FRIDAY THE 13TH: The HORROR Game (React: Gaming)
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FRIDAY THE 13TH: The HORROR Game (React: Gaming)

August 24, 2019

♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – Friday the 13th: The Game?
– No! Why?
– There’s a game? – Friday the 13th!
– Ohh!!! What?!
– Dude, I saw this game in beta. I’m so excited for it.
– And I’ve been watching this game for like two years on YouTube.
– Really? – I’ve been watching the people make it. – It’s a cool slasher game where you play as characters
from the movie, and then someone else plays as Jason. And basically, your objective
is to either kill all the people, or all the people have to get out of there before Jason comes and kills you. – (FBE) Friday the 13th: The Game
places you in the world of the popular movie franchise where you will play online with others as either a camp counselor
trying to survive or as Jason himself, with the goal of killing
all the online players. – I want to be Jason.
– Oh. (laughs) – Oh!
– I’m gonna get murked. – Can we talk? – No.
– (FBE) Yeah. – Oh, we get to talk?! Yes, go! – Dog, I’m gonna talk so much shit! – (FBE) This is a local
single-player game, so we’re gonna have you guys
play one match each. But you can strategize and work together
throughout both matches. – Wow.
– Okay. – Oh, so we’re helping each other. – Wow.
– Not against each other. Thank God. – We’re gonna [bleep] kill it.
– We got two masterminds. And I think we got this in the bag.
– It’s– done. Just… – Sign off. (player mumbling)
– (player) Hey, it’s our boy, Tony. – Oh-ey. – I feel like… Oh! – (player) Now we’re
getting the [bleep] out. – Run! – (player) Oh my, run! – Y’all fu– I’ma [bleep]
shit myself, dude. – (character) I gotta
get outta here… now. – Oh sh–
– Oh, so we’re at counselor, okay. – Okay. I would say
walk slow, ’cause then– Oh wait. Are those triangles the people? Other people?
– Hey. Is anyone out there? – All right. Are you armed? All right, looks good.
– Okay, cool. – Let’s try to find our escape route.
– We have to be quiet. We should probably go find
either a house or a car. Yo, I’m like low-key terrified.
– I know, me too. – Oh my gosh. Do you see
that dot? That’s a person. – Hey.
– Say hi. – Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
– A cabin! – Can I get through the window? Yeah.
– All right. – Maybe we can find something in here. – Nice.
– Get some car keys. Do I press E again? Okay. (Jason sound) (gasps) Oh shit.
– Oh. Oh. We’re hearing Jason.
– I can hear him. – We’re in the house right now, so… – Okay, maybe we should find–
let’s find a hiding spot. – Oh, can we just under the blanket? Oh.
– Get under. (shuddering)
– Oh yes. ♪ (soft, scary theme) ♪ Oh man. Oh, I’m kinda
scared. Not gonna lie. Oh.
– (shushes) (nearby scream)
– (player) Jason’s near me, guys. (character wails, then chokes) – (gasps)
– Damn. – Oh, you [bleep] dead. – What’s this? Ya boy got a fire pick. All right. (door creaks)
– Oh! – Gun?
– Oh, grab the– yeah. Get the [bleep] gun. – Okay.
– Okay, there’s someone over– – Oh, he’s getting tired.
– Okay. – Oh, there’s a cabin. – Hi.
– Ooh. Hello. – (player, singsong) How’s it goin’? – We’re scared… – It’s going good.
– …to be honest. (character panting) – (player) Yo, all we need is the battery. – Oh.
– Yo. – Yo, get that battery. – There’s a car. We just need a battery. – Yeah, battery. My guy
has a shotgun on him. – (player) Just need a battery?
– Yeah, we just need a battery. – (player) Let’s go find that shit, man.
– Yeah, dude. I can’t [bleep]–
– Damn, okay. – Find nothing in here. – Hey, what up?
– Oh, there she is. – Hey, killer swag. How you doing? – (player) Saw.
