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August 23, 2019

Sub to my channel at scrillztm I’m just, you’re not cutting it and so um… I’d hate to say it, but this game might be reflective of a real-life situation Morgan! What?!?! If we don’t win this game, I think we should break up. Yo guys it’s morgz and today we’re back with another fortnite challenge. Today, I’m joined with… Today I am joined with… Hi! So today, I am going to be carrying a noob on fortnite. What? Bro! How are you gonna carry me if you don’t even have a win. I’ve told you this already Kiera, my fingers just keep slipping. Yeah, guys. This is definitely gonna be an interesting video. If you’re new here, and you don’t already know… I’m currently giving away an Xbox, a Playstation and 25,000 VBucks And guys the way you enter is by the link in the description below However two of the things you have to do to enter is to smash that subscribe button and smash that like button and by doing both of those things you will be entered to win a PlayStation and Xbox and… oh 6 VBucks… 25,000… So yeah me and Kiera are gonna jump into a game right now. We’re gonna see if we can get duo’s win It’s not gunna happen… Babe you’ve got me on your team we are definitely gonna win That’s just that’s just not true though. Is it… when have we ever won. I’m trying my best okay? Like you can have one more chance, but if you play bad today I’m breaking up with you because this is just embarrassing. Oh my gosh The stakes are high jeez okay So me and Kiera have just jumped into a game and the first thing she does is puts the mode on squads. That’s not fair… What’s not fair? it was like that already. yeah, that’s what they all say, let’s get into a duo game Okay, guys, we’re in the battle bus right now Kiera. Where we going where we going haunted hills… We are going to haunted hills? yeah, babe let’s flippin do it… okay Were off, guys, haunted hills is like me and Kiera’s little spot that we always going to do because if you haven’t ever been haunted hills go There there’s always like five chest. It’s sick guys Just before we start coming down below hashtag team morgz or hashtag team Kiera. Who do you think is gonna play best in this game? Okay guys I found a chest here Let’s see what we’ve got first chest Oh… THAT WAS MY CHEST!!! What… wait that’s not you… what happened… I thought it was you so I didn’t try and fight him! Oh My gosh Guys looks like we’re literally ten seconds in Kiera has already died I’m gonna go China venture because why the hell not oh he’s that it’s the dude get him get him Yay now you can come and be dead with me forever It seems to be a tradition for my fortnite videos to always start off in like an instant death But that right there is an absolute Abomination guys really go through another game right now. Let’s see if we can survive more than two minutes guys We can’t lose this game. Okay, Kiera. We can’t lose. Okay. Where’d you want to go?… anarchy acres that looks fun? No, you’re going tilted towers. Why did you jump? Oh? God sake okay guys we’re going to anarchy acres oh It was supposed to be a team you can’t just jump whenever you want. I’m the captain now, okay, Kiera We stick together right don’t go up leaving me again. I’m going to the big barn. Noo…. That was mine! There is not anything here… I’m just wrecking havoc. Oh gosh. Oh for God’s sake man I just keep not seeing them and they just keep sneak attacking me. oh gosh, oh my gosh, okay? Spirits are high, but the health bar is very low have you died? Yes, what a surprise? You can’t live without me! I died trying to save you because you keep dying Awwwh, you can’t live without me! The thing is guys I Recruited Kiera because my record isn’t very good I haven’t won yet So I thought why not get Kiera to hopefully help me get better, so far this has been a flipping disaster guys We’re just learning into another game right now I just want to remind you if you haven’t already subscribed to the channel you should definitely go and do so right now for top quality Fortnight skills on display by me and Kiera. Hahaha, seriously they have smash the subscribe button and you’ll be entered into a huge giveaway Did it win some VBucks and get some skins, and why would you not want that… Kiera okay? I’m not asking for much all I’m asking for is that you communicate with me you try your best and we will succeed Do you agree to do that? What communicate? Kiera should we go tilted towers? Yeah, oh God guys. We’re definitely gonna die in like two seconds Okay, listen Kiera the strategy for tilted towers is don’t die okay Okay, this feeling guys there can’t why are you all? Carry this three of the guys here. Why did you come? Okay? I’ve got a gun care. I’m going to save you Oh, why can’t you stay lies about it? Okay, I killed one Oh, No okay, I killed one I’m avenging you Oh, No Okay wait, I killed someone babe. I killed the guy that killed you I think that’s actually a new record for least amount of time stayed alive so far in the video You managed about 20 seconds well done. Oh, man. I said, I reported your account whoa Mina Which could you just stop? Oh, just pressing buttons and happen eyes looks like we’ve got no kids Is only solos because you’ve died and left me alone Wait it wasn’t solos guys every time. I record this point over it is with Kara. I always tell myself Maybe she’ll be better maybe she’ll be a good player Maybe she’ll help me, but I always just end up with literal egg on my face Morgan seriously you really need to start getting better cuz like you can blame me all you want it was there was you Die you don’t yes because you left me with like five people to face a woman spritzer You need me and you don’t even take care of me and look out for me And I need a strong independent man who can shield me from the dangers of the PlayStation I’m just not you’re still cutting it and so I I hate to say it, but this game might be reflective of a real life situation Morgan what? Yeah, if if we lose again if we don’t win this game. I think we should break up Guys looks like if I die in this game if we lose then I lose Keira Okay, guys me Cara are gonna. Go to the football pitch you may be asking. Why did you go to this place? It’s no cuz it’s good, Lou. It’s not because it’s the good location It’s because it’s not a football pitch and I’m terrible at football in real life So this is kind of the only opportunity. I get to actually be good at football another thing. You’re bad Huh okay, baby jump. