Fox Live Valve And The New Scott Ransom | GMBN Tech Show Ep 35
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Fox Live Valve And The New Scott Ransom | GMBN Tech Show Ep 35

October 25, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s GMBN tech show. I’m in this week, Doddie’s actually away, he’s off fixing his house, I think but loads of cool news from
the mountain bike world including loads of new bikes,
brand new Scott Ransom, a new Trek Remedy, a titanium
hardtail with a gearbox plus Fox’s brand new
live suspension system. (knife sharpening) (beeping) Okay, so the bike that I will be racing at the final round of the EWS this year is this brand new Scott Ransom
that has been released today. I’ve been riding it for a
while now, it’s a great bike. 170 mm travel with that
Scott twin lock system. So you’ve got full descent mode, you’ve got trash control
where it lowers the travel but also adjusts suspension
so closes the chamber inside that shock just to make sure it actually completely affects the bike, not just reduces the travel. It makes the bike sit up
much higher in its travel when you’re sagging in and
climbing up a big steep climb. You actually sit much higher, keep that bike maneuverability, really good for those type of events. It runs 29 or 27.5 inch wheels. I’ve been running 29 inch wheels which I really like especially
for endurance racing so I’m definitely gonna
ride on those wheels. Loads of cool features and
it’s actually on Tech Week this week on the Dirt Shed Show. So it’s the same frame
layout that Scott has used for their Spark, then their
Genius and now their Ransom. You can see that four-bar linkage. It’s just that the Ransom
is much more beefed up. They’ve actually said that they can hang a ton of weight off the bottom bracket. This is the strongest carbon
frame that Scott has ever made. As you expect from Scott,
it’s super lightweight so for the top end carbon
frame with the shock plus the shock hardware,
it in at weighs 2650 grams for the medium frame and for the cheaper versions,
so for the lower-priced bikes it’s 3050 grams for the carbon
front end and alloy rear. Some really nice touches on this bike: so even the cables run
inside the bottom bracket of the frame rather
than run on the outside where they could be susceptible to rocks smashes when you’re racing. Even there’s a protector on the chain stay and the seat stay just to
quiet down that chain as well. You’ve got the ability
to run both air shocks with a piggyback and even
coil shocks on this bike. A nice feature on the
high-end bikes as well is you’ve got that Fox Nude TR EVOL shock. So Scott’s proprietary shock to be used with that Twin Lock system but also you have this ramp adjust level. So on the fly, real easy, you can swap the bike from being really linear to that rear shock being super proressive. Another new bike is a
brand new Trek Remedy still a 150mm travel bike
with a 164 cut front. They’ve actually ditched
that fully floating effect on that shock, so they’ve actually gone back to a lower mount. They’re saying that just
because of the improvements with shock technology
over the past few years they can get that dampening
effect they really would like. It’s got four threaded holes
underneath the top tube to attach the Wolf Tooth B
Rad system for tool storage. It’s got the same old ABP system with reactive and thru shaft. It’s got a slack-ahead angle
from a 66 down to a 65.5. Obviously not a huge change, but it can be returned to
a 66 with a Mino Link chip. It’s got a one degree steeper
seat angle and same reach. Fox suspension have introduced this new live suspension system so more electronics to go
on a bike if you desire it. It’s got loads of sensors
all over the bike. You can actually make the bike react to what you’re riding so it will even know when you’re descending or climbing. It’s got two accelerometers,
two on the fork arch and one near the rear axle. It measures the velocity of
vertical movements and impact. Super clever stuff. Data is sent to a live valve process which determines which
way the bike is angled and if it’s in the air. Function is then sent
back to fork or shaft to open damper if needed. The time between impact and dampening is just 3 milliseconds. It’s sensitivity can still be adjusted via a small hex screw on top of the fork as well as an open mode and firm mode. Controller can be recharged