– Oh. Oh no.
– They’re [bleep] coming. I’m leaving. – Lock it. Lock that. Oh my god. You’re not gonna lock it.
– I’m [bleep] out. Later. – Okay, but don’t make too much noise.
– True. He knows what–
– (player) Don’t ditch me like that. – Sorry. Sorry, killerswag. – (player) Yo, there’s a walkie-talkie
over here, in this house. – (gasps)
– See, we found a friend. – (player) Here, let me come
unlock the door real quick. – (mumbling in fear)
– It’s locked. Oh my god!
– Aah, he’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. (character grunting and yelling) Oh no! – Oh my god.
– Can you come save us? We’re outside.
– How do I– – What’s over here?
– But look. Keep your eyes up.
– (player) He’s gone now. – He’s gone now?
– Yeah, ’cause the music would’ve kept going.
– That’s true. Can I grab a brew though?
– (player) Yee. A what? (gasps) I have keys! – You got keys! Yeah!
– Oh. – Where you at, killerswag?
– She got the car keys. – (player) There’s
a walkie-talkie in there. – I love this guy. He’s so nice. (gasps)
– Oh, thank God. Okay, thank you.
– Wow. “Tap and hold.” – Okay.
– Cool. – Oh. – Oh!
– I got a phone. What is this?
– It’s a radio. – (player) A walkie-talkie? – A walkie-talkie, yeah.
– Oh, I thought it was the radio. I thought we won. (Jason sound)
– Oh. Oh. Oh! – [Bleep]! [Bleep]! (yelling fearfully) Oh, I get so, like, uh– I get, like– ooh. I don’t know
how to describe it. – (sharp exhale) I’m getting
the [bleep] out of here. Yo, where you at? Okay, what’s that red– OH SHIT!
– (claps frantically) – (snickering) I’m [bleep]
dipping, dog. I’m out. (quiet speech)
(Jason sound) – Oh, shit.
– Okay, let’s get the– Why are we going upstairs? There’s nowhere to go.
– ‘Cause every horror movie you run upstairs.
– That’s true. – Obviously.
– I’m so sorry. – It’s the answer. Can you hop out the window? – Yeah. [Bleep] it. Oh, no, I can just open it. Ohp! (thud)
– (player) You’re gonna hurt yourself! – Nah!
– Nah! We invincible. – Shit. No, I’m hurt. – Uh… where’s my shit at here? (character gasps)
– Oh shit!! – (player) Holy shit, who is that? – (player) Is that a dead body? – Oh, it’s a body. Oh, you [bleep] scared me, Labib. – Man, this [bleep]… aw man. Why do they have to zoom in so quick on the video?
– (player) You scared the shit out of me, man. I’m not following you
if you’re gonna be doing that shit. – (chuckles)
– Oh, sorry, dude. – He’s coming.
– I’ma hit him. – (player) All right, all right, guys.
We need to head northwest. – Oh, yeah. Good plan.
– Northwest? – (chuckles)
– (player) Yeah. – Where is he? Where is he?
– Follow him. (character grunts) – Tap E.
(character grunts) We found a good guy.
– Oh yeah, and you have a lot of energy. Where’d they go? Aw yeah. (character grunts) Why northwest? Wow! He’s got a strategy going? (gasps)
– (gasps) – Uh-oh.
– Oh my god. – Uh-oh.
– (player) Here, jump in. – Jump in, he says. ♪ (horrifying chords) ♪ (character grunts) – (player, gruffly) HERE’S JASON! – (both) Oh my god! – Oh, lock that. – We chillin’ in the bathroom. (gunfire)
(character screams) Oh, someone’s getting shot. (gunfire)
– Someone’s get– Can you lock the door, please?
– (player) Oh God! – That’s how you get out. Oh, lock is hold? (snickering) That’s gonna do it.
– Yeah. – That’s gonna do–
– I mean, I just feel way better. – (gasps)
– Oh my god. – There is a battle going on outside.
– Where is he? – Oh. There he is. – Oh, thank God.
– He’s still alive. – Can I actually shoot
with this is the question. – Do we have to get, like, bullets?
Do we have to find them? (gunshot)
– Nope! – Oh!
– We can shoot! (laughs) (character cries out) – Yogy? Are you okay?
