Gameboy the battery life was amazing all the accessories were great and the games were fun what more could you ask for while the NES did bring Nintendo to the forefront of the industry their most successful system of all time is still the game boy selling over 118 million units so on this episode of the gaming historian we’re going to take a look at one of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time the Nintendo Game Boy I guess you could say the game boy’s life began with the game and watch a series of handheld games created by gunpei Yokoi you Khoi thought of the game and watch when he saw a businessman on a train playing with an LCD calculator each game and watch came with a single game and a digital clock on a small LCD screen thus the name Game & Watch from 1980 to 1991 Nintendo made a total of 60 different game and watch games these little handhelds became very popular and suddenly the handheld video game market became a viable business in the gaming industry gunpei Yokoi decided to take the idea of Game & Watch a step further and in 1989 his team at Nintendo came out with the Gameboy it combined the portability of the Game & Watch with the graphics and interchangeable cartridges of the NES now let’s take a closer look now as you can see this is my original Gameboy same one I got for Christmas all those years ago and it still has Pokemon stickers on it because bogum on was awesome and these one of the best games on the Gameboy but I think we’ll save that for another episode the system was simple to turn on you just move the switch on the top the back of the system was where you put the cartridges and the for double-a batteries on the left side was the contrast slider which was for the screen and a power connector if you had the Gameboy battery pack you can plug it in and play without the need of batteries which is sweet on the right side was the volume slider and the link cable connector where you could link up with a friend and play games like Tetris on the bottom of the system was a headphone jack a very underrated feature if you ask me I can’t believe it wasn’t on the Gameboy Advance SP as you can see on the front the control layout is exactly the same as the NES controller which was great because you didn’t have to get used to a new control layout or anything so now we come to the biggest gripe of a Nintendo Game Boy which is the LCD screen it’s pretty small and the color scheme is black and green while the gamers wondered why Nintendo didn’t go with a color screen like the Game Gear for starters using a color screen would make the system cost more money and tend to wanted the Gameboy to be affordable second it would require more batteries not only that but it would train them much quicker a good example is the Game Gear it cost 50 dollars more than the Game Boy required 6 double-a batteries and only had about 5 hours of battery life Game Boy costs 100 dollars required for double-a batteries and had about a 10 to 14 hour battery life you know this thing kind of reminds me of the Wii the Wii is sold as a system that the whole family can enjoy well back in the early 90s the Gameboy was kind of marketed the same way appealing to businessmen and fathers and one big reason for this was the interesting game that was sold with the Game Boy in 1988 Minoru Arakawa who ran Nintendo of America saw a game at an arcade expo called Tetris he became obsessed with the puzzle game and was convinced that this was the perfect game to package with the game boy it was like bread-and-butter tetris was a huge success and was the perfect portable game to go with the game video link and blow your opponent away game boy only from Nintendo now you’re playing with power more power Nintendo shipped over 1 million game boys in 1989 by 1991 it seemed like everyone had a gameboy hell even President Bush had a Game Boy despite competing against systems with superior technology the Gameboy creamed the competition with its simple design awesome battery life and great game selection the Game Boy ended up being the most successful system of all time for Nintendo selling over 118 million units it was also inducted into the National toy Hall of Fame in 2009 Game Boy lives on today in its evolutions but I will still never forget that wonderful Christmas day when I got my gameboy well that about wraps it up now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ve got a game I need to play add a Happy New Year and I’ll see you next time on the gaming historian

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  1. I made the mistake of making my mother try tetris… I lost my gameboy for so many hours because of that haha.

  2. My foundest childhood memories are still playing mario on my nes everyday especially on saturdays and those summer holidays playing Pokémon on my self bought game boy. Though the snes holds a special place in my heart too, that original game boy was really something special!

  3. But 118 million Game Boys is a false number because it includes the Game Boy Color. The Color should be considered as a separate handheld.

  4. Super mario land and tetris on The gameboy were the first two video games i had ever played in my life as a kid. Good times

  5. My first game boy was a game boy colour. It was very expensive back in the day in Poland and I had been dreaming and asking parents for one for what at least felt to me like years (but TBH it could have been just a year or even just months, you know, kids perceive time as longer than adults do). And I got 3 versions of pokemon with it (Red, Blue, Yellow). And yeah, I know these didn't need a GBC but oh well. Also later on I played Zelda DX borrowed from a friend. And that would be the extent of it, cause original cartridge games were just too expensive back then (unlike PSX games that you could buy pirated on a flea market cheaply – and please don't judge, it was a different time in Central Europe ransacked by half a century of Soviet occupation, people there and then thought about these things in a different way than nowadays, especially in the far west). Ironically, a few years later Game Boy Advance would show on the shelves. Of course my parents wouldn't want to buy it cause a) games were too expensive (though cheaper than before, but the bad impression remained) b) the Game Boy Colour was supposed to be a purchase for years and it didn't deliver on the promise (I guess I was unlucky to talk them into it by the end of GBC's life on the market, ironically I'd be better off if they resisted for a little longer so I could talk them into GBA instead). As a result I missed out on the handheld market/experience for years after… and by the time I had a chance to dive into it again I was already so dead set on consoled that you hook up to a TV (moulded by the experience) that I wasn't interested anymore, and nowadays I find myself purchasing things like PSTV so that I could play handheld PSP titles on the big screen, lol. But regardless, I still remember how happy I was (at least initially) with my GBC and the pokemon games, how much time I spent with them. I probably still have it somewhere in my mom's house in Poland…

  6. I had one. I lost interest because I only had 1 game. My dad took it and beat Tetris every night for prob 6 yrs or so. I bet he still has it.

