Football Wins at Stevenson, 37-22
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Football Wins at Stevenson, 37-22

September 20, 2019

the bridgewater football team earned an
impressive 37-22 win at Stevenson on Saturday night after Gary ramey and
Anthony Morris ended a long game opening drive with a sack
Demetrius Jelepes somehow broke a gang tackle in the backfield and took it
for nine yards and then trey Stephens ducked a tackle for the game’s opening
score jalepes, who had 195 yards of total offense carried it in for a 13
nothing Eagles lead and a Logan Weis field goal made it 16 nothing
Bridgewater BC then went to the two-minute drill
Jalepes got down near the goal line and jarrod Denham scored for a twenty three
nothing lead at the break the Mustangs rallied in the second half
getting to within eight points jay scroggins converted a fourth down however
and jalepes scored again to help Bridgewater pull away well I think it
was a good win there there are a lot of good things done really on both sides of
the ball there’s a lot of improvement that needs to be made on both sides of
the ball but was also one of those things where you know we took over that first
half after that initial Drive that their offense had and you know the 23
nothing’s tough to overcome now that being said at the half
we told our players this team has won for a long time they’re gonna throw their
punch and they did in the third quarter give a lot of credit to Stevenson
but I thought you know what we were able to do and I think coach
lemn his group and Jay Scroggins in particular really did a great job of
managing that game because when we absolutely needed a score you know we
took the ball down and drove it you know that drive in the pouring down rain in
the third quarter was a critical score at that time to get the
lead to two scores and then you know after I botched when they went for two and I
didn’t do a great job coaching from the sideline my team on that one you know
for our offense to get that kick and then go 70 and punch it in
there again you know two minutes to go it’s a matter of how much this is a good
win I think when you go on the road and you beat quality football teams that’s
what good teams do but it’s got to be a very quick turnaround because certainly
with conference play and a tough road game next Saturday night in Shenandoah
facing us I hope our kids are able to kind of enjoy it be well let it go very
quickly and show up Monday to work ready to go again

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