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August 26, 2019

Alright, let’s do it. I -I have like no bravery today. Alright. Going down the ladder. ~He he he.~ Going down the ladder. Ok. Ok. *gets scared* *Intro sequence* What’s up guys? I’m Googly Eyes and today we are back in the insane asylum in A Chair In A Room. Today I am join by my companions; MIKE ~Hello!~ and Keobi. *Robot noises* So MIKE, last time we played this we were in the- ~We were in the physiatrist’s office.~ Yeah, with all the little baby heads and they were creepy. ~Yeah.~ So now we have to move on to the next chapter of evidence. Now I can’t quite remember.. Let’s see if this works- OHHH! Woah, what? So it feels like I’m in a church. Confession is open.. Okay.. Can’t go up the stairs. Can I go through this door? *tries to turn knob* Nope. Not yet. Okay. So I guess the only choice left is the confession room huh? Huh! ~Guess so.~ Let’s make some confessions, Mike. ~Yeah, now how many sins have you commited?~ I don’t know.. Woah that was a wall. Oh, I’m in a hallway.. oh ok I’m in the confessio- *Priest* Are you a sinner, child? * MIKE imitating* ~Are you a sinner?~ *Priest* You wanna know more? *Priest* Show me who you are. Bring me the image of your sins. *Googly Eyes* Whoa! *Priest* And I may have repentance for you. *Googly Eyes* The what.. the image or so- ~Bring me the image of what?~ * Priest* Knowledge is the forbidden fruit. *Googly Eyes* Do you want my hand? Is that what you want? Does you want my hand? ~Is it in the ches~ Oh.. what? Maybe this? *Priest* You have more to confess.. Bring me your sins. *Googly Eyes* Bring him my sins.. *Priest* It falls from the tree of knowledge. *Googly Eyes* Okay, so I need- appare- I need to bring him some stuff. And there’s nothing else left in here right, MIKE? ~Yeah not in here.~ Ssssso sh- I’m just gonna leave. Th- that guy had a weird voice for a priest. That’s for sure. Alright, let’s head out.. let’s see what’s going on now. There is some werd n- I’m leaving. I’m getting out of here. *tries to turn door knob* Oh, it looks like there’s a lock. *fiddles with the lock* I-I mean I don’t know what to do there. Okay. So ~Don’t know the code yet..~ Wait, there were numbers circled in this room. Ther- There were numbers circled on this page in the room. ~Okay Mr. Escape Room~ So 3, 11, 17. Right? ~Yep.~ Okay Mister, I’ll be right back, okay? Okay, so 3, 11, 17.. 3, 11, 17.. 3, 11, 17.. ugh. *dabs* Three ~Ok that’s eleven.~ Stop. ~Seventeen, there you go.~ Oh, apparently I got it. ~There you go. There you go~ Okay. ~Whoa.~ Whoa. Oh. So there’s a light right there. Dude, this is creepy as heck. ~Um.. Try looking for a light switch. I’m sure there’s a light switch somewhere.~ Oh I see one. Oh I got it. ~Oh hey, there you go.~ Oh nice.. there we go. Let’s look around. There’s nothing in there I need. I found a pill.. should I take it? What do you think? Didn’t work. ~No I wouldn’t.~ Or maybe this is one of the sins.. Wait, hang on. Yeah, look the apple didn’t fall- Look at that. Do you see the poster? ~Yeah.~ It’s talking about the medicine. ~Okay.~ And it’s in the shape of an apple. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. It’s the medicine, it’s what I need to bring to him. Oooh! Guess what I found, MIKE? ~What?~ A little green pill. ~Pills are good.~ It looks just like the one in the picture. ~Pills are good!~ Okay, I guess I’m gonna take this back with me. Does that sound good? ~Sure.~ Alright, I’m leaving. I’m nervous, I’m super nervous. ~Bring it to him.~ Okay. *Priest* An apple from the tree of knowledge. Tell me. Who did you follow into the swamp? A child or a man? * Googly Eyes* He gave me a key. Okay, so he just gave me a key. So is he a trader? Okay. Alright, let’s see. Okay, so I’m back in the room. Let’s go over here. *tries to turn knob* ~Am I hearing a snake? Oh my god!~ ~There’s a snake behind you.~ Don’t say anything. ~Behind you!~ You’re lying. ~Dude, you should have seen where it was.~ Okay, I turned on the light switch because apparently MIKE you saw it. I couldn’t see it. ~Ugh, whatever.~ ~Okay, you didn’t see where that snake went, I’m just gonna tell you where,~ Okay. ~Because you were to chicken to turn around when I told you to turn around.~ ~You don’t listen to your AI ever.~ Yeah you’re right, I’m sorry. ~Okay there’s a cabinet~ Right here? ~Yeah, right there. See that cabinet right there?~ Yeah. ~He went into there.~ ~Bro, just unlock it!~ I’m so nervous, dude. ~Don’t be nervous! We already know there’s a snake in there.~ Oh, okay. Oh, what is this? It’s a lighter. Oh, I can start it. Ha! I can use this. Whoa, what? ~What?~ Is that a battery or something? I think I need to put something in there. Okay, I’m going back. I’m taking this lighter with me. It’s my trusty little lighter. Okay, so we can go back in this room. ~Go find a battery, bro.~ Yeah, let’s do that. Alright, let’s see.. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Whoa! ~Yeah!~ Okay, I have a strong feeling that as soon as I take this battery out, the lights are gonna go out. ~Probably!~ Oh my gosh! ~Ha!~ Okay, just give it to me. What? Just.. What? Okay, I got the light. ~You should never be an electrician.~ Apparently. So now, we gotta put the battery in here. Okay, so we gotta put the bat- Ready? Here we go! Ohhhh! Dude, that is creepy. ~Ohhhhh Snap!~ Dude, that is so- look at – Dude that is just- What? Like, are you serious right now? ~Alright bro, let’s see you go down those stairs.~ Are you serious right now, MIKE? ~I think you should.~ Alright, let’s do it. I -I have like no bravery today. Alright. Going down the ladder.~He he he.~ Going down the ladder. Okay. Okay. *gets scared* There was a little kid and I dropped the lighter. ~Did you really?~ I dropped the lighter. ~Ha ha!~ There it is. It’s got a little light on it. Okay. Come on. There we go. Okay. Okay, so there’s a cha- ~Oh! Look to your right.~ ~Look to your right. There’s something on the wall.~ Oh, Beware. It’s the illuminati thing. ~Oh! It’s that beware thing again with the illuminati sign.~ Okay, I need to look for a light switch or something I think. Oh hey! What’s up? There’s a chair in the room. How ironic? Alright, let’s move around. There’s like notes on the wall. It’s like the kid was like- there was like somebody stuck down here or something. Dude I- Oh gosh! What’s that say? You came for me. ~I tried to see you.~ ~But they stopped me.~ Wait- ~Wait for me in the lodge.~ Oh so that’s that note from before. So he said talk to him more about my sins, right? And this is the only thing that I remember. ~Yeah, that was on the table before we went into this.~ Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, it was like one of the clues. ~Okay.~ Alright, let’s- guess we’re going up the ladder now. Whoa. ~What the hell?~ ~Well, I think it’s safe to say you got the right one.~ Yeah, yeah. That one was creepy! Get your ticket, I don’t want it. I don’t wan- Oh it just morphed through the wall. *Priest* What did you see? *Googly Eyes* You! *Priest* Did you see the serpent out in the swamp? *Googly Eyes* Yeah. ~Dude, look inside.~ *Priest* You chose to stop and look. Why? *Googly Eyes* I’m sorry? *Priest* Someone you loved but never really knew. *Googly Eyes* Right.. *Priest* Take my advice and confess because you don’t have long to make peace with the devils that haunt you. *Googly Eyes* So I have to take his advice and confess? So I need to- Oh it’s like a- What? What is that? Oh that’s a crocodile. It’s a crocodilk. Okay, can I help you? What do you want? Oh it’s fading away. Cool story bro. Okay, so what I can conclude from that is that it sounded like the priest or somebody killed the child- ~Mm-hmm.~ -and drugged me and then and put me in place of the person ’cause you said- -I was like the only plain in sight that could be blamed. ~Hmm.~ So the child was locked downstairs, escaped when I was in the cabin. I might have seen him or something like that, right? ~Yeah.~ ~What does your board say?~ I must not eat the fruit the serpent gave me. ~So don’t take the pill.~ Okay. ~It says, I must not, right?~ Yeah. ~Put the pill on top of th-the thing.~ There is no pill.. ~Yeah there is, look at your door.~ Whoa! Okay, so I’m gonna go with your conclusion, MIKE, and I’m gonna put this on the board and let’s see what happens. *Lets out a laugh* That- Whoa! Now it- Now it worked. ~I was like, don’t mess with me bro.~ ~I know what I’m thin- I know what I’m thinking I’m saying what I’m thinking. Alright guys, click right here to watch the last episode, which was episode four- -where Googly Eyes wandered around a physiatrist’s office and had to go to extreme lengths- -just to find clues to figure out how to do it. Click right there to subscribe. and we’ll see you guys later. Peace.

