Flyboard Archery Trickshots!
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Flyboard Archery Trickshots!

August 17, 2019

Hi, this is John with Archery Tag and we’re here at the Color Me Rad in Auburn, IN June 2014. As you know, I like to shoot apples… and uh… We’re here with Austin with uh… Who are you with? Up in the Air Watersports! He’s gonna be hovering above the water with this… what do you call this? It’s a Flyboard! So he’s got an apple rigged up that he’s gonna hold; we’ll see if we can shoot it while he’s in the air! Now we’re doing Archery Tag… Flyboard
style. As you can see, he’s out there trying to learn how to shoot a bow
while he’s floating on water.

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  1. Is there a place or website that I can buy an Archery Tag bow to own, or are they not for sale? or can you just use a regular bow with a light draw?

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