on or off the bike and is completely weather sealed as you’d expect from any
Mack model technology. Now it adds about 144 grams to the bike. The price, ah that’s where the kicker is. It ranges from $3000
for a 32 stack cast fork to $3250 for a 36, less for OEM customers. Now time for something slightly different. What about a titanium hardtail with a Pinion gearbox. Check this out, it’s a Viral bike. They’ve got two models of it. A Skeptic, it comes with a 130 or 150 mm travel fork or a derived
come with a 140 or rigid. We’ve seen a few manufacturers actually launching bikes with gearboxes. Let me know what you guys
think. Comments down below. I’ve not ridden a gearbox bike ever. I’ve heard that you do get
some added friction in there from drivetrain but getting
ride of the rear mack has got to be quite a
positive thing I think. Talking about gearbox bike,
Sick Bicycles have just launched a KickStarter for a full
suspension bike with a gearbox. They’ve actually reached their
funding goal within 24 hours. The Viral bikes however,
are pretty pricey. They both come in for about
four and a half thousand dollars for the frame and the drivetrain. 100 percent clothing have
introduced a new autumn collection so they’ve improved much
of their existing clothes and actually redeveloped
the entire glove range. All new is a Cognito glove
with knuckle protection without sacrificing any
comfort for the rider. We’ve got new designs and color ways for their RaceCraft Plus goggle. It was actually worn by Loic Bruni when he won the Mont-Sainte-Anne. As well as other improvements
to other lines of goggles such as the Strata
Forecast and Accuri lines. E13 have launched a very
limited edition set of Aaron Gwin’s signature carbon wheels. So only 25 sets available worldwide. Carbon rims, a lifetime warranty, actually got a carbon hub
shell on there as well. So a 650 p wheel set so obviously Aaron wasn’t running them at the last World Cup when he was running a 29er bike but also runs a seven
speed integrated cassette as for recommended tire
width’s about 2.3 to 2.6. So the last two bikes that
Doddie’s actually featured here on the show have gone on to win races so Richie Rude actually won a round of the California Enduro series on that brand new Yeti SP150. And Marty Maes has gone and
won the La Bresse downhill on that brand new GT Fury. So what is coming next? Is anyone going to win a
race on that Scott Ransom? Definitely not me, I know that for sure but someone might. (beeping) Now it’s time for the Bike Cave. Now we’ve been getting
tons of entries for this but it’s great to see where
you look after your bikes and where you keep them but
keep sending them through via our uploader, details
are on the screen now. But let’s get in and let’s take a look at Angelo’s bike cave. So check out Angelo’s bike cave. He’s got loads of stuff in there with his brother as well. Check out that quad. They’re riding and racing
all sorts of things, got BMXes, quads. His brother’s BMX, check it out, he’s been sort of
upgrading, respraying it. I love it! They’ve got loads of cool
stuff in there, big tool case, chest with all their
tools, also got them racked up on the wall, I love doing that myself when I get a workshop set up so you can just get your tools out without having to go delve into a toolbox. Love it. Next bike cave comes from
Gaz, who I keep bumping into. I saw him at the Hard Rock
race a couple of weeks ago and I saw him at Forest Heat last week so I’ll let him do the chatting because he’s given us a
tour of his bike cave. – Hi Doddy, just going to take you through my bike cave quickly, thought I’d do a little video for ya. Bit better than a few random pictures, just talk you through some bits. So yeah, my garage, bit of
storage at the same time as well, but we can work with that. Things like my jet washer, my pride and joy, my Air Ascend 9. Over here my Cube
Analog, which I’ve turned into a commuter bike so I’ve put my Crank Brothers clips on there and some road tires. Got a turbo trainer and that so I can push everything to the back and get the Turbo Trainer out. So work stand, with a
mate’s road bike on there. He’s just bought that for 60 quid. Doing a bit of work on that for him. My wife’s bike, which rarely gets used and she’s looking at getting an e-bike and getting out on the trails
so she can keep up with me. And we’ve got things
