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Fortnite Video Game Athlete Earns $200,000 | Secretly Awesome

September 11, 2019

INTERVIEWER: But $200,000. How do you feel about this? It’s incredible. So I usually wake up around
8 o’clock, do schoolwork, and then I stream
from, really, whenever I’m ready until
whenever I go to sleep. INTERVIEWER: How many hours of
“Fortnite” do you play a day? GRIFFIN SPIKOSKI:
Like, eight hours. And then on weekends,
I play, like, up to 18. INTERVIEWER: What are you
going to do with the $200,000? [MUSIC PLAYING] GRIFFIN SPIKOSKI: So I usually
wake up around 8 o’ clock, eat breakfast, take a shower. And then I just do
schoolwork until that’s over, usually around 11:00 or 12:00. And then I stream
from, really, whenever I’m ready until
whenever I go to sleep. CHRIS SPIKOSKI: The first
money being was Twitch. He started streaming on
Twitch back in April. And probably around June we
got his first $100 from Twitch. People on Twitch– so they could subscribe
for $5, and I get $2 and 1/2 dollars out of that. And people just continually
subscribe through that. And when you do
make YouTube videos, you can put
advertisements on them. And you make money off of ads. CHRIS SPIKOSKI: And we were,
like, blown away at the time. We’re like, oh my god, he’s
actually made some money. And the next thing you know,
his YouTube video blows up, and he gets more subscribers,
and more people take notice. So basically I
went into a game, and I don’t really know
how, but I got into a game with a really big streamer. The biggest at the time,
and still the biggest. He had, like, 20,000
viewers at the time. He gets to, like, 60,000 now. And I got a lucky shot on him. I got a really cool hit on him. And I took that clip,
uploaded it to YouTube, and it got 9 million views. Oh, I actually killed Tfue! I actually killed Tfue! No way. I actually killed Tfue, bro. I mean, if you’re going to
try to do this as a career, you’ve got to be patient, and
you’ve got to have dedication. People always put, like, full
force into it, but it’s not– it’s kind of just
luck in the end. It is lucky. Cause my video, when I
first exploded and got all this popularity, my video– I got lucky. And it got 9 million views. INTERVIEWER: But $200,000. How do you feel about this? CHRIS SPIKOSKI: It’s incredible. It’s incredible. But we try to keep
him humble about it, and try and keep him focused. Like I said, school
is top priority. And that’s his main focus. INTERVIEWER: What are you
going to do with the $200,000? I don’t have interest
of spending it. I’m just going to save it. If I go down the road, or if
this goes down or whatever, I could use in on college,
a house, anything. I want parents to
know that, you know, if their kids do
enjoy playing games, and they have a passion for it,
and they’re really good at it, they should treat it
as any other sport. Same way we would
treat baseball games and bringing our kids
to games, and buying all the equipment for them. Just encourage them, and help
them follow their passion and follow their dreams. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Sceptics parents a year ago be like: get off that game, it hurts your brain. Sceptics parent's now: PLAY FORTNITE I NEED SOME MONEY

  2. People saying "hes not an athlete are clowns" Learn what athlete means Hes in A pro Esports team making money thats what makes him an athlete not being strong af or fast af lol

  3. Of course parents support him because of the money MAINLY. Let’s say he never earned as much. They wouldn’t support him.

  4. Is it weird that they didnt get bugha for this?
    He literally won 1.5 million (ik he won 3 mil but the irs is a bunch of shitholes)

  5. THIS KID IS SO RICH I AM NOT 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I DONT HAVE A CENT FROM MY WALET THIS KID GMHAVE 200.000$ IN WALET ☦

  6. Dad: School is his main priority
    Lady: So how many hours do you play fortnite a day
    Kid: 8 on week days and 11 on week ends

  7. Anyone realize this was the same kid that got Karma at the World Cup for taking the L and getting killed in less then a minute later?

  8. Not an athlete. Im sick of hearing that. Call him a gamer or call it a job. You are playing video games for crying out loud. Just enjoy the market and the money involved and gladly accept the "professional gamer" title.

  9. I still don't get the parents' logic when they say school is top priority, sceptic will make more money off of gaming and streaming most likely, has made 200k so far, and will probably be happier with this career than anything else…. what's the logic? A backup plan or sumn

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