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November 29, 2019

Let’s go. One, two, three action! Why are you filming me who’s the reporter? I don’t know, I only testing the camera before the intervals. how is the feeling today? I’m a bit tired. Are you? Yes. Was it cold this night? What are you doing? Yes I have been frozen this night. You can se the temp is 8.4C the thermometer is over there. 8.4C degrees in here and I only have one blanket Jens have three blankets. Beautiful angle! thanks! Let’s have that angle during the interview. I’m not doing an interview. A long session with the MTB today me and Martin Bergström. Up in some mountains. The entire cycle world will hate on you because of the drinking belt. He had no bottle holder on the bike. It’s beautiful here. Are we astray? Let’s go go down here. We will end up somewhere. Back home. I was out for 4:10h and.. I can show you Average HR 123 I usually have around.. 123 is a bit low for me but Between 120-130 is normal but more Towards 130 is more common. The heart rate is higher on altitude so you have to Decrease the training speed so you get the same Average heart rate as home. At home I also have around 130 but I usually don’t train with HR sensor so much at home but you can have higher speed at lower altitude with same average HR. We have been here for a week know and it feels like I can handle the altitude pretty good now. I felt yesterday during the threshold intervals that it was harder when we reached 2000m. Besides that it has worked great for me. A nice long session with 4:10h and 65 km. And much climbing of course. I will eat now and do strength training later. Good morning! I have just eaten breakfast. I have got requests to show what we eat. I don’t want to sit there with a camera but I will take pictures of the food so you can se what we eat. It’s normal food for breakfast I ate oatmeal porridge as always. Some scrambled eggs, banana and a croissant. Of course it’s varies but this is how my breakfast can be. I get up 7 am. We have special morning routines on this camp. SOK and Ski Team Sweden has a project to se how we react to high altitude so we measure our morning HR I have my HR sensor over there and my watch which I put on direct when I wake up. But I’ve already done that. So the first days my morning HR was right under 40 bpm. These past days it’s around 43-44 bpm. Of course it also depends how worn you’re due to exercise. Over there we have a thing which measure our sleep. A thing which I’m not really sure how it works. I guess it measures vibrations in the room and how I breath. We will, among other things measure sleep and our morning HR and pee in a cup every morning to see our fluid balance. We’ve some other test as well. It’s interesting to see what they will get out of this project and it’s fun to take the morning HR which I’ve never done at home. You can actually see if you’re a bit worn out that the HR increases. Now when I’ve good track on my morning HR it’s easy to see when I get sick since it will increase. Time to change and get going. Great job! Very good! We’ve just done intervals. 5×5 min classic. The others did double poling intervals on the track with some sprint elements. Me and Johan did classic intervals since he has had trouble with a shoulder and I don’t want to go all in with only double poling. So we made a little mix here. It’s uphill all the time but it includes a lot of double poling as well since it’s not made for diagonal all the time. So 5×5 min was really tough. So now we will cool down. I just ate lunch. It was: Salad and I think it was duck if I remember right. Looks like chicken but a bit darker meat. It was yummy. To that we had some kind of cream with beans. Now I’ll rest for a few hours before it’s time for some snack at 3 PM. Then after that it’s time to head out on our afternoon training. That’s how my afternoon looks like today. I’m out on a ride. I took a snack a little while ago. I had a cheese sandwich with marmalade, 2 eggs and a yoghurt. So it’s similar to the breakfast. I also had a glas of milk. You need to fill up the depots with proteins and carbs so you manage to keep good speed during the trainings so you don’t run out of energy. I’m out on a ride by myself. The others were going on a run but I try to be smart and save the running for the rest of the camp. Since it was so nice weather today I took the opportunity. I think it was going to be worse weather the next couple of days. It’s both nicer and more fun to run when the weather is a bit worse. So now I’ll take it easy. I feel a bit worn out after the morning session. So now I’ll bike for 2h. Done with the session. 2 h and 15 min. Distance: 37 km and average HR: 130bpm I climbed almost 1000 altimeter. So a lot of gradient. Therefore my average speed wasn’t so high. So it was a good session. Now I’ll take a shower and then check out tonights dinner. Now I’ve eaten. It was schnitzel and spagetti. And beans. I think. No, what is it called? Haricots vers or how do you say it? Whatever. That’s the dinner. So now it’s only one meal left, evening snack. So it will be 5 proper meals a day. If I get home from tougher sessions or right after finished interval sessions we use to take some after training drinks. That’s what we call it. Most of it is carbs but some proteins as well. But the carbs is what’s most important. Its easier to get enough proteins. You just mix it with water and we usually gets 2 glas right after the intervals. It’s good to have gotten something before you’ve got home. Mostly we need to cool down and so on so it can take up to 45min-1h before you get home and can eat something. So that can come in handy if you have a tough week with a lot of training and want to recover faster. The time is 8:36 PM 8:45 PM we have meeting to look into tomorrows sessions and so on. We have that everyday. After that it’ time for evening snack. I was with Axel and Anton and looked at the Grand tour So now time for meeting and evening snack. Mmmmm. I’ve been out on a double poling session. Last session for this week, Sunday. We’ve been out and double poling for 2 h. I didn’t double poling the whole session, I used my legs some. It was a good afternoon session. Now I’ll just eat this one up, head to the shower and then down and eat some dinner. One more week has pasted down here in France. I think you got a little insight in what I eat during a day. There’s not really anything weird about it, just regular food. The difference is just that I eat a bit more. And we have a snack around 3 PM and have proper evening snack. And my evening snack yesterday was yoghurt with fruit and müsli and 2 eggs. usually I tend to eat a sandwich as well but there was no bread yesterday. So that was it. A glas of juice also. Nothing weird about that. The training goes well and we have one more week here. We’ll go home on Saturday. There’ll be a few more tough days down here before going home. So I’ll see you again next week here from france. Take care, bye!

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  1. Haricots verts är bara ett namn för brytbönor som skördas när dom fortfarande är små/späda. Det är väl rentav det franska ordet för bönor. Så helt okej att kalla det för bönor!

  2. Du ser stark ut! Bra inslag med att få se vad ni äter. Tror dom flesta av oss gillar att se lite av allt runt om. Hur mycket protein äter ni i snit per dag tror du?

  3. The Grand Tour, Älskar den serien! Ni måste vara få som ser det. Väldigt få av mina polare! Lirar ni mycket spel o sånt när ni har "fri aktivitet" mellan passen eller är det chill som gäller?

  4. När du åker rullskidor, vilket motstånd har du på hjulen och varför? Kör du alltid med ”vinterpjäxor” på rullskidor eller varvar du med ”sommarpjäxor” också?

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