– (player) Do you want some more? – (player) Batter! – (gasps loudly)
– Oh. – Where is he? Oh no!
– Sorry, sorry, sorry. – Did you stab Yogy? – Is this a battery? No, it’s a radio. Oh, let’s turn this on! ♪ (rock music) ♪
– (player) No, don’t turn it– turn it off! Turn it off!
– Shit. – (player) Turn it off, dude!
– Turn it– oh my god. – I thought Jason liked that shit.
Maybe he just– – (player) He does not
like that song, dude. He doesn’t like that song.
– Oh shit, he’s here. We out, dog. – (player) I told you, dude!
– I’m [bleep] out. – Bye. – Go! Shut it. (character screams) – Oh, he’s right there!
– (player) That’s not very nice. (both screaming) – (player) WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
– (laughs) – (player) WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
(both yelling) You messed up!
(overlapping speech) – Oh!!!
– Holy– is he– – No!
– (player) Come here. – This could be the end.
– Oh God, oh God. – Smash it. Oh, we’re gonna get burned.
– (player) Goodbye, React. – (player) Do you like being picked on? – (both) Oh! Oh!!! (loud groaning) – Oh! Dude, I hate when that happens. – Get a weapon.
– Fudge off. – Get a weapon!
– Hold? I can’t hold. – Oh. Right there.
It’s on the table right there. See it? (glass breaking)
– (shrieks) NO!!! I can’t–
– Right there! Right there! Quick! E! E! – Where is he?
– And now attack! – You little shit.
– Attack him. Or run. I don’t know. Maybe run. – I’m gonna attack him.
– Maybe run. Oh! Oh! Get him! – Feel this little…
– Yeah! Hit him again! Oh, hit him again! – (player) Oh, [bleep]. – Oh!!!
– (player) I think you’re there. Yeah… – Press E. Yes! Get him! – Oh.
– Oh. Oh. It’s okay. It’s okay.
– Almost close. – I think he’s okay. He’s okay? – (both) Aw. – (player) Woo! – We made it SO LONG.
– We did. – Oh, he’s here. Kill me. Just [bleep] kill me.
– Oh! Oh! – Did you get him?
– Gang shit, homey! – Let’s get the [bleep] outta here. – (player) Shot that bitch, dude. I shot that bitch.
– Hey, gang shit. Gang shit.
– Okay, we gotta go. – Gang shit.
– I can’t run though. I got hurt. – (player) You gotta find this battery.
– Yeah, dog. – Oh, you got blood on your shit.
– Blood did not get off. – Hey! Hey, hey, hey! We don’t like– – Kill me, dog!
– Hey!!! – Kill me!
– Hey! – KILL ME!!!
– (player) No, don’t kill! – Kill me! Bye, dog! – Hey, run!
– Get the battery! Run away! – Oh, you gang shit. (overlapping speech) Oh! Oh!
– Okay, we out! We out, dog! – Go, go.
– We’re trying to this work. – Fight him! Fight him!
– Let’s get this work! – Oh!
– Blah! – Oh!!!
– Blah! Did I kill him? Did I kill you? No way. Oh, oh! Sit your ass down.
– Kick him– – Sit yo’ ass down! That– oh.
– Aw. – Oh. Oh-oh-oh.
– Break free. Break free. – Uh-uh-uh. – I need to get double wrist locks. – Oh.
– (player) Die. – Oh, thanks, dude. You looking real cute in that little bag.
– Oh, [bleep]. – We died. – I don’t even watch horror movies.
I don’t know what to do. – It’s a lot more finding things rather than just straight-up action
and fighting the whole time and stuff like that. – It’s like very sneak kinda gameplay. – Yo, where’s Jimmy? Hey, Jimmy, what up? – (player) Oh my god, it’s Kitty! – Guh. (overlapping speech) – I love the guy’s face right here. Him.
(laughter) – (player) He killed Kitty.
– Everyone, scatter! – I am looking for something
different this time. Like, let’s change it up. I see a little circle on my map, so…
– That’s probably homey. There it is. – Homey right there.
– Grab the… – Oh, okay.
– The cabin’s right there. – Should I go in the cabin? – Jelly Kid’s in there.
– Jelly Kid. – Jump in.
(character grunts) Maybe there’s a battery
or a key or something. Look around.
– Yeah, hopefully. Oh, there’s some–
