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Football Manager 2018 | New Scouting System | FM18

October 2, 2019

Welcome to FMTV, my name is Joe Thomlinson
and today we’re talking about scouting. The whole area of scouting and talent ID has
evolved in recent years, with clubs now incorporating technology and modern techniques such as data
analysis and data awareness, including many clubs using the FM database, into their player
recruitment programs. To reflect this, Football Manager 2018’s scouting system has been
overhauled to make it the most authentic in the series’ history with the team at Sports
Interactive working closely with real clubs to mirror the journey of signing a player. It all starts in the new Scouting Centre that
acts as your overview for all things related to player search. First, you can view recommendations
about players to scout – which come from your scouts, data analysts (who have a much
bigger role to play in the series now), backroom team and even your playing staff. Occasionally
free agents who think they’d be a good fit for your club may even recommend themselves. As part of the recommendation, you’ll be
presented with a snapshot of the player’s scout report card and a set of actions you
can take. You’ll also notice a number within a magnifying glass – this is the new scout’s
recommendation score. It’s scored out of 100 and gives a more accurate assessment of
the scout’s verdict on the player than the star rating system. This score can fluctuate
as a scout gains more knowledge of a player. New recommendations will be delivered to your
inbox at regular intervals – more frequently during transfer windows – and you can change
the how often you receive these by clicking the ‘Inbox Delivery Options’ box. The Scouting Centre features another new addition
this year – Scouting Focus. This is an ideal way to give yourself control over your club’s
scouting operation without having to assign individual scouts. There are two types of
Scouting Focus – general and short-term. A general focus gives your scouts an idea
of the type of player you want to sign without having to go into detailed specifications.
Your scouts will then go and search for suitable players over an indefinite timeline with their
recommendations for stars appearing in the Scouting Centre. The short-term focus option is perfect for
use around transfer windows, or when you need to quickly identify a transfer target. In
this case, your scouts will pause all other scouting activity to attend matches and draw
up a list of potential signings. Scouting now has its own budget which can
be adjusted within the Scouting Centre. Be careful though, increasing the scouting budget
will reduce the amount of money available for transfers and wages. You can also change
the staff member responsible for scouting… or even take charge of it yourself. Let’s move on to look at the revamped Player
Search screen. This now functions as a database, with the players listed based not only on
your club’s scouting knowledge but also on what type of Scouting Package you have. Scouting Packages increase the size of the
database, with cheaper packages covering just your division and the most expensive packages
covering the entire footballing world – there is even a difference in the different packages
on what you can search for, with players’ best roles being available at the top level,
but not the lower levels. There are also youth scouting packages with the same tiers and
you can opt to put more resources into either one to suit your club’s needs. You can then
do a search of the database, factoring in conditions that you want potential signings
to meet, by clicking the ‘New Search’ button in the top-right. Scouting Packages mirror the type of investment
that real clubs have to make in order to identify players to scout. Although every club is aware
of the best players in the world, finding realistic transfer options, particularly from
outside the leagues or competitions the team plays in, is more difficult. Data Analysts were introduced to the series
last year and, as I mentioned earlier, take on a much greater role in Football Manager
2018. For starters, you can now ask your analysts to give reports on specific players which
gives you an easy look at their stats for the season. At the top of the Analyst Report you can view
an overview of any scouting information you have on the player. The main focus of the
report is on the positive and negative statistical trends from the player’s performances so
far during the current season. On the right-hand side of the report you can see the player’s
season stats as well as the option to view a highlight package of the player in action., By using Analyst Reports and Scout Reports
together on players you’re interested in signing, you can build up a more complete
picture of a player than was previously available in FM. The club can also invest in this new scouting
tool by building Data Analysis facilities which will improve the detail of the reports
that are produced by your analysts. The Data Analysis facilities can be upgraded in the
same way as the other facilities that exist in the game. Data Analysts also have a fleshed
out staff profile with dedicated Data Analysis attributes that determine the quality of each
Data Analyst in the game. It’s not just player scouting that has been
improved as the next opposition scout report has been revamped this year to feature more
concise, relevant information than was present before. The redesigned report shows you the
strengths and weaknesses of your opposition as well as their likely starting line-up and,
perhaps most importantly, the role that each player will be assigned. There are lots of other things I could talk
about here, such as international scouting, the new shortlist screens, new scouting assignments
such as scouting for eligible players, individual matches or continents. Then there’s the
ability to scout outside of your scouting range for a fee. And more besides. But, as
always, Sports Interactive want you to discover some of the new additions to the game yourself
whilst you are playing the game. As you can see, scouting in Football Manager
2018 will be much more realistic than in previous years. You’ll have to think like a real
manager and identify the best players from within your scouting package and recommendations.
Utilise both your scouts and analysts to gain a comprehensive view of possible signings
before finally putting pen to paper on that big money deal. Thanks so much for watching. Keep an eye out
for more episodes of FMTV and for more information on Football Manager 2018 visit

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  1. They have added many features but eliminated the the most basic and useful one; when you scout a player the report doesnt show up as message automatically, you have to go manually check it yourself if the player you asked is scouted or not. If anyone knows a solution please reply 🙂

  2. What is he difference of buying a scouting package and the clubs scouting knowledge? Don’t they both increase the number of players available via a search?

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