Free Hunter Ed Courses in NC
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Free Hunter Ed Courses in NC

January 27, 2020

Do you want to take up the exciting sport of hunting or become a better more knowledgeable hunter? Are you interested in learning a different method of hunting? The North Carolina Wildlife
Resources Commission can help! We offer free basic and advanced hunter
education courses in all 100 counties year round. The basic course involves more than firearms safety. It also teaches hunter ethics and responsibility, conservation practices and wildlife management, survival and first-aid, species identification and habitat, as well as specialty hunting, and tree stand safety. There is no minimum age required to take this course, but a sixth-grade comprehension level is recommended. Successful completion is required for
all first-time hunting license buyers and is recognized by all other states
and provinces in North America. We also offer advanced courses that take an in-depth look at muzzleloading, archery, orienteering, and trapping. Experienced
hunters can even share their love for the outdoors by becoming a volunteer
hunter education instructor. Hunting opportunities are many and diverse in
North Carolina and hunting is one of the safest forms of recreation there is. For
more information visit us at or call 919-707-0030 for the hunter education specialist in your area. And remember, home from the hunt begins with hunter education.

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