there are items right here. – What’s that? Oh, a sword. Or a weapon. – Yeah. A machete. – Oh yeah, you got a machete. – Oh, go through that window.
– Hop in this window? – Yes.
– Yes. – Tap E. – Yes! Okay. Let’s get some done.
– Let’s see what’s in there. – Ooh. E. – (both) Walkie-talkie! – Okay. So the walkie-talkie. – Hello? This is Ethan. (deep voice) Is this the Krusty Krab? – (deep voice) No. This is Ethan.
– (chuckles) He’s coming. Nice closet spot. He’ll never check the closet right next to the door.
– I can hear him. – What’s that?
– What is that? – (gasps) Or we could use–
– A weapon? – Do you think we could use that to fix– I hit him with that.
I could’ve gotten away too. – Ooh. Okay. I have a weapon.
– My dumb self. – I feel better now. – Some healing spray! – I’ve been finding us healing spray. – We’re just gonna
camp out in the bathroom until 20 minutes is up. – Oh, there’s stuff over there.
– Is there… – Oh, that’s a pot.
– …a pan? (Jason sound)
(both gasp) – Oh no. – Hide.
– Can you hide? – In there, in there,
in there, in there, in there. – (grunts) E. Can I go in? Ooh! Yes! – We got the house.
– (player) …by the car. Okay, that’s good.
– (gasps) – Over by the car.
– Oh. They dropped the keys by the–
– (player) Don’t run. You’re running too fast.
– Oh, I’m sorry. Didn’t know I was by the pool.
– (player) He’s gonna hotbox it. Yeah, when you run, he can sense you. – Ohhh, okay. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
– Rip. – (player) Oh, you hear that? Oh my god, I’m scared. – RUN! (chuckles) I don’t hear anything. Oh shit. – Oh, hell no.
– He’s coming. – (player screams) I told you he’s coming. – (laughing)
(player speaks indistinctly) They’re such an ass! He’s right there! (player screams)
Run, Ethan! Go! – (player) He’s here! Run!
– Out the window. Out the window.
(player screams) Oh shit.
– (player) Run, assholes. – Whoa. Whoa, chill, Vianna.
– I’m going. Vianna, I’m coming with you. We’re sticking together.
– (player) Come on! Come on!
– I’m with you, girl! (gunfire)
(player screams) – Oh, what’s that? The radio! – (player) No, it’s a battery. – Battery.
– Oh, it’s a battery! Get it, get it, get it, get it. E.
– Bro. – E.
– Oh f– I got it. – Oh, you got it?
– Yo, dude. I got a battery. All right, let’s go outside. Damn, battery’s heavy, man. – Get in.
– I don’t know this guy’s gonna move. – I don’t think you– oh yeah, you can. All right. Go find a whip.
We gotta go find a whip. – I see that, uh, you know,
Friday the 13th– – We gotta get on the road.
Maybe the car’s over there. – You got gas, Vianna? – (player) Yeah, there’s gas over there. – Oh.
– Isn’t that all we needed for the car? Let’s go. Grab it.
– I got it. – Put down your stick.
– (player) Grab the gas. I’m not gonna grab it, React,
’cause I don’t know how to use it. – All right.
– We don’t either, but we’ll figure it out. You put the gas down.
Pick up the gas. We need the gas. – I’m trying– oh.
– (player) Hey, asshole. – Hey, hey, hey!
– (player) Aah! Oh shit. She’s about to get that.
– (player) Run. I see her. – Oh.
– Don’t run out– oh. She’s getting stabbed.
– (player) Oh my god, he stabbed me. – Oh!
– Stay there. Stay there. Let her die.
(objects breaking, player screams) (Jason sound)
– Get the [bleep] out of there. Walk into the woods or something. (whimpering)
– How the [bleep] do you crouch? (player screams) – Oh shit. Someone just died. Where the hell is a car? There’s no car to save
our [bleep] lives, dude. – When we finally
have a battery this time, there’s no car anymore. ♪ (dramatic chords) ♪
– Is he coming? I don’t–
– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – Aah! No! We have a weapon.
