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  1. I think they mean the war came back to Europe during the devastating Paris attacks. What I mean by this is we are fighting the war of our grandfather's and grandmother's, aka, World War 2.

  2. It (IS and their war)all began around 2012 . But I remember that shit movie . The director and rest of Americans got it wrong. This 2012 was probably indicating to a big war.

  3. All of the snowflakes you see on YouTube crying over "Safe spaces" and other crap and there's people here with real life problems.

  4. Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region.

    The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.

  5. it seems as if these foreign fighters/ aid workers are only interested in supporting the Kurds so that they can promote their liberal ideological values.

    So if a German travels to Syria to support the nation building of the Islamic State then he/she is an extremists, however if a German travels there to support the nation building of the Kurds then they are some how good. Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

  6. ISIS "muslims" making a video about how blood taste "wunderbra" when muslims are not allowed to eat or drink blood. This is the proof that ISIS are not muslims, they are soldiers of shaytan!

  7. if u.n and the so called big countries do nothing to help the kurds .witch are an example.they should shut their fucking mouths and opinions

  8. i have pity for these people though i dont have money to help them but i will pray for all of u and all the countries that WAR must stop and peace would be our priority …. look at tge kids they are our future and that future dont let anyone destroy it from them!!! please ohh god help us..

  9. The 55 year old German, former French Foreign Legionaire Rustem Cudi unfortunately never made it out. He got done shortly after the film was made, offed during an attack to take Manjbi. R.I.P. brave warrior

  10. Kurdish people and YPG Fighters are the true heroes!

    Hizbullah and Hamas just the fucking fake heroes! They are the cruel terrorists!

  11. Regardless of what people say about these foreign volunteers, they're fighting for their future and the future of their families because even if ISIS is defeated there is always going to be that constant threat of their ideology spreading throughout the world

  12. Most of them.dont know what they are doing they are there to die ore waht ?! Get what you can and send it out without proper training ?!
    Retardet as hell

  13. The YPG and these foreigners have been killing NATO allies in Syria. This biased crap doesn't show how they're killing Turkish civilians & soldiers

  14. 17:20. It's sad that these kids will be sent to the frontline at the age of 10. The YPG and PKK are the biggest child-soldier recruiters.

  15. I mean I just don't get it as far as the woman with four kids… definitely a whole lot more to her story to leave four young kids.. if anything that beats out fighting with isis in my eyes…I just don't get it.

  16. Really ridiculous and tragic even how these people go to the frontlines for nothing. Its a war started and fuelled by their Western governments. If they really want to make a difference, they need to stay home and lobby their governments hard to end illegal invasions instead of foolishly getting killed at the Battlefield. These guys think they're doing something really brave meaningful but its just stupid.

  17. I commend all my leftist brothers and sisters who laid their lives for Rojava aor are doing their very best to get that dream fulfilled.

  18. As a german, this is super hard to watch because of the permanent sound volume (of the speakers) decrease AND increase… why are you doing that?

  19. Why the fuck is he reporting in GERMAN?? I don't speak German, why does he assume everyone else speaks his language? 31 minutes of arrogance. Don't cover international news if you only know your own national language.

  20. Bless  all people, who put their efforts to stop ISIS and great respect for their courage. In my country, not so much people understood their strength. R. I. P. to all brave souls. No matter  worldview, religion, race, social status, they did best for right thing, and that is true virtue. Respect. Sorry for my english.

  21. I wish I had my crack at ISIS if the damm yanks had not got involved we could have contunied the war for another 10 years

  22. Isis are not muslims
    They are not fasting in ramadan and not going by its rules
    No one can be a muslim if he does not follow the rules of ramadan
    Because in ramadan the good deeds are more efficient and more beautiful and every muslim lover ramadan

  23. learn: who pay them? how they can coming? if any proxy war let UN and country army fight that, too many foreign joined definitely make more chaos.

  24. What's the point of joining another country's war?! Are they paid millions of dollars to stake their lives for this shit??

  25. Ich schäme mich so sehr dass so viele Syrer kurden nach Europa flüchten während Frauen ihren Land verteidigen
    Schande an jeden kurden der dort abhaut und noch stolz ist kurde zu sein…
    Ps bin selber kurde.