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  1. no trying to conplain but is there a way you could kind of adjust the mic a little bit cause you can hear really loudly when you guys are breathing

  2. Plot twist.. There is no such thing as googley eyes and whoever wheres the mask gets possesed by it. The reason they are called googley eyes is because they are being hipnotized by the mask.. Spread the word. #WeKnowIt XD

  3. Me: It's 10:31 I'll watch one more just one more them I must get ready for the day
    Then I watch the hole bid and many more!

  4. I just realized that when the board said "don't eat the apple the snake gave me", I feel like that is a reference to Adam and Eve. In Adam and Eve a snake gives Eve an fruit, but God told both Adam and Eve not to eat that specific fruit

  5. at 3:59 when mike said "PILLS ARE GUUOOOOODDD.." i'm like mike. Are you on durgs?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Smh I watched up to the last video then watched funny ones instead.. it is now the middle of the night.. I'm watching again.. I'm stupid.. I would be less scared if it were Matt playing instead of Connor smh πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  7. The real reason is: Matthias’s game got corrupted and they had to film it again, but Matthias already played it all so Connor volunteered to finish the game-play

  8. Guys do you remember in the first episode when Matt saw that kid, outside the door kneeling on the ground with a phone. But then the kid disappeared. Maybe that was the kid the Crocodile killed. The kid was probably trying to call for help??????????

  9. Y don't they put it to were we could see wat he sees like they did with the last game i would subscribe if they started doing that

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