– Help, help, help. ♪ (dramatic chords intensifying) ♪ – We need to walk. – Oh, there’s someone over there. Hey! – There’s a bunch of people.
– Hey, excuse us. Oh, he’s chasing. – Oh shoot.
– Oh my god. Go the other way! Go the other way!
Go the other way! – Go the other way?
– Go the other way. He’s right there! – (snickers)
– He’s the red thing. – Oh.
– There it is! There’s the [bleep] car on the map! Go, go, go, go, go! Oh shit, he’s coming! He’s coming! – Aah!
– No! Run!
– Aah! (both exclaiming) – We would’ve had it! – Right when we found the [bleep] car!
– I got bamboozled! I got bamboozled! – He can’t see us here for sure. – But he can hear us.
– Oh. (crickets chirping) (static crackling)
No. – (gasps)
– Oh, what? – No, no, no, no, no!
– What? Aah! Aah! Oh.
– (character) Help me! – (exclaiming) (laughter) I was like, “He won’t
find us here for sure.” – (player) Jason, stop right now! – He’s getting the pipe. – (player) Stop…
– Ethan about to go save his girl. – I’m going combat mode.
– Jason’s attacking his girl. Go. Go out.
– (player) I stopped him. Run. – Go, run.
– (player) I stopped him. Run! – We’re running! We’re trying. Run, Ethan. Run! – Oh [bleep]. (overlapping speech) (exclaiming)
– Run, Ethan! Run! – Vianna!
– Oh shit! He’s probably throwing knives at you.
– I love you! – I’m dead.
– Oh, about to die. – Everyone, go on without me. – We have the keys. Oh, snap. E. E, E. (overlapping speech) – It’s too late.
– He about to choke-slam. – I’m dead. – Choke-slam.
– Bye. Snapped my neck. I’m out. – He just tombstoned your ass, dude. – It was a lot of fun. A lot of fun.
– It’s a tough game for sure. – That was actually really fun!
– It was fun. I really liked it. – I actually think it was more fun,
because we were together instead of– if it was by myself,
I would’ve been like, “I don’t know what to do!” I probably would’ve
been yelling at you like, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!” – Oh, god, that was so stressful. It sucks. I don’t like
that game. I hate it. – We need more practice.
I need more practice. – We need better teammates.
– Whoa! Okay, those guys.
– No, not you. You’re good. I [bleep] hate it. (chuckles)
– I’ma buy it. (chuckles) – If you enjoyed this video, please help the React shows
get nominated for a Streamy Award. – The React shows include
Kids, Teens, Adults, Elders, and YouTubers React. – The Streamy Awards honor
the best in online videos, and we need your help. – Click the link in the description below
or go to to submit your fan nominations
for the React shows by June 9. – Thanks, guys!

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  2. This game is fun, servers are fixed now for Xbox which means you join games quicker, but sadly you get into a game by yourself

  3. The sound effects in this game really remind me of those used in Until Dawn! Especially the some of the effects when Jason is around or chasing you, it sends me straight back to some of those chases scenes from UD, like when you're running to the cabin as Emily, towards the end of the game.

  4. The Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma doesn't mean he's nearby, he just got another skill 😂😂😂 It was priceless to see you guys hiding as soon as you heard it

  5. do a part 2 of this please! not as jason tho I like watching them strategize and talk to people in the game

  6. no one survived? i was hoping though…WHYWHY JASON…this what your saying now no hope should be left….WHY

  7. This looks like so much fun..for about 30 minutes.
    Are there more maps? I really like games like this, but it definitely needs variety

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