  26. Sad how amerikkka helps and kills isis but if Americans wanna fight them and join the ypg we are called terrorists lol it’s crazy how you see antifa comrades out their fighting isis but not a single patriot amerikkkan lol what a joke antifa are the real freedom fighters

  27. describing an ak style weapon
    Ammo= magazine
    Gas cartridge= gas tube/ block
    Pump action= charging handle
    Trigger= trigger, well ok she got that right ill give her that

  28. a german comander with the pkk you are all terrorists they should be thrown in jail when they return home they have gone abroad to recieve training and kill innocent as well as who they intended and i am only for the innocent and thats all im bothered about these ppl are terrorist who will cause ppl to attack thier countries

  29. u leave four kids like a slag if thats my mum she aint no hero she ran from her life wastewoman putting her kids through that so why dint u take ur kids u aint no hero thats what crack heads do

  30. when isis beheads a foreigner i ask my self how the fuck did they get there now i knw why some went there to fight them ook ok so when something happens the western media will say aid supporter rather than terrorists killing terrorists ohhh i see now

  31. They are terrorists , only official armies like Iraqi Army and Syrian Army are fighting ISIS the rest are just terrorists fighting against terrorists
    I hope Turkish Forces bomb these Westerns .

  32. can't imagine being in a place like that. It sounds wimpy but I hope i'm never in such a place and situation. Civilization is truly sexy

  33. Well, this is a complete turnaround for Antifa isn't it?!

    This is usually what you'd see so called "Nazis" do fight against Islamism…

  34. God bless you girl USA God bless Kurdish people everywhere and Kurdistan Kurdish people are Christian ?✝??✡?

  35. Oh Rustemi Cudi im so sad, such an amazing and full of brave man! I martiri non muoiono mai!
    In an Interview he said: “Revolution is not only war and acrying weapons, revolution means to understand life right. To defend this life and the values of humanity, we are ready, for a the victory in this heavy war.”

  36. 8:28 it kinda dident hurt ya because those people are pure evil may god watch over you very brave comeing from the comfort of the west

  37. I can't even wrap my mind around this. A young canadian girl leaving home to go fight ISIS? I've had that same impulse after seeing a 60 mins interview with a girl that was tortured by them, but I let the feeling linger for a few days before it subsided…. these people are heroes.

  38. that Polish woman is what shocked me the most!!! That is pure fucking SELFISH!! IDC what anyone says!! I wouldn't even become a prison gaurd after i became a mother becuz i didn't want to risk it!

  39. This is so fucked up how the cities are just rubble…. so many innocent people lost and too many of ISIS members are still free!

    I try to think how I would feel if this happened to my city, if my people were oppressed and it’s heart breaking.

    I thought I understood why war happens but I can’t help but to think how the innocent people including children and babies they have killed!

    I don’t know if my opinion is one way or another but I’m torn…. so many people suffering!

    I knew a girl that ran away to help fight against isis and my house went on lock down because my mum was worried her kids would do the same… she was later killed and took her family two years to find out.

    It’s all just so sad

  40. They rolled the dice on the recognition of the Kurdish state, unfortunately its one now that we know Turkey won't honor and in fear of losing their support in the region the coalition gets smaller everyday. I have major fear that the Kurds will be pushed aside by the international community and then pushed out by Government & Turkish forces. Already begun to see this with Turkish air strikes in the north targeting Kurds. The YPG largely alone took back the land ISIS claimed, and have pushed isis to the brink of extinction as a regional threat. A job no one wanted and no one could have done except them, now that its slowing down, probably the most crucial time the allies are pulling out. Just another repeat of the former mistakes in the region by the same dinosaurs in the same agencies & countries worldwide.

  41. 19:25 fucking commie you can build without cement and if lumber is to expensive and steal then use rammed earth cuts back on your cement by alot to the kurdish peopel communism is a dark way to live ! Im from Canada a genuine and healthy happy country ! Its vast and full of opportunity. This happened because Canada is Not communist ! I wish the kurds a free country of there own. If you chose communism you will fall just like the USSR or Cuba or any other commie party

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