Football Basics : How to Successfully Punt a Football
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Football Basics : How to Successfully Punt a Football

September 30, 2019

How you doing? I’m Ryan McCann, and I am going
to show you how to punt a football. One of the most important things in punting a football
is how you drop the ball to your foot. Now, listen to what I said. I said drop the ball
to your foot. You don’t want to throw the ball. You’ll see a lot of amateur punters
kind of throw it up and kick it. Wrong. The key to punting a football is getting it to
land on a certain spot on your foot. Now that can vary, but the idea is to hit it off the
side of your foot about this part of the ball to create a spiral trajectory that will carry
the ball to its maximum distance. The way to do that is by practicing. Just dropping
the football. Once you get the drop down, you’ll be able to incorporate the kick into
the ball. Be careful not to throw the ball up. That’s what will happen. Once you do that,
the ball will turn and come down at a different angle, and the last thing you want to do is
kick the ball like this. First of all, the punt’s going to suck and it’s going to hurt
your foot. So, once you get the drop down and you incorporate the kick; Wow, that was
really far. Once you have gotten down how to kick a football once you get in the game,
you don’t just magically have the football. It gets snapped from the long-from the long
snapper. You’re standing there, and you’ve got to be very diligent to pay attention because
the ball is going to come and somehow it’s going to hit you in the chest. It comes over
here, you’ve got to make a catch. You’ve got to be an athlete. Catch the ball. Take; as
you-as you’re preparing the football for a kick, you want, already want to be taking
your step into kicking the ball. You don’t want to catch it, get it the way you want
it, take the steps because by that time, it’s going to be a defender in your face blocking
it. So, again, in a ready position, be an athlete, the ball comes, boom, catch it, as
you’re stepping, turn it, boom. The punt is off. God, I killed that one.

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  1. lol at . . "Now listen to what I say". . . I also wonder where expert village gets these village idiots from. all I've ever seen are a bunch of scabs from expert village.

  2. he has no clue what he is tlking about. you are not supposed to kick with the side of your foot. you have to hit in the moddle of the deam

  3. ya that second drop was coming in with the top down. which he said would suck and hurt your foot. making that not a great punt which as u can see by the shadow wasnt very great

  4. lol click "more info" and look at the bio. it says he was the starting QUARTERBACK for UCLA. IT DOESNT SAY HE WAS THE PUNTER/KICKER DOES IT??????? WOW THIS VIDEO FAILS….

  5. You want to angle the ball and hit it with the middle of your foot not let it hit off the side of your foot. Don't listen to this guy.

  6. Love the finger nail rails at :41 . Then he punts a 20 yarder at 1:14 2 seconds hng time. "wow that wnt really far". Snort another sleeves.

  7. Not defending this douche but regarding you punting advice from a qb….most qb were punters in hs and most college punters were qbs in hs kinda a trade off.

  8. LISTEN TO ME ANYONE READING…… you do NOT, I repeat, do NOT kick the ball off the side of your foot. Kick the ball from the middle of your foot. For right footed punter point the ball a tad to the left and if your a lefty point it a tad to the right. Then when you swing the swing your leg as straight as possible. You will realize that you will naturally slice the ball the slightest bit, thats ok, as long as your leg goes (for the most part) straight. THIS WILL CREATE A SPIRAL AND A BALL THAT TURNS OVER

    Your well educated specialist

  9. My way of punting the ball is Putting the football near the middle of your foot and hold the ball before punting! Then run for a couple of secs then drop the ball and kick it may take a few try BUT for some reasons it helped me by facing the ball upside down hope it helps tho.

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