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September 18, 2019

football agents are an absolute must for
anyone looking to become a professional footballer and recently I had the luxury
of doing an interview with the player’s agent need it to marks of total football
soccer agency he’s a top agent he has professionals plane in different
countries all around the world now she was kind enough to take some time I was
busy schedule to do an interview with me when I have free today is just a minute
clip from this interview is about an hour interview that I did with beer and
sit in 15 minutes or so extremely powerful piece of wisdom that if you
choose to use a will benefit you in your pursuit of becoming a professional
footballer if you want to get access to the full interview and interviews i’ve
done with other player agent scouts and coaches will be more information on that
coming out in the near future so keep your eyes so let’s get in it is
interesting to talk about how to contact an agent and what specifically he likes
to see and what states to see what turns them off right away so when I gave you
his contact information at the end of this video if you want to contact him
make sure you follow the advice that he gives you otherwise you’re just wasting
your time your deadly wasting his time and you’re wasting my time as well so
please pay attention and let’s check it out let’s go in and get some great stuff
about what you want to see and maybe just talked about how to approach and
then you can go age you know who your general
information and then that’s going to soccer or actually I actually do their
situation and Dan el nino should be so nice and per se just again contact you specifically not a hundred
other agents to your name what your situation is what country you’re in what
age you are where you playing what you would like to achieve and then give the
goods the resume in exactly five page essay about your problems in your
struggles and where you were when you so as far as what are we looking roughly
one page all ages 5 to 12 years old a long story about 425 wolves you’re
saying he should include Europe collegiate experience experience in
semi-pro teams so that I think those are the main point obviously you’re younger
i mentioned loved ones club against get down here while you’re speaking this
what if they don’t have any semi pro collegiate just speak about their
amateur experience and again don’t go into under 2000 when you’re really young
because I really doesn’t matter but 16 17 YES CD with London authorities and what I sent it send it
to you ok good on the resume want to speak to
you know with 20 pictures of there may be a small picture on top ok so just to recap one-page you don’t
want anything longer tonight you wanna precise you are you want them to put
their physical attributes as far as weight and absolute and then also also a
picture is also good to show that the player just one picture though I guess
so agent can get a look at you so they see
your not fat granny and then yeah and their club with clubs they played for
club achievements and personal achievements notable the best ones don’t
put a huge list of all these minor honours just things you think might be
very important again be four saves the waste time with the best up on one page
correct exactly good ok move on to the next thing that probably by far the most
important to you to me this is the best tool to get
somebody’s attention it’s gotta be a good did you write this is a way to
market I don’t care about me and I gotta go and show ads other landowners I gotta show them something when I
convey this is a player uses the right way if I cannot find anything about it
I’m not gonna do it figures amongst ok we got a quality video and the 5d seven
minutes in length of daylight saving because those people have mentioned very
very very little that they cannot stand the people you know from nineteen so
they get so many miles on a daily basis from the best players at 8:30 so you
should not be a giant and coaches are busy and catch a quality player should do
that do not read more than one or two pitches a lot of people standing
punching policy doesn’t help your cause I guess
so but I get really annoyed in general so again no need in one studio cool
picture in the beginning no need to make sure that the quality is
it is clear the qualities make sure that it was clear when you have so i know if
i dont no other player is really hard to put in my right to make sure there is
some sort of arrow or whatever you choose to highlight the player a little
bit of video editing will go a long way in just making sure that he knows
exactly which player you are exactly the right to try and avoid training video
prior to joining I just don’t think doing all those skills in straight and
then again you’ve dated sunday june is here very shortly along we use a good quality games video
games private training video integrated
private training but he doesn’t you and we can both agree what exactly what you
doin training doesn’t mean what you can do in the game which is most important exactly that that some of that no one
will replace ok lets people send me and every single play on the video has a
reply double yards this is not a highlight this is not
highlighted by P well maybe I’ll give you another looming I’m not saying what I’m saying over and
over again just yeah I know that’s why I’m actually the first time
again we can replay of another a girl getting replays again that I could lose
