FLOOR iS LAVA!! saving Adley the mermaid!

August 23, 2019

– [Jenny] The baby is
crying, go rescue him. – [Shonduras] Oh no! Niko is probably stuck in lava. Step on my pillow, careful. Now throw your pillow down. Now, we go to that one. Okay, grab the other pillow. We gotta go all the way up the stairs. Oh. – [Adley] This is not lava. – [Shonduras] Oh, that’s
not lava, good idea. Niko, we’re coming! Climb up that one! We’ve got another structure up here. Oh no, we’re slipping! Okay, we need to get
the pillows to the top. Go all the way. Okay, I’m gonna jump, ready? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] Catch me. One, two, three. (laugh) You keep going on your donkey. Careful, don’t touch the lava. You’re on your donkey, good job! I’m coming with ya. We’re here, we’re gonna save you Niko. Hello! – [Adley] Hi. Come get the keys. (Shondura screams) – Balance. (laughs) Balance. Good try. Cooper, balance, balance. Oh! – [Jenny] Good boy! – Balance, Olive. – [Jenny] Nope. What about Adley. – Careful, careful. Oh! (Adley laughs) That was a good one. Hey Cooper – [Jenny] All the boys. – All the boys in the house
like to hangout in the mornings. – Cooper is the best with Niko, he lets him pinch him and
grab him and whatever, he’s so good. The dogs have haircuts today. So clean. – You like the doggies. Oh boy, look what Adley’s got, do you think Niko could ride that? Let see if he’s old enough. – [Jenny] His legs don’t touch the ground. – [Shonduras] Here we come. – [Jenny] He’s falling off! (laughs) (Adley mumbles) – [Shonduras] Woho! (Jenny laughs loudly) – You guys like my pants? These are my dad’s pants from the 80’s. Stretchy, pink, gecko pant. Now I wear these as pijamas. (Niko mumbles) – Sure. – [Jenny] Okay. I almost got him. – What is that? – [Jenny] If you were watching Tiding Up. (Shondura screams) (Adley laughs) – [Jenny] Dog pile on Dad! – Dog pile! Here come the dogs. – [Person Off Camera]
Awesome! Thank you so much. – And then you just lift it up. – Let’s place it flat, and just crank it. – So, you guys know Scott, our metal guy. He’s been building an
entire Space Station. Walked by a minute ago and
he was putting drywall up, like this, I don’t know if you can see. Look how insane this is. We kind of talked about this, this is our glass conference room. We’re gonna take our conference table that we ride on all the time, you know, put it in the actual conference
room cuz we got one now and then the old conference room, with the cereal wall in the kitchen stuff, that’s just gonna be more of
like a break room, you know? You know what? Maybe we’ll get another Foley table. We need ultimate writing drawing tables, all over the place because
I’ve just addicted to them, fun fact, not a fact just a statement. If you have a conference table that doesn’t have a whiteboard on
top, you’re doing it wrong. (laughs) Like, that’s a really weird
random creative business, definitely whiteboard tabletop. Wow! Scott, come here. You are single-handedly
building, look at this. Oh, my camera. It’s really stuck. He is single-handedly
building all this stuff, the lighting, the electrical, putting this up by himself. I just don’t even understand, how did you get a wall up by yourself. I saw they were like support things. – It has to be so you just do it. – It has to be so you just do it, that’s a quote right there, learn from that. Electrical, so you know how
to do electrical work as well? – I was an electrician for 15 years. – What weren’t you for 15 years? And, this look at this, he cut cement, I don’t even know how you cut cement. How you cut cement? – I have a video of the
machine that cuts it. Wait, you filmed this? – [Scott] Yeah. – [Shonduras] Dude!
Turn into a vlog Scott. You’re a vlogger now, man. Scott vlogs coming soon. Anyways, we’ll throw that footage right here of him cutting this. And so it just runs
itself and you were just mopping up the water. – [Scott] You gotta
pay attention to it and push the water back. – Anyways guys, point is, not to make Scott uncomfortable
and just brag about him but I do like to do that. Motivational, he is building
this entire thing by himself. You guys may know the story
of the space station that we built got a horrible contractor, you had a whole team affordable people and those horrible people took months to accomplish a horrible
job that we had to fix, that’s actually why we hired Scott, originally was to fix the
other contractors problems. Lesson number one, what was the quote you said earlier? Cut back to that clip. – It has to be so you just do it. – That’s lesson number one. Lesson number two, when doing contract work
buying the right people, same thing with my basement. You guys know our basement’s closed, that was supposed to be done in December, no November, no October. It was supposed to take six weeks, still working. Contractor, construction
work, buying the right people. Find your Scott. Scott can’t do your stuff
cuz he’s doing our stuff but go find your own Scott. Anyways, I just had to
give you some love and credit where credit is due
cuz you’re an animal, man. This will be glass, glass, glass. And then, the reason we
didn’t put glass on the backside is as we continue to grow and expand continue just pushing
offices all the way back, which that’s another thing. We started building all
this I was like “Yo what are we gonna put on top?” and Scott’s like “More
offices, if you want” “Let’s do it.” This will be done, in
like, a couple weeks here. Put some offices up here and then a walkway like a catwalk that goes across there, boom, there’ll be people in all directions, it’s gonna be really cool, right Nick? Are you excited about it? – Right. – [Shonduras] Yo Nick,
