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August 10, 2019

– (Anthony) Mmm! Oh yeah, that’s good! That’s a very good tenth year.
– (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (whistling) – I want a rematch! – I would but I kinda sorta
accidentally maybe might have burned down the past two houses
we’ve had Food Battle in. (flames crackle) (heavy sigh) – Well, f*ck, let’s just use
someone else’s house. (both scream) – I’m gonna DESTROY you
with my new, new, new, new, new, new new, new, new, new favorite food:
the chocolate-coated banana! – Yeah, right! – There’s n– (silence) – I’m so sorry, guys. Is it okay if we have
Food Battle X here this year? – Uh, sure, just be careful in the kitchen. Grandpa just waxed the floor. – I wax belly once. – He does. – Whatever! If you think your
stupid chocolate-covered banana can do more every day tasks
than my pink frosted sprinkled donut, (deep breath) then you’re
going down, weiner whistle!!! OM NOM NOM! (heavy metal)
(eagle screeches) (begins choking) BLARGH! (wheezes)
– Dude, you really need to be careful about getting large round things
lodged in your throat. – Thanks, man. – Let’s do a machete to shave
your beard like a man! (heavy metal) – Smooth as a baby’s bottom. (buzzer) – (snickers) Anthony doesn’t know it,
but I’m gonna use a real machete to cut my beard off. (Ian gurgles) – AAAAAAAH! (buzzer) – How about… a fine wine! – I don’t know, man.
You know I’m such a light-weight. – PEER PRESSURE! PEER PRESSURE!
PEER PRESSURE! – Fine. – Okay, baby! – (snooty tone) Oh, how delightful. (smacks lips) (still smackin’) (smacking to beat) Marvelous.
(ding) – (curiously) Hmm. (slurps) Huh, guess I’m not such a light– (vomits)
(ding) – Let’s see your stupid DONUT be… a baby. – Okay! Okay, donut, I’m gonna pull your diaper down and when I do THERE BETTER BE A LITTLE TINY BABY DONUT DICK
UNDER THERE! (heavy metal)
(splutters) Oh! Just like a real baby! It works!
(ding) (spits) Agh, god. I don’t know if this was really worth it. – Come on, banana,
I know you can be a baby. BE A BABY!!! – Stop right there!
(sirens wail) Baby Shake Syndrome is real. You don’t deserve to raise a child,
you little baby shaker! (ding) You’re a bad parent! (groans) AH, SH*T!!! (whimpers) – I bet my chocolate-covered banana
could be a… bubble bath. – You use my bathroom. – Uh… never mind. Let’s just do track hurdles! (clock ticks) (heavy metal) – HAH!
(ding) – Let’s do this, donut! (grunts in exertion) I did it!
(ding) – (man) Look out!
(gasps) I’m a famous Viner!
Get out of the way! (slow-mo screaming) – (both) AAAAAAH! (Ian groans)
(panting) – Good thing my famous Viner abs
absorbed the impact. Well, I’m off to make some racist Vines. – Let’s see your stupid
yellow phallic object be a dating app! Because I can’t get a girlfriend. Heh. All right, donut, hook
me up with some foxy ladies! Nope. Nope. Nope. Damn it! All these girls look like fricking donuts! (buzzer) (slurps) – Oh, this random hot girl looks nice. (typing)
Come on over, random hot girl. (door bell rings) Oh, that must be
the random hot girl right now. Hey, random hot girl. – Wait… you only had me come over so you could have a hot girl in a bikini in the video’s thumbnail, right? – (together) Noooo! (nervous chuckling) – Why would you? Why would you?
(laughter) – How can you insinuate
such inflammatory— (both groan) – (both) Sorry!
(buzzer) – How does it feel to be objectified? – (both) Not good. – Um, can we just do a healthy smoothy? – Okay.
– I’ve got rolls showing. – Totally gonna blend these up– (sneakers squeak)
Whoa! Oh! Whoa-ho. Wax floors.
That was a close one. WHOA!!! (sigh of relief)
(unsettling music) Luckily my fall was
softened by this old guy. (gasps) (dramatic music)
(moaning) (music stops) (heavy metal) – Anthony! Anthony! Oh, grandpa… no. Anthony! You just won Food Battle X. What are you gonna do now?
– I’m gonna burn your house down! – Ooh boy! Can I come? (flames crackle) – Why do I agree to these things? (flames crackle) – (Barney the Dinosaur)
H-H-Hey there, kids, it’s Barney! I’m now an out-dated reference
that nobody will get! Seriously though, am I even on TV anymore? If you want to see bloopers
from this video and this… (vomiting) – Yeah. – …click the video on the left! The Smosh boys celebrated
ten years of their silly little videos, and they made one video
every day this week. Maybe you can start
with this video on the right, called Every Smosh Ever. – I bet your stupid
mashed potatoes and gravy won’t be as good of a skateboard
as my Kentucky fried chicken wing, bitch! – (Barney) So basically,
if you don’t do that right now I’m gonna sneak into your room
and barf in your mouth! Gah-ha-ha-ho!

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  1. Anthony Anthony you just won FOOD BATTLE X what are you gonna do now? Anthony:"I'm gonna leave Smosh" memories

  2. who won food battle x (2015) Anthony won because ian died by wax floors and he died on grandpa and ian was chokeing on donut and died and Anthony won to burn house down and i was like its a donut ian you can’t even die

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    Oh yeah that’s good that’s a very good shard of glass
    Oh yeah that’s good that’s a very good breast implant
    Oh yeah that’s good that’s a very good SHUT UP
    Oh yeah that’s good that’s a very good Kardashian butt
    Oh yeah that’s good that’s a very good Tenth year

  4. Ian dies by choking on a pink frosted sprinkled donut, in a green bikini, on an old guy, in a kitchen

    Anthony wins, drinking a smoothie, in a pink bikini, after throwing up his chocolate covered banana wine

  5. Ian:Hehe Anthony doesn't know it but im gonna use a real machete to cut my beard off! instead cuts head off Anthony:AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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