Fort Smith gun club hosts shooting competition
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Fort Smith gun club hosts shooting competition

August 13, 2019

Hundreds of the world’s top handgun shooters are in our area this morning 40/29’s Pedro Rivera is live to tell us why Some of the World’s best shooters will be here at the Old Fort Gun Club to take part in a shooting competition. Its courses like this one that shooters will use their speed, accuracy, and power to know down multiple targets. This is video of crews preparing for today’s event. The United States Practical Shooting Association Area 4 handgun competition will have host local shooters from Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and others from Canada and Jamaica. The course will consist of 13 different stages testing the competitors Troy McManus Mass Director “People will be shooting full power handguns running as fast as they can and getting full power hits so it’s an athletic sport, we’re not just sitting still looking at a target , we’re moving the targets are moving” And coming up in thirty minutes I’ll tell why this event is for the entire family. Live in Crawford County Pedro Rivera 40/29 News The competition begins today at 8 this morning and will continue until Sunday afternoon.

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