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FORTNITE.IO?! (React: Gaming)

August 27, 2019

– Whoa, no, please no. – (screams)
– That actually scared me so bad. – Oh.
– (screams) – (FBE) After this episode,
head over to where you can watch last week’s
streams for free and tune in this Wednesday
and Thursday to see college kids and elders play
Dream Daddy live. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Zombs Royale?
Is it gonna be like Fortnite? – I’ve played–
I’m trying to remember. I remember Worms.
It wasn’t, but it was something else io. – It’s like a
or one of those fidget and it’s Royale, so I think
the map’s going to shrink. – (FBE) is an online
battle royale game in the style of the more
well known Fortnite and PUBG. – Okay, you literally just said
fifteen words that I’ve never even heard in my life. – I played Fortnite only once
and that was on this channel and everyone is obsessed with it. – I love Fortnite.
As much as I’m bad at it, it’s very entertaining ’cause
I like the adrenaline rush. – (FBE) We’re gonna give you
30 minutes and as many rounds as you can to see if you
can survive and be the last one alive.
– Okay, we’ll see. I mean, it’s gonna be at least one.
I’ll probably outlast at least one person. – I’m gonna get that chicken
dinner for you and I’ll do the dance
if I win, I swear. – What’s gonna be my
username? – You’re putting me on the spot.
I’ma put Goku. It’s my cat’s name. – (silly voice) Oh my God,
it’s Boston Tom, okay. Let’s get going. – Oh wow, this is exactly
the same [bleep]. Where’s tilted at?
Do they have that here? – There’s 110 people?
I’m just gonna wait. – Oh, that’s my little
parachute. That’s adorable. – See, people are already dying.
I can’t even– oh, I’m on the ground? – No, give me it.
How do I get it? – (FBE) E.
– I’m running. I’m running away. – It’s telling me all the people
that are dying. Can I just survive with
no weapons? – Come here, bitch.
Can he see me right now? I can see him and we can
just look at each other. We’re friends. [Bleep] die, bitch!
1-0, let’s go. Get that KD up. – I killed them, right?
Okay. Oh my God, they dropped
a lot of stuff. – Ah!
No, no. Oh, with the movement though.
With the movement though. Oh no, no movement.
I died. All right, I get it now.
I get it now. – He killed me and I
killed him at least. – Akimbo pistols.
Oh [bleep], I was not paying attention
to the storm. – The gas is moving in.
He doesn’t move any faster than this? – I’m gonna walk around
the far edge of it and I’m gonna top down
on these bitches. – This is like my kind
of game. I could definitely get
behind this. Ah, see, I told you.
I told you! I made it in the top ten. – The gas is near here,
isn’t it? Am I a beast or what, guys? – Bam.
Oh, [bleep]. Shuriken, what? Yah.
Get out, homie. – I’m playing pressing–
I’m just picking literally everything up.
Okay, I wanna pick that up. Do I have to like–
ah, there’s someone! No.
Aw, that happened too fast. I’m seventh out of 111.
That’s really good. – You thought you could kill me,
but I’m back. You know what?
I only got two kills? – I keep hearing people
reloading. Mother [bleep].
Oh, it can shoot over that? What is that thing?
Top four, not bad. One kill. – That was dumb.
I walked right into that. I’m mad.
Ah man, I gotta pay more attention to what
I’m picking up and dropping, ’cause that was total
accident. – I’m just gonna watch where
everybody deploys, okay? Y’all are wild. – Wow, wow, wow.
They’ve got guns and we just started.
He’s trying to follow me. Oh, they’re shooting–
we’re killing each other in– (screams) – Oh no, buddy.
[Bleep], [bleep]. He picked it up right
when I was like, oh, we can be friends
and then it’s like, “Oh no, [bleep] that.
I’ma kill you.” – This is like Pac-Man
if Pac-Man was homicidal. Okay, so I’m really
doing a lot of damages. I died.
I’m doing way, way better than I thought I would.
I thought I was gonna be in the 50s maybe. – Oh, I did a lot of damage
to him. Come here, come here.
I’m finishing the job. I’m out of ammo.
[Bleep]. – It’s really not that scary.
Oh, [bleep]. He tried to kill me when
I was trying to pick up a weapon. No, no!
Oh my God, I had a plan. – Can you [bleep] die?
I steal all your [bleep]. Oh God, the gas.
How do I– I can’t move.
Oh my God, ah. – A Scar.
Ah [bleep], I gotta haul it. I’m taking too much time.
Ah [bleep], [bleep]. Go, go, go.
All right, cool. – At least no one camps
the side of the– the sides like they do
in Fortnite waiting for people to run in
and just kill everyone that’s literally just running
to live. Ha ha. – I’m just gonna wait it out
until the circle gets smaller. Oh my God.
I’m leaving, I’m leaving. Oh wait, I can just wait it out.
I mean, I got one kill. He took my medkit! – Yep, there’s a fool in there.
That was a bad smoke, but still does the job. Ah, I killed myself.
I did not ricochet that correctly. – Where you at
home skillet? Oh boy, get sniped.
That’s five kills. Oh, not good. No, he’s hitting me hard.
[Bleep], no. – Okay, you gonna pick it up
or what’s your problem? They don’t know what
they’re doing either. That’s really mean. – Yeah, what’s good baby?
Back up. You don’t mess with me
like that. – Give me that range.
Distracted homie. – Boy, I wanna see Ninja
play this game. That takes some real skills.
1v1 me in – (FBE) You’re out of ammo, Labib.
– [Bleep]. No!
He got me [bleep] cornered right there.
Number eighteen. Not as bad, not as bad.
I got better. I got a kill, too this time. – Come around, come around
player. I’m about to win this. We killed each other.
Eleven, man. I went worse.
What is this? – Ooh, grenada.
Ah, [bleep]. The storm.
Forgot about the storm. – Come here, come here.
I will kill you. – I see you.
Use your ammo, bro. Waste it, that’s fine. Yeah, this is full auto.
Ah, he had shields, see? That was my only issue there.
I didn’t have any shield. – Someone’s following me
or near– oh, okay.
I wanna kill someone. So, I made it.
I’m in the top five. Oh, now I’m where everyone is.
I didn’t want that. I just wanted to be where
one other person was. Okay, so I only killed
one person, but I’m number five out of 109.
I’m doing really well at this game. – Ah, oh God. [Bleep]!
Ah, I hate this game! – This is a tiny zone.
Where the [bleep] is everyone? – (FBE) It’s just you and
one other person. – No way.
Where are you, fool? Come out and fight me
like a– die.
Ah, [bleep]. He hurt.
Okay. Whoa.
(grunts) We got the dub.
I promised. I’m gonna kick this chair.
You gotta get out of the way. All right, you ready?
– ♪ (band music) ♪ – Get wrecked.
Ninja, where you at? He’s gonna tweet me
and be like, “Yo, hop on Fortnite.
I’ll show you how a real person plays.” – Thanks for watching us
play on the React Channel. – Bye guys, I’m gonna
go home and play more of this game. – Hey guys, Mark here,
producer at the React Channel. I hope you enjoyed this episode,
but we got way more gaming content over at Head over there to see us
play Dream Daddy this Wednesday and Thursday
with the adults and elders. See you guys there.

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