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Focus On | Il codice dello Snowboardcross | FISI Official

November 30, 2019

It’s the only discipline I think that gets you extra charged-up, because you’re not racing down the track alone, but instead with 3 or 5 other athletes by your side And there can be contact… Coming together with another racer can happen, you can bump into someone or someone can cut in front of you – so there is every chance you could fall and lose the race because of someone else The discipline is easy to follow: we’re all racing and who finishes first is crowned the winner Contact is inevitable and there are written and unwritten rules. When a handful of racers go into a parabolic, there is almost always contact With the exception of someone actually looking for contact or intentionally trying to make a rival fall, which is very dangerous, contact is an aspect which all riders and athletes are fully aware of and accept Contact can be beneficial or not. At times, contact can be helpful and can actually save you For example, you can lean on someone when you are falling and perhaps you stay on your feet. On other occasions though you might risk falling. In my view, it’s best to avoid contact When you realise someone is by your side, and about to overtake, you try to take up as much space as possible with your arms, but you can’t block them or stop them… your options are limited But you have to somehow avoid being overtaken! And of course by following the rules! The mental approach is very important You need to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Otherwise, when a rival is closing down on you, it could make you change your racing-line because of fear of contact This can be problematic for those who aren’t as strong mentally in races Key to performing well during a race is focusing on what you have to do and say to yourself: ‘I’m racing, this is the racing-line I am taking’… …’I will do these two jumps, and if anyone is ahead of me or beside me, I will then deal with it’ When overtaking, it all depends on the track, and your race strategy. However, you’re not always able to implement your plan and sometimes you have to improvise and decide in the heat of the moment At times it pays off, while others you complicate matters for yourself.. During a race, you have little time to react or think… and you act a lot on instinct As soon as something happens, you need to know your next move but that is a big ask. It’s all instinct You push your limits and often that’s what happens. It’s like a switch that you turn-off at the starting gate so you don’t dwell on what you could come up against in the race Sometimes you go over the top, but usually with your physical and technical abilities you’re able to come through it all and on most occasions avoid risks and any danger

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