let’s see this merch. Doggie, look at that. – [Jenny] Niko! There goes the pops. Guys, these were Adley’s, they were her favorite thing
to eat when she was a baby. And Niko has never had ’em. I just opened them up and
then Nico knocked them over. Try one and then I’ll pick that up. Guys, if the dogs were here, these would be gone right now. They’re at the groomers, getting all pretty and their ears cleaned, and their hair trimmed
and their nails trimmed They’re gonna look super
fly when they come back. Let’s get Niko a puff, for the first time. Look, there it is. Can you get it? Can you get it? Kind of sounds like you’re
pooping, are you pooping? It’s like it’s stuck to his finger. Those go on your mouth, bud. What? What’s that face for? (laughs) What’s that face? Do you like it? (laughs) This is the funniest thing ever. Yeah? It’s stuck on your lip. Is it good? Yeah? Not much of a reaction in there. Adley’s asleep but once she wwakes up, we’ll go get the dogs. Okay, they are almost done, she’s just getting cute. Got the paperwork, we’re gonna go pay for him
and then I also got this. Stop barking, like noise emitter to help them stop barking
because they bark a ton and the dog collars are too
small on their little necks, so I don’t think it’s gonna fit. I also like to pick out
little treats for them when they get done cuz sometimes
they don’t like coming here but they end up loving it at the end, they feel so cute and clean. So let’s go pick them out a treat. A dog stick and a bone. Egham does them so cute,
I’m so excited to see them. Olive! You got little bows on your ears. Look how cute she is. You’re so cute. Where’s Cooper? Hi Cooper! Hi! You look so clean! You’re so cute! (electronic music) Adley, look at the dogs! – Pretty. Mom, we’re watching the vlog. – [Jenny] You are? – Yeah – [Jenny] Are you in your PJ’s? – Yeah. – [Jenny] Did you have a blowout? – [Someone] Yeah! – [Jenny] Okay, we got ’em. It’s a stick and a bone. (Adley mumbles) – [Jenny] Right here. – Peanut butter. – [Jenny] Yup. Oh, that smells good,
they’re gonna love that. Look, Cooper’s already excited. Aren’t you Cooper? Do circles. – Do circles. – [Jenny] Good boy. – You like peanut butter. – [Jenny] Yeah! He does! He loves it. Olive wants one now. – Do a circle. – [Jenny] That is so good Olive. Yummy. Good job, Adley. High five. Woho! – [Shonduras] I brought you a surprise. – We got our bomber jackets? – [Shonduras] Yes. – This is really nice. – [Shonduras] Let’s see it. Oh yeah! My hot fighter pilot wife. Whoo I want to wear some glasses. – Where is everybody this is
the weirdest entrance ever. – Dada! – [Shonduras] What’s up mermaid? You playing games? Fun! – [Jenny] We might have
to make an Adley video. – [Shonduras] Floor is lava? – Yeah, floor is lava. – [Shonduras] Do you like
playing floor is lava? – Yes! – [Shonduras] Do you know
I’m a pro at that game? – Yeah. – You guys are kinda cheating tho, with all these tiles. We used to have to invent stuff, like pillows. You wanna play? – Yeah! – [Shonduras] I’m on the lava! We gotta go all the way upstairs. Careful. – [Jenny] Oh, that has a hole in it. – [Shonduras] Let’s climb on the couch and get the pillows, those will help. – Thank you. – [Jenny] The baby is
crying, go rescue him. – [Shonduras] Oh no! Niko
is probably stuck in lava. So, this is how I used
to do when I was a kid, you hold this pillow, and
I’ll hold this pillow. And then, we gotta switch the pillows. I’ll put mine down first. Okay, come here. Mom, you wanna play? We gotta go save Niko. Hurry! – You have to get pillows. – Oh, that one’s scary. Okay, I’m here. – [Shonduras] Okay
Adley, step on my pillow. Okay, now, throw your pillow down. Now, we go to that one. (electronic music) We’re here to save you Niko! (Niko cries) – [Jenny] I’m the lava monster! – [Shonduras] Niko, careful! The floor is hot lava. – [Adley] Careful, the floor is lava! – [Shonduras] Yeah, we have
a water donkey and a pillow. – [Jenny] I found the lava, so I’m the lava monster. – [Shonduras] The lava monster! Let’s get outta here! (Shondura screams) Two lava mosnters! We gotta hide! – [Adley] Two lava monsters! There are two lava monsters. (screams) – I’m a lava monster. – [Jenny] Niko doesn’t like this game. – [Shonduras] You don’t like this game? The lava dog got me. Hi Niko. Mmm, pizza break. Another pizza donut? – Yeah. – Okay. Guys we’re gonna eat some pizza, BRB. (upbeat music) – [Adley] I want the vlog to see me – [Shonduras] Oh, you
want the vlog to see you? – Yeah. – [Shonduras] Okay,
where are you gonna sit? I’ll make sure to do that
I can see you perfect. No, that’s daddy’s drink – You can’t see me very much. – They can see you. You want me to move it
closer, so they can see more? – Yeah. – There. Is that better? – No, move it that way. – Like that? So they can see you? You gotta eat all your pizza
cuz the vlog’s watching. Watch vlog, this is what she calls a dinosaur bite. – You tricked me! – Why? (Adley mumbles) – And we do dinosaur bites? It’s really fun, I always trick Adley into eating. I’m a tricky dad. Back to the time-lapse stuff. Adley, what you learn at school today? – I’m going to the aquarium. – The aquarium? That’s gonna be so fun
with your whole school. – Yeah. – And the holiday boys are going? – Yeah. – That’s gonna be so fun. – Yeah but only our (mumbles) – What letter did you learn? Do you remember? – Yeah. – The letter “p”. – P – What did you make with your hands? (Adley mumbles) – Oh my God! – What? – Good job! She thinks that a peacock is
an occamy from Harry Potter.

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