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Follies and Finds – Elk Hunting and Treasures

August 9, 2019

So We had a pretty exciting morning Had a bull at 23 yards Had an arrow knocked and shot and then I hope to show you this check out my arrow Freaking thing blew up or something I Don’t know Tell me what do you think? I’ve never seen anything like that she? Was at 23 yards broadside. Never happened. Everybody should be able to steer their hands with their feet everyone should be able to stear their horse with their feet We do we’re independent we’re like get out of the way y’all Bugling screaming came in like right on a rope Just textbook had a bull at 23 yards waited and waited held it full draw for I don’t know a minute maybe For a little while he finally turned, and I took my shot It was just so textbook, and I heard a weird sound when I shot and guess what my arrow blew up Yes, the knock was tight. Yes. The knock wasn’t broken and I had checked my arrows. It was there It had a wrap on there, so there must have been some sort of damage But underneath the wrap that I didn’t see but we’re giving those elk a rest and head to the high country and so archery hunting can be a challenge. Stuff happens. What I am really thankful for is that arrow. Did just blow up and like it wasn’t a bad shot Didn’t do that oh
actually It was really strange sound because I think actually the arrow dropped as I said I the bull was at 23 yards, and I think the arrow just kind of fell beneath his feet But thankfully he wasn’t injured so that’s good news. He really wasn’t boogered either but That area is a small area, so And What’s more fun than going to the high country and chasing bulls so? We’ve got my friend Carrie from Wisconsin and it’s her first time in Colorado to chase elk at her first time to see an elk in real life much less to see one bugling and Chuckling and the whole bit, so I wish that I had it on video But I really am not good at videoing and hunting. I kind of go into hunting mode when I’m hunting so I didn’t catch it footage But hopefully you’ll take my word for it, and maybe we’ll get some here up in the high country I don’t know what we’ll see keep you posted My gosh look you guys It was an archery elk kill. Look at this broad head

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  1. I had a lot of 400 7.7 gpi high end Eastons fail on me. Went to 300 8.9 gpi Black Eagles. Even though the Easton 400 was well within the specs for my weight and draw, they didn't last. Eagles are really holding up. But then they have more mass so less stress in the materials.

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