like an old push chair and some spares etc. A couple of spare wheels, that wheel I’m going to turn into a clock, the rim’s actually flat
spotted all the way around so the rim’s no use to man or beast so a bit or an ornament. My little lad’s truck toy
he loves going out on that. He’s got really good
control for it as well so he doesn’t run out in front of a truck. A little storage box
there and a Pelican case. The Pelican case gets filled with tools and the box gets filled with spares so when I go away for a
race weekend or something like that it’s nice and compact and can keep all my stuff together. Old camping table there which we’re using as a workbench. Got some gloves up on there, some various sorts of
clearning sprays, lubricants, Gorilla tape, Mastic tape,
both a bit fan of that. Drawer set as well, so
that’s where all the spares and tools, I’m not going
to lie, as you can see it they’re all sort of chucked
in there at the moment. It’s not ideal, I’m looking
to get a piece of board and put it up on the back wall there, trace around the tools and
bang some holes in there and make me a pegboard. Bent rotor, so this one suffered its fate in Forest of Dean on
the wood sections there. Just a bin to keep everything tidy. There’s a bit of decoration up on there. I’ve got all my race numbers from the last sort of
couple of years as well including so that one’s
my current race number for the UK Gravity Enduro. So yeah, hope you enjoyed a little look around my workshop and next
time you’re riding in Fox Woods it’s only about 900 m from
me so give me a shout! – And finally, this is
a great one, it comes from Steven, who’s a
Bristolian living in Sweden for the last fifteen years
who’s been collecting bikes. He hasn’t got a car so
bikes are his thing. Now check out this, we’ll
start with his tool board. He seems to have a
pretty cool sound system built into the wall as well. Loads of tools. (muttering) Can’t recognize all those to be honest, but check out the bikes. How many has he got there? He’s got a scooter thing. That’s doesn’t count, but two scooters. There’s an old GT Karakoram, I reckon, with that yellow and orange thing. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, that I can see, there’s a shopping bike. What is that? Ancillotti trial bike,
that’s a blast from the past. That is mental! Costly, aren’t they? Is that a pull shock
bike? I think they were. Oh, look at that. What is that? Soft tail road bike with
those tri-valves on it and a pint of beer in the background. I’m more interested in the pint of beer than I am in the bike to be honest. Steven? I like that scooter. With bar ends, rock shocks,
is that an indie fork? Who knows what you use that bike for. You live in Sweden, another one. What the heck? I have no idea. He’s got a Maghera high drive
rim running off the front. And on the rear. There you go, that’s the
GT Karakoram. I like that. My friend had one of these
in school in the 90s. Love the paint jobs on these bikes. Another rock shocks, is
that an Indie as well? I can’t remember, I’d only
guess it’s someone else. You brake on the back of those old GTs. Good for nothing, especially in the wet. Check out that chain
device, I had one of those, can’t remember who it was made by. Really good though. Canyon, looks like Grand Canyon, moving into the modern age with this. Much more my cup of tea. And now, you’ve drunk half a beer as well. Must be a long day in the workshop. Girvin Flexstem, never had one of those, but I know from experience with
other people telling me that when you hit a bump, not
only did that sort of flex, but everything rolls forward
as well, so not ideal. They did go out of fashion. Check out those GT flats, remember those? They sort of, you know, you
could take those plates off don’t know if you ever replaced them. What is going on here? That’s some sort of microscooter and something that seems
to have zero bars at all and some skateboard wheels at the front. Steven, you’re obviously
a bit of an eccentric but I love your bike cave, so
thanks for sending that in. (tape rewinding) Well there’s plenty of retro going on in the bike cave, but check
out this week’s rewind, we’ve got some amazing bikes. We’ve got Tom from Seattle
who’s just picked up this 1993 GT Team Avalanche. Now these are the golden
years for me personally. This is when I was just
