GABRIEL JESUS | Inspring kids in Sao Paulo | World Cup 2018
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GABRIEL JESUS | Inspring kids in Sao Paulo | World Cup 2018

October 8, 2019

正如這裡很多夢想成為足球員的小孩⋯ 他是其中一名夢想成真的人 他來自這樣的地方,非常貧窮 今日則受到他的球隊的眷顧 他是一個榜樣 因為我們出生同一地方,大家都很窮 我想和加比亞捷西斯一樣,踢波叻 可以讀書,可以出國 我想成為足球員,有日踼國家隊 (LUIS DINIZ – 加比捷西斯的叔叔) 四年前他在這條街為我家油外牆⋯ 今年就去了踼世界盃 當職業球員是他的夢想,他也成功了

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  1. who is our new player ?🤔?

    do u think next season is gonna be better ?🤔? answer ur comment bellow lol

  2. They didn't even show the whole thing here. There are old pictures of Gabriel Jesus from when he was a kid, painting for the town in that right same spot where his mural is, and now people from the town painted him, and his playing the World Cup.

  3. I am better Manchester city fan then any wone I am the best Manchester city fan in the world

  4. ManCity Transfer Negotiators dont give me a good vibe,they appear Substandard,i fear they will ruin Pep Guardiolas best laid plans.

    After Alexis and Alves deals mishandling,ManCity owners should lay down the law on ManCity Transfer Negotiators like Guardiola laid down the law on Joe Hart.

    Strictly secure Guardiolas chosen targets,tabling as high if need be as the transfer fee Guardiola thinks is the ceiling for them,and within the time frame Guardiola wants them secured.

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