  7. Never owned one myself.. but I still remember being super excited to attend after school care (school finishes at 3:30 in Australia and they used to have an after school program where kids play games and make stuff until parents who work could pick them up at 6pm)
    They had several gameboys and to play double dragon in link mode with a friend was the most amaZing thing ever!! This was in '93. Good times.

  8. Despite the lack of the headphone jack on the Game Boy advance SP, it is still my favorite type of Game Boy, I just love the clamshell design and the beautiful backlit screen with vivid colors

  9. Gunpei Yokoi should have thought of adding backlight to the first Gameboy before its official launch. Why didn't he thought of that before? Maybe then he can create the Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy Advance with backlight screens.

    Still, the Gameboy is still not a bad device, it is still a great one.

  10. If I recall. There is on display somewhere. A Gameboy that was taken to the Middle East during the First Gulf War. It was lost in a major fire during a shelling. When recovered and plugged int. The Gameboy still worked. Though it is forever playing Tetris. At least if I recall correctly.

  11. i still play my 30 year old gameboy and it works fine! Which modern device of the 21st century will last 30 years?

  12. Would love to see a short video on the history of the GameBoy Color. Felt like a flash in the pan, but to me, that screen was beautiful. I was also probably one of the only people that actually liked that purple case it had.

  13. Back then when my father played Tetris all the time and it was a sensation for us kids to see the big rocket starting, after he beat some mode in it. Still to this day, he´s the Tetris master in our family haha

  14. Man I loved playing Pokemon Silver on my Gameboy Color, but the Gameboy Advance SP will always be my all time favorite. A rechargeable battery, a back lit screen, backwards compatibility, and Golden Sun!

  15. I have to disagree… Link's Awakening was by far the best game on the GameBoy. Pokemon is a good second though.

  16. The Original Gameboy was awesome as a kid and its one of the few things that I still remember clearly from my childhood and because of that I will always love the Original Gameboy

  17. It was the year when I was a teenager and I really wanted the gameboy. When I got at the game store, there was only one Gameboy and still in perfect condition. I didnt care if anyone say if it was bulky or not playable. They were wrong, I still have the gameboy for 2 years and still playable.

  18. The sales are outdated since the DS became the best selling handheld and the 2nd best game console of all time just behind the PS2 at 154.02 million units sold worldwide with ladder at 155 million or so.

  19. Kinda disappointed I never grew up with the Game Boy or other consoles because I was born around the same time they were discontinued

  20. The Gameboy is no longer the best selling Nintendo console, thats the DS with 154.02 million sold. It actually wasn't the best selling Nintendo console when this video came out that would still be the DS with 2009-12-31, 125.13 million being the date and sales of the DS.

  21. What is up with the stickers? Did you add them recently?
    I got my original Gameboy in 89 when I was in elementary school. Pokemon didn't come out until I was in college. For me, those 2 things are several generations apart!

  22. nice aspect ratio
    Don't tell me that back in 2010, it was even possible to walk into a store and find a webcam that still records in 4:3.
    You must have gone into the settings to eff up the picture like this.

  23. My game boy is still in the original box with all the paperwork perfect Styrofoam and the Styrofoam top Cover and it says DMG01And the serial number because I know how it works it’s under 9000 so it’s one of the first 9000 ever made

  24. Norm you should remake these old videos. You got a lot experienced by now and I think you could get more facts and add them up. Reput the intro and all… I´d still see it again.

  25. I'm curious about the Game & Watch. I was born in 1976. I remember the hand held Tiger games and had a couple myself, I had a Game Boy but I don't remember ever hearing about the Game & Watch until recently. Were they only popular in Japan? I don't even remember any friends having them.

  26. You should do an episode about the WonderSwan. That's a great system; one AA battery and great battery life.

  27. Me here in 2019: well, the ds has outsold you, game boy.

    By the way, I’m a legend at mortal kombat for the game boy.

  28. I love the game boy. I recently got mine modded to have a backlit screen! My favourite games on there are tetris and Super mario land 2- 6 golden coins.

  29. First handheld I owned was a green Game Boy Pocket. It was a Christmas gift from my grandma to me and my two younger brothers. We each got to select our own game for it when we got it. I picked the Toy Story tie in game, my younger brother got Donkey Kong Land III and my youngest brother got a game called Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, which was like a super slow version of Flicky. A few years later our grandma outdid herself when she got us each our own Game Boy Color as gifts for our birthdays. I don't remember what games my brothers got, but I got Pokemon Blue. Changed my life as a preteen.

  30. 4:42
    My Dad actually bought two back when they first came out and took one on his trips while in the Air Force.
    I remember being facinated because he could beat Dr. Mario. A feat that blew my little kid mind.

  31. I think the GameBoy library such as as well as the GameBoy color and GameBoy Vance library maybe not all of them just to give the matter franchise that matter should all be out in the sun off switch so that people don't have to go Consol hunting for specific games that were only on the council

  32. I got a game boy color for the Christmas of the 1990s it was atomic purple the three game I got for on that day were both Pokémon red and blue and toy story

  33. i love the 90's and 80's, even if i was born around the 2000's i would play anything that was from the 90's and 80's!

  34. The Gameboy was also indestructible, I dropped mine so many times, even my sister threw it at the wall full force when I pissed her off, just got marks on the case.
    I still have it and it works!

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