Fly Hunting With A Slingshot GZK  G-Shot (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. #7)
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Fly Hunting With A Slingshot GZK G-Shot (Trick Shot Tuesday Ep. #7)

December 4, 2019

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  1. Hahaha fek you're so awesome I'm almost in love haaa… You ruuuuule bro! I miss my slingshot 😫 got a new slingshot.. 2 actually! Can't wait to get some erasers or something to shoot flies.

  2. lol i remember fly hunting as a kid with a catty and wet bog roll also with bic pen and wet bog roll or air gun loaded with wet bog roll other than with airgun i bet i couldnt hit one now

  3. sorry, i want to askhow can youshoot using the catapult as accurately as that??? pleas answer.

  4. I want to buy this slingshot so bad but you are sold out cause they are awesome I’ve had slingshots before and I love them! How can I get this one?

  5. Just a question….I made a slingshot by using surgical tubings.
    The rubbers have free length of 6 inches.
    When I use it the rebound hits my holding hand…..what to do ??

  6. Sei un mito è da un po' che ti seguo anche io fabbrico fionde quasi bene come le tue ma le tue sono veramente perfette io riesco a prendere un barattolino dei piombini della carabina a 12 metri , tu da 15 anche di più riesci a prendere un fiore sei veramente bravo

  7. Wow i missed this vid im glad you re post lol
    Now I am just a fan but please someone get him a slow mo camera. Pleeease.

  8. I used to shoot flies in my bedroom with rubber bands leave my window open and have plenty of targets in my bedroom as a child. I wouldn't do it now cuz I don't like cleaning up all those fly guts its nasty.

  9. U could try do a trick shot Tuesday by trying to hit a nail into something but by shooting the head with ya slingshot just an idea

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