my patience move on the player that has them all three yards summary please give
generously dribble through player should I get
annoyed ok no need of global states we know how to see the games lifetime celebrations after close to
thirty forty second the whole situation you know though she be very very aware
every single minute or so its second of your video is being used to show so it’s ok ways is looting likes things
like simple passes warplane little combinations ok just to have the clip
but then move on rest of it exactly it’s fine to show
that you are as a player and only time you should do replays maybe score
legislative fantastic all quick replay and then move on if you did beat nah not
even if you did play like an incredible passer some amazing technique quick
replay and again you know if North Dakota belated but there’s also has
played with a clear example ok you know this is especially the case
was ok so anything else you’d like to talk about a video that’s pretty much I
think I heard everything ok so let’s recap that quickly so again five to
seven minutes is under five oh ok or you want at least five minutes it’s ok don’t
do things just within the quality 53 minutes is falling as long as I can
understand your quality is very important they’re less is more as long
as the good quality raid don’t just build up space whatever you have just make sure it’s
not waste anyone’s time it’s ok to show little clips of small passes or making
tackles are showing good skill or just show the skill and then move on or near
replay very important things and even still when you’re free plane just one
replay we’re just very quick replay and then let’s move yes very important as well so if you
doing tonight in and there’s lots of programs I’ll talk more about that with
with my followers but you can have a good little arrow or you can even
highlight your so so there’s like kind of a low around you just so he knows
exactly who you are because a lot of agents or coaches will send back the
video and say I don’t even know which you are on the field ok lots of good stuff in there ok so
when you’re contacting again dress you directly put all that stuff in
very short and to the point about your story then give it resume resume
one-page talking about your attributes as far as your height your way to your
plane experienced your personal achievements club achievements and maybe
one picture of yourself and then a very precise video high quality lots of fast
good clips with your best stuff that you have don’t waste any time no fluff good oK so that’s some good some very
good stuff let’s try to go through the big thing you want to talk about in this
day with my biggest thing comes from knowing that we really are players that
short interview as you can see there’s lots of power but use it so you can use
any player agent or you can contact itamar specifically if you go to total
football soccer decency Dahab and I’ll put the link in the description of this
video so if you want to contact him please please please please please
please please do not waste his time make sure you follow the exact information
that was outlined in this interview do not contact him if you don’t have a
video do not contact him do not have arrested me case you don’t have those
two things ready to contact an agent so no mind when you contact in very short
precise simply out like your name age what country you’re located and what you
would like to achieve next attach your player resumes your player resume should
have one picture of yourself your name your height weight your nationality what
passports you may hold and here playing experience as well as your plane
shipments work sessions if you wanna example of a player also put a link in
the description of this video for example finally and most importantly the
player video if you don’t have a video know he is going to give you a second of
their time so make it a very major sure that the video again short and
precise it highlights the best deals and it doesn’t waste lots of time I’m gonna
put an example of a player video player video in the description of this video
so please that information again make sure you are visible in the video he
doesn’t know which way you are talking to spend time trying to figure it out case I’ll make sure it’s easy to see
which players on the video so if you don’t have to sing yet if you don’t have
the video if you don’t have to resume don’t waste time work on developing
those things also got over fifteen or sixteen years old jesse i dont contact
him right now work on developing your video make it
better and better and when you get to the age thing you can contact him ok so before I leave you please do not
send him a message if you are going to fall 06 do not send any player a message
to follow that trying to you do not waste his time given the facts up front
cost sure precisely player player video free watch this video to I resent
exactly what he wants to see what players want to see very important stats
if you do you’re going to get yourself a much bigger chance of success at
achieving your goal of becoming a professional player ok so if you like
this video please please share social media please please comment below
let me know if you have any questions about exactly what to do let me know if
you have any questions about the links or what exactly to put your video or you
risk but if you have any questions just comment below so thank you for watching
this video on football agents and how to get one and I’ll talk to you

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