Footwork Drills for Karate [KUMITE TRAINING]
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Footwork Drills for Karate [KUMITE TRAINING]

November 30, 2019

in this video I’m going to show you a
couple awesome training drills that’ll make you faster and lighter on your feet
for sparring just using a couple things you probably have sitting around the
house or the gym and we’re getting started right now what’s going on
martial arts friends welcome to another video if this is your first time on here
though my name is Nick and on the karate playbook we do all sorts of technique
breakdowns workout videos and training drills just like this one to help you
get the most out of your training and gain your edge all right a really fast
comic book pop quiz for you Before we jump into the drill if you know which
character this shirt is modeled after drop their name down in the comment
section I’ve had a lot of people not be able to guess it. But if you know it, let us know. *the answer might ”SHOCK” you* and with that let’s go ahead and jump into this drill alright so this first drill is actually some that I picked up from the karate nerd himself, Jesse Enkamp it’s an awesome drill to keep you light on your feet and moving and I”ll give you a kind of a variation on it that I like to do in classes so
all you need is I just have two belts or two pieces of rope wherever you can find and we’re gonna put these out on the mats in a plus sign. Alright, now the whole idea of this is we’re gonna move from one of the quadrants to another in
our stance non-stop so our goal is to stay moving never be in one square for
more than a second and then also not land with our feet on either side of the
rope in this drill so if I move it from here if I start here I can move this way
I can shift over we can shift over this way anywhere you want to go we’re gonna
keep moving from quadrant to *Qrodrent?* can move across at a diagonal over
sideways whatever you want to do you can switch to another side just keeping
yourself mobile and moving it’s a really great way to stay light on your feet now
a little variation or a little addition that I like to put into this is in
classes we’ll put in just a random count so anytime we count the person when as
soon as they land you’re gonna throw a technique of either their choice or
you designate beforehand so if I’m moving and I switch and they count as
soon as I land I might throw a reverse punch I might throw a kick something
along those lines to make it so that as I’m moving as soon as I land I’m ready
to throw my technique it keeps us versatile so we’re not just moving and
moving and moving and winding up off balance and how to position so just
really fast to show you if I’m moving from here like shift shift this way
shift back bounce and then catch any time a count is called so it’s an
awesome drill to keep you move and keep you light on your feet and make sure
that you’re in a position to fire at any point all right I hope you like this
we’re going to move on to the second drill alright now this next one is very
similar to the first drill but instead of working on just body shifting we’re
gonna work on more rotational body action this is something I’ve been doing
for years now and even though I’m not a big advocate of switching your stance a
lot in sparring this is great for developing hip rotation and just smooth
transitions from one spot to another now with this one all you need are a couple
sticks you can use broom handles bows you can use noodles if you have them
sitting around especially if you’re doing this drill for kids but for the
sake of this drill I’m gonna use two just short bows here now all I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna put these on the floor in a V and then instead of being on
either side of it I’m gonna actually have one foot on either side of the bow
and I’m gonna constantly rotate my hips so I’m gonna just sit these down back
here just like this and like I said I’m gonna have one foot on either side just
like this now when I switch the goal is to not just switch your feet like this
so I’m not gonna just switch facing forward like this because this isn’t
really doing much other than a really small leg workout but really what I want
to do is move my hips or if you have a belt on your belt Matt’s gonna face the
opposite direction so I’m going to actually switch the other way here so
I’m going to constantly move my hips this way and this again is just getting
our body rope to be very very comfortable now I can
move from one bow to another I can transition and kind of switch
around I can switch this way hop forward yeah we’re just moving fluidly and
non-stop now if you accidentally step on one of these and it rolls out that’s
okay what I always tell people is just keep going and since they’re further
apart it’s just gonna make the drill a little bit harder until you’re done so
this show you or a couple seconds here and we’re just gonna keep going like
that I usually go for about a minute and it’s an awesome drill gets your heart
rate up get your legs firing nice and fast and kind of tired but it really is
going to work on this rotation so if I’m moving and I throw let’s say a reverse
punch or a round kick my body is going to twist like it would for those
techniques all right that is it for this video thank you all so much for watching
if you have any questions on any of this stuff drop them in the comment box below
but other than that make sure you click that subscribe in the bell notification
icon that way you’ll get an update anytime we put out a new video or
tutorial training drill anything like this to help you get the most out of
your training all right thank you so much have an awesome time training and a
great day see in the next video peace

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