Fortnite – Season 7 Battle Pass Overview
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Fortnite – Season 7 Battle Pass Overview

August 25, 2019

It’s a new Season, and that means a brand new Battle Pass! The Season 7 Battle Pass features over a hundred unique cosmetics to earn… as you level it up. When you first buy the pass, you’ll instantly unlock brand new progressive outfits: Zenith and Lynx. Plus, if you opt in for the Battle Bundle, you’ll get Sgt. Winter too! New to the Season 7 Battle Pass are wraps! Wraps are earned through leveling up the Battle Pass and allow you to cosmetically customize… weapons and vehicles in-game. So pick your favorite look to match your most stylish outfits. There are a hundred tiers and over a hundred rewards… ranging from new outfits, pets, toys, emotes and more! Of course, none of them affect gameplay, and you’ll keep all your rewards after the Season ends. Plus, all Battle Pass owners will get early access to their own island in Creative! A brand new place for you to design games with friends and build your dream Fortnite. The Season 7 Battle Pass is available in the in-game store right now for just 950 V-Bucks. Hope you enjoy Season 7, and we’ll see you in game!

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  1. Season 9 here

    Youtube reccomended season 7 battle pass rewards

    Edit: dang thanks for 190 likes

    Edit 2: wow this much likes thanks

  2. I don’t like this…

    why can’t they just do the music trailers from season 3 – 6 ;(

    1 like = 1 prayer for OG Fortnite

  3. Worst season ever
    1 – It lasted way too long without any updates
    2 – Most of the ice biome is bad
    3 – Lack of updates
    4 – Planes
    5 – Zombies
    6 – Sword

  4. Concha tu hermana tonce banearon a un amigo por nada forros del orto inutiles dislaik por tener autismo y cancer de 5 etapa

  5. I like the voices and way they show the battle pass, but the last seasons battle pass overviews were hella better

  6. Season 7 community: remove the plan.

    Season X community: remove the robot.

    Season XI community: remove the Sweaty soccer skin number 69 streamer[ ]

  7. Wow!Cant wait for this season to start!Thank you YT, without your recommendations i would never know about this season starting!!!

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