getting into mountain biking so it’s lovely to see these bikes. Tom says he picked this up
off the internet for cheap. Steel frame, Rock Shox’s Judy SL. I love the yellow color. Parts have been replaced along the way, but that’s because it’s been
ridden continuously since ’93. He plans to continue on it
and ride on the local trails. Check this out. Now look at that bike. It’s quite a big frame,
I reckon, but it’s cool. I reckon you need a Tan Wall
tire on the rear as well to make that bike look super cool. It just looks good to me,
the look does it retro, the sort of angles of those bikes, with that triple triangle frame they have, like we saw on that Karakoram as well, I think still looks pretty cool nowadays. Love that, cheers Tom. Now time from Janne from Finland who’s got this Cannondale
M900, Killer V800. The M900’s from ’95, the
Killer V ‘s from ’97. A Super V 400 from ’97
and that Raven from ’98 Now that Raven is pretty iconic. Just needs a couple of
bits to finish it off: chain, some brakes and
controls up on the bars, look at the head shock
still going on there. That’s still pretty cool I reckon. V400, those tires look super retro to me, but not in a good way to be
honest, those Panaracers. Not quite retro enough to be cool. Wow, those wheels on that M900. Almost looks like some sort of, you know, New York sort of courier bike. I really like it for
that, super cool bike. And finally, Ryan from Texas sent in this 1994 Trek 930 SHX. He’s actually sent in a video of him riding this bike in Washington, so nice to see him sort of using it. He said, “Went on a
family vacation promised “not to make it all mountain biking” “but couldn’t resist going
for a ride with his dad”. He’s still got his ’94
Trek 920 full rigid. So says he’s still have
fun on the old bikes but a lot more fun on the modern bikes. Check it out. Rockshox fork up front, got
some big old bar ends on there but great to still see
him riding that bike. Some lovely bikes on
Rewind and don’t forget to use our uploader, send
us your’s through my feature on next week’s show. (clicking) Some great top mods this week. Check out this first one,
it’s absolutely mental. So Jolly from South Carlina has made a homemade Dropper C post. Have you ever heard of such a thing? So he’s made it from a floor
pump and an old C post. I know the thing that lifts
your hatchback in the car. So check it out, it’s
literally just sort of formed of seat post, no the
floor pump is the outside bit. I don’t know how he’s got
this to fit his bike as well. Look at that sort of pin
that you have to pull out. That is absolutely mental. I’d love to see it in action
to see if it actually works but Jolly, that is a brilliant thing. I never would have thought of that myself. Next one comes from Andreas
in Worms in Germany, so we’ve seen a few different solutions for mounting a bottle cage for a frame that doesn’t normally have the bolt. So this is an SKS bottle
cage adapter combined with a Fidlock magnetic bottle mount that Doddie has shown on
previous GMBN Tech shows, I know I’ve seen that. So he’s put this on his
brand new Cannon Spectrum. Nice one Andreas, that’s cool. Pretty good placement as well. Can you actually reach that bottle? I guess you can once you ride in. Do you notice it? It’s a good solution to frames that don’t have those bottle cage mounts. Our last one comes from Paulio, from Brighton in the UK. He’s taken his bright green Kona Process and given it a whole new paint job. So it looks pretty cool, the bike is definitely not in stock, all those whole parts. It’s a great looking bike, it’s cool to see people doing sort
of custom paint jobs now but you don’t see it that often actually. I’ve heard of people
wrapping their bikes as well. Nice one. It’s a good solution if you don’t like the color of your bike. (beeping) Tech of the week this week is
that brand new Scott Ransom that I talked about
earlier on in the show. If you want to see a full first look video click over there for that where I talk you through
all the finer details of that bike and I
actually ride it as well. And if you want to see
Episode 2 of our essentials where Jess tells you
everything you need to know about brake pads, click
over there for that one. Give us a thumbs up if you love GMBN Tech and don’t forget to hit
that subscribe button if you’ve not done already.

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