FREE Retro Gaming Front-End for PC Completely Pre-Configured! [REVIEW]
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FREE Retro Gaming Front-End for PC Completely Pre-Configured! [REVIEW]

August 30, 2019

good day Guys! Austin here and in this one today we are taking a close look at FRONTENDS! I told you it was ccoming and now we are opening Pandoras Box First off, what is a Front End? ITSTHEBEST

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    All you need to do is add your games and you are good to go. For me this is the most obvious choice for anyone on a budget or new to Emulation and RetroGaming, but wants everything already setup and ready to rock with just one download and click of a button.

    Let me know in the comments down below what Front End you would like reviewed next in this series 😀

  2. Tried Coinops Forgotten Worlds PACKED and its great but when I installed the Roms for Atari 5200 it didn’t see them. How do I know what the names of the Roms should be named?

  3. Great video. I downloaded the packed version. How do you add the roms? When i click on the arcade game it just goes back to the menu lol

  4. Hi Austin, are you showing a "Packed" version? The only one out there that I can find right now is "Gold" version is that correct?

  5. So I'm kind of new to this and I'm not exactly sure what all of this means… does this mean that I can buy this thing and plug it into something and Bam I can play games Orr….. Im fairly new to this I apologise ^^" is this JUST a PC thing? Or for example can I do this with my wii u? PlayStation 4? Xbox one? Switch?

  6. I bought a modded XBOX original and it has Coinops 8,it is great.Can't wait to get the PC build aswell.

  7. Dude atleast tell us how to add our games and etc…sorry to be rude but this frontend is driving me struggling to add consoles and games into it

  8. You say it is simply to get and free. But you say one has to pay to enter the ftp. Also, I cannot simply download it from that emumovies site. One has to enter discord and haggle about a download link, am I correct?

    Edit: Been on discord. No idea where to get informations from. Nobody answers, no place to find anything useful. The website emumovies also doesn't provide any information and is rather intransparent and confusing in its design. Can someone direct me to the files needed? :ß

    Edit2: Got RetroFE now. But I cannot close the application once started. Only provides me with Genesis and Arcade mode. Where to put the roms? How to close the app? How to configure the pad, etc?

    Please provide a link to the build and files you showed in the video you showed us. Make it easy for us please, as you proclaimed.

  9. I know that these setups are designed with console controls in mind, but I'm curious about a front end that has visuals and meta data compatible with point and click adventure games. And maybe sorts them by company. I just like the idea of having a library fully set up and with a nice interface.

  10. @simply Austin, great video mate can you help me please I've got it setup but how do I get it so it loads by console systems first

  11. Dude you are telling us to play what we own right?
    I tried using my God Of War 2 (Ps2) disc on my PC and it didn't work.

  12. This is amazing and all but I have none of these games and the arcade versions. How on earth are u supposed to buy those in order to download the emulated ones anyway? As awesome as this is. I wont be able to get any of these games anyway.

  13. Managed to get this to gamestream from my PC to my TV on Nvidia shield I can only select the emulator and the game but I can't start a game or add credits which is such a shame as this would be the ultimate setup. Anybody know how to configure the controller in the shield? If it's even possible. Props to the developer s for this as this is a dream come true!
    *Edit* somehow managed to start a game of donkey Kong country (SNES) this is freakin awesome

  14. So, do u wanna say , that all that game artwork on games is inside the coin already? -edit, after carefully examining build, it seems it is packed with artwork and snaps, it doesnt supprise me that emumovies is making them post on their site, they probably made "Claim" on it. Knowing EM they tend to Claim right to every artwork/snaps made for emulation gaming everywhere

  15. there isnt any download link… you can go to the emumovies website… to the newly open coinops forum…nothing ! iwaited days before saying anything ! but this whole video is a clickbait ! to my knowledge it's the only one ! so it may be by ignorance of Austin … but there should be an update video about this ! the only way to get this is by paying premium membership to access emumovies ftp or to download it from arcadepunk but i doubt it's the updated version ! anyway ! while i still give the benefit of doubts to austin… emumovies lost all my respect !

  16. Hey. Does it support wireless controllers like ps3 or xbox 360? Is the mapping pre-configured and you can play with your controller right away too?

  17. Austin, would be awesome to see reviews of front end options for NVIDIA shield shield tv. Getting a bit tired of retro arch being they only game in town

  18. Awesome video man. It's my opinion that Launchbox with RetroArch is the best setup for emulator pros. I have my old emulator PC hooked up to an old 52" TV and use bluetooth to pair my Xbox One Controllers to it. Went ahead and spent the money to buy Bigbox, and it's absolutely amazing. Did take a lot of tweaking, but have several emulators you didn't list here like Mame, Neo-Geo, PS1, PS2 and more.

  19. just a question..does the thumbnails in the frontend automatically downloads when adding games or something?thanks

  20. I couldn't install it, everything went ok with the download ant the extraction, but It doesn't open, some trouble with the "atiadlxy.dll" and stuff.. makes me sad dude..

  21. Great video I got it all running but I can't figure out what button to press to save state. F7 will load but i can't find the save button 🙁

  22. This is AMAZING! I have the packed v2 version, loving it, only thing is I wish it had dreamcast on it 🙁 only thing missing for me, anyone know how to add it to this in easy simpleton terms lol

  23. Is this Front end available yet? I've tried searching the site and can not find a download link anywhere's please help…

  24. I found 3 versions of the frontend… 2, 2.5 and 3… dont know the difference since version 3 is only 10gb and version 2 is 32gb… I am downloading all 3 for testing but maybe you can tell me something about these versions?

  25. Definitely wasn’t going to watch twenty minutes of someone scrolling through game libraries so I picked a few random points and the first one I saw? The HyperSpin logo during the introduction… I couldn’t help but wonder: “why is a video about a pre-configured setup including the mess that is HyperSpin? That’s the exact opposite of easy setup when you need 10 different programs and hundreds of database scripts that should be doing the job of one single program and a few config files”

  26. I know it's been months since this video was posted, but have there been any new links for downloads posted?  I want to get away from Hyperspin and into a simpler setup, that I can replicated on more than on machine.  Any links or info would be a great help, and as usual, Simply Austin, you are the man.

  27. Hey Austin. Layman speaking here. Just a about the ryzen 2200g for about a hundred bucks. Saw some Videos with Zelda and other emulators running pretty smooth on it.

  28. I want to use this on my recroom masters alpha-Cade cabinet. Hopefully the controller setup isn’t hard to change

  29. Hi I must be thick as F*"K because i can't find the link to download this, obviously i need the most simplest frontend to try and build an arcade cabinet for my man cave but having trouble at the moment. I've got the games and emulators just the final frontend to make it look decent.

  30. Where is simply Austin ?? Disapeared ?? Anyway does anybody know how to use a 8bit do sf30 pro controller for this pre configured frontend for xbox360 gamepad ?

  31. All that talking is great, but Im not seeing a link to download what you spent all that time talking about. I like it, I want it, and I would donate if it works. I've been having nothing but trouble with preconfigured front ends and I just want to get something that works nice on PC. Retroarch was working for me fine, but the N64 graphics sucked. So I went from a working build, to Emulatorstation which tries to load games then goes back to selection screen. Seems there is no true complete solution and everyone has a different idea how things work which only adds to the confusion. When I saw your video I thought, "great, finally someone gets it" and of course theres no download link.

    so close yet so far away.

  32. Excellent video ! when you say that all the buttons are configured, for what controllers ? I've got a cab with an old PC with usb encoder, does this need configured ?

  33. Justs P.S for everyone: Hyperspin is the only good free frontend. Everything else sucks and you are better off buying Launchbox Premium.

  34. What is the best way to make retroarch more of a PC like experience? I hate its menu and long for something more akin to other interfaces that allow the mouse to be used with less aggravation.

  35. 8 months in and still haven't seen anything other then this video on this so call FREE front end emulator. I guess to see the link I'm going to have to click through millions of webpages? Lol…

  36. Got my laptop in my face right now. WTF do I have to do to install it in my laptop right now? Gonna fuck up some ungrateful sods at the pub

  37. hey there. I went and picked up the version 3 packed and it is like you say. Just launch it and go. I'm not sure how to set the binding to get my xbox one controller work. could you do a video to show how to do that?

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