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go I’m not no four nine pro. Okay. I’m not no Ally I’m not no ninja right, but I know the basics and I know you need to stick together with me. Okay, why? Dude, because you died after ten seconds boys and girls first chest right now Guys what do we think what do we think I’m going for a gold scar oh? I got blue RPG. Let’s go. Oh, I’m some c4 on a flipping kill it broke Kara. I got good Lou okay We cannot die Kara first what the score wins go go go. Go whoa okay stop no Oh come on come on come on Connie finish it Yeah Kara one problem. Yeah, we kind of have to go through tilters what? No, no Kara. That’s not good should we go round? Yeah, just come around. I’m not Not feeling up for that guys especially not with Kara guys 47 people left right now it’s going pretty well guys. We got some pretty good loop by the way kara stop I have 75 shield and you have 50 so I could take this for my 25 however because I know you’re terrible I’m gonna give it to you you Thanks you better be thankful But I could have had that guys really quick while I – oh I can finish mine in the rock anyway guys smash a like on the video right now to give us some good looks because We kind of need it if we’re gonna win this game. We need some go go Kara No peace and stuff on the ground all these No, no no Kara Kara. The bush. We need to push Oh, I see I see people know a few people know don’t engage yet. Don’t engage yet the too far engage No, don’t engage their fire with someone else, okay. I’m gonna go grab my stuff. Yeah. Yeah, try and get you get it I’ll cover. You get out cover see we’re working together. We need to go we need to go and he’s going Down Kara no don’t care now oh Yeah, sure Kara. We’re getting shot. We ain’t showing ends. Are we gonna stop? I’m building on building and building and building and building and building and building and building and building. I’m building. Oh my god We get off peih-gee Kara, Mayday, Mayday care Mayday. Whoa yeah, I’m peachy. I’ll be gentle yeah I’m peachy ow I’ll beat you out Kara. Please don’t die Often shell of here’s only pretty bullet Okay, okay Eliminated eliminators, I think we go I think the perf – I got elimination Yeah, we do Chi. We go oh no the guy another guy No Salary limit paintball just rude, babe. Just wait they’ve just one fight. You eggs. Fuck you I Carry the dudes every flippin way oh Holy jeepers She Clearly was yo No, no thank you Charlie, I’ll fill out the window Here that control the window twice Why does everybody keep taking the anger out on my controller? Seriously you’ve got to contain your anger just because you bought a four-night, and you keep dying doesn’t mean it’s my fault I got like three kills that game Kara. I tried to help you, but you were too busy I was holding over Baby it’s only a gaze Maybe if you were better the game we wouldn’t be in this situation Yeah Some dudes of guns in the forest. You’d protect me. Yes sure we’ve bought that puny little Sausage arm things. Everyone is so much better than you Know they’re not on the best of Fortner. Are you serious yes ali-a nothing on me? Today No, I’ll go under Sullivans. Yeah show you stats we were playing duo’s maybe if my Actual partner knew how to fire a gun we’d be okay like I did that better huh I Have like way more subscribers and everyone else like I have way more subscribers than you and you still con Buffoon good for me with the fake gun in the fake game tonight on real life would be like Me you would be dead I will be better. I promise please give me another chance I really I really infected trying though I Just I thought you could help me and it turns out. I just wasn’t even good enough to help you I think you’re just jumping off the bus aimlessly with your width little gun And you just shoots it up everything you don’t even thinking you only have to be 100 as good as ali-a is I don’t forgive you so you’re saying if I get one solar wind we’re back together That’s the act, we weren’t We weren’t even playing xbox I’m gonna play so many games and in my next video I will get my first ever win so remember if you’ve already subscribed to the channel and turn on notifications So you can be ready for this bad girl guys. Thank y’all so much for watching enter the giveaway right now Link is in the description below subscribe if you’re new smash like of the video also guys New merch is coming very very soon. It’s gonna be coming this week guys on Saturday, and it’s gonna be limited edition That’s all I’m saying now right at the end of the video, so only some of you know But guys it’s coming and it’s gonna be hard Thank you so much for watching and as always I’ve been mold you guys been awesome, and I’ll see you in a video peace out

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  2. I think I am more better than u cause I got 29 squads and 10 solo wins. And got 40 kills in a team rumble match

  3. MAY share did make the summer season 1
    Season 2
    Season 3
    Season 4
    Season 5
    Season 6
    Season 7
    Season 8
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    Season 10

  4. Dude Morgan is terrible he is not the best in the game he blames his own fingers literally your not better than Ali a Morgan has nothing